Sunday, October 31, 2004


I think this speaks for itself. I should put that on a T-shirt. Posted by Hello


That's right South Park fans. Professor Chaos showed up at our party! General Disarray was unfortunately absent Posted by Hello


Just a coupla fairies. Posted by Hello


This is our costume. Yes that chain is really around my neck. Posted by Hello


Ah, what a great Hallow's Eve

We did the Halloween party on Sat. night and on into early Halloween. Cuz who wants to be hungover for work on Mon.? Not I that's fo' sho'. Joan and I decided that we didn't want to drink the PJ (Party Juice - Everclear, juices and fruit) and we opted for Red Bull and Jägrmeister (damn right that's an umlaut). Awesome drink and you can put as much or as little Jägr as you want cuz it always tastes the same. Damn I love that stuff. And since most of the freaks had been there since 6 pm, we showed up at 9 as did about 7 other people, we had to catch up some. So we went heavy on the sweet cough syrup flavored nectar of the Germans, God bless their David Hasselhoff lovin' asses.

So we caught up and had an enjoyable time. We put that extra hour to good use. And I still woke up at 10 am. A little twinge in the belly but no headache and feelin really well-rested. Amazing. I can't imagine the Everclear juice hangover. Poor bastards. I finally freaking remembered my camera and was snapping away. I'll put most on my website linked over there. Nothing really incriminating, well except for the prisoner guy who was on top of that girl. He was drinking his Everclear/Xanax concoction. Needless to say he's a pill head and was thoroughly fucked up. So he was walked home about 30 minutes after that little front yard episode. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section and I'll try and clarify any pics. The evil looking ones are with blacklight and are awesome and creepy.

So woke up today and Joan and I wanted to go see the leaves in the mountains. So we did. Good day, bad traffic but it's ok. I'll go back in January when there is no one up there and really enjoy the roads. Stopped at Lake Jocassee, short a sound and long o sound. It is one of the clearest lakes I've ever seen, and cold but it's mountain fed so whaddya expect? Crystal clear. There are actually scuba tour companies around the lake because it's so clear. So no Loch Ness monster is gonna getcha when you're in the lake. Then went up to Caesar's Head State Park. Beautiful. Great drive up too.

So we're coming down the mountain and drive to Greenville and the car starts making an electrical whirring sound. This is the Focus that doesn't even have 11,000 miles on it. So I tell Joan to get in and drive around the parking lot some. Does the same thing. Stop it, pop the hood and listen. Rev it up, nothing real bad. Then I turn the wheel and hear the sound. Then look at the power steering reservoir and it's almost empty! Whaaaaa? Beats the shit outta me. I have no idea what happened or how. So I open up the manual, find out I need Makron ATF power steering fluid. Great. But I don't see that in Pep Boys. So get home and see that only Motorcraft makes it and it's only for sale at Ford dealerships. Ok, but I still wonder if I can use the stuff from the auto part store. But the whole warranty thing that I don't want to void, I opt to wait and get it tomorrow because of course they're not open on Sundays. Bible Belt. Sabbath. yada yada yada. Chick-Fil-A too. Not open on Sundays.

So new car is sorta broke, hope that the power steering system doesn't have a leak and I magically lost power steering fluid. Happy Halloween from Ford.

Friday, October 29, 2004


Welcome Ghouls and Goblins!

It's almost here. All Hallow's Eve. Devil's Night. Halloween. The creepiest of the creepy. And this year it's an entire weekend. Most will celebrate on Sat. and then stumble their way into Halloween. I know I will. So I wish you a safe and blood curdling Halloween! Now go be Evil! EVIL!

Feel free to steal these ideas, I know I did!


My legs are about to pop

I took Joan's car to the shop this morning. The brakes are grinding in the back and it sounds terrible. I tried to get the drum off of the back with no success. It's on there pretty tight. And of course my shop manuals say, "It should fall right off." Morons.

So I get up at 7:20 am and Joan goes to work at the same time. But today she didn't go in until 7:45 am. I suggested that I drive her car to the shop and then she would drop me off at home on her way to work. Sounds good to me. But she says that she thought we could do that at lunch time. I'd rather have it there when they open up so they can go ahead and start working on it. After all, the '92 Tercel with 1.5L of Toyota fury is by far the most fuel efficient car in the family stable right now. And the car that Joan should be driving to work, 25 minutes away, and to school, 45 minutes away, but instead she has been driving the Focus which is the least fuel effiecient ride we own. Yes compared to Ferraris, Hummers, and most trucks, it gets great gas mileage but 22-27 can't compare to Tercel's 35-40. Not even close.

So I take it upon myself to take the car to the shop and then ride a borrowed bike to work. I picked up the bike last Sat. with the intention of riding it to work on Saturdays, aka Game Day aka Day when you can't park within 2 miles of the stadium (a block from the Chemistry building) or you have to get there at least 3.5 hours before game time cuz that's when the myriad state troopers start directing traffic and take that job SERIOUSLY. If you don't have a designated parking pass, you're not getting by them. Period. But I watched SuperSize Me at a friend's house instead of going to work. And Sloth, it was highly disturbing. The supersized puking was awesome. But what do you really expect going from a partially Vegan diet, arguably one of the world's healthiest, to a fat and chemical laden McDiet? (SuperSize Me is the documentary about the guy who at McD's food for 30 days straight. Very interesting)

So back to Tercel. I pull the massive subwoofer box out of Tercel's trunk (thanks future father-in-law, just what Joan needed a $1400 sound system in a $1000 car, but man that system can bump, 2 10"s dontcha know) and replace it with a bicycle. Hanging half out the trunk. So I get some rope, tie that trunk down so I can see, and away I go. No biggie, actually didn't hear the brakes grind, but I still want them to get off that rear drum brake. I arrive at Pressley's Auto Service, finest auto shop around, honest, fast and not too expensive. Hop out and see that the bike is hanging even farther out. Oops but hey it isn't my bike, and it didn't fall out so it's ok. Go inside, give them the key, tell them what's going on, and hop on the bike and leave. I haven't ridden a bike since that summer in Germany. I miss it really, reminds me of high school and middle school or the time before I owned a car. But holy shit my legs just stopped burning. I'm out of shape, but I'm working on it. A little, I'll start more after this test and my seminar. And I really miss being able to break traffic laws while on a bike. I was running red lights, jumping curves, riding in oncoming lanes. It felt great. Also cut in front of a delivery truck at an intersection while his light turned green. He fake accelerated at me, but I was confident that his 6,000 lbs couldn't accelerate fast enough to hit me, and he didn't try it anyway. I think he was just teaching me a lesson, which I enjoy doing also, but only in Saturn. She's the warrior and is willing to die to teach someone not to run that redlight. But that is a rant for another time.

Thus ends the tale of my first bike ride to school in a very long time.

Now for some interesting internet information:
David Hasselhoff pleads no contest to DUI. What would Germany think?
I really love Norm MacDonald's "Why Germans love David Hasselhoff" observations. Cuz they do, and it's so weird. I love him because of Knight Rider and he was on Baywatch. But call a cab next time Michael. Or just call Kit.

Kids prefer video games to TV
This is an article in conjuction to my video game post the other day. Jenn, I really respect you for not letting your kids play video games. I'm always amazed at people who don't watch TV or play video games. I can't imagine all the extra time I would have. And no mass media would influence my mind. Just books and nature and friends and family. Sounds pretty good.

But I'm hooked on the ElectroCrack already, and I fear there is no end to my addiction.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


9:24 AM on Thurs.

That is by far the lamest title I've ever come up with. But I have nothing in my blogging head right now.

I realized last night that I have lots of work to do. The Health Insurance Committee is putting together a survey about what Clemson grad students want in the way of health insurance. Basically, do you want it cheap and mediocre or expensive and good. Or do you want a choice. Personally I love the choice idea. I rarely get sick and don't want the $1000 pharmacy benefit, unless they start prescribing me herb and I don't think health insurance covers that, even in CA. But Vader would know better than I about that.

And that comes out next Wed. after everyone gets back from Fall Break, like grad students go anywhere besides their office and lab. And this Friday, or tomorrow night at 7 pm, I get to take what will hopefully be my last qualifier and get to actually be recognized as a doctoral candidate. OH HAPPY DAYS! I need to get 1/2 point out of 3. I think I can do it. The topic is superacids.

And I also have my first seminar next Friday at 4 pm. This is the first of 3 talks that I have to give. This one is my research proposal talk. Basically it's where I share what I have been doing, why I've been doing it, why you should care, and what I plan on doing in the future.

So I'm mildly stressed right now. Stress does not do a body good, but it is one hell of a motivator.

Oh and I get to vote next Tues. WOOHOO! If only I knew who I was voting for. I keep flip flopping, yay political buzz words. I really want to vote for Nader, but I really want to see what would happen if I vote for Kerry. If I vote for Kerry, it will be the last time that I vote for "the lesser of two evils". I HATE that phrase. We should not be a two party system. This country isn't represented well enough by two people. So from next Wed. till eternity I will vote for who I want to vote for, no matter what anyone else says. And you should too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Maria Sharapova

This post has nothing to do with tennis or Maria Sharapova. I don't ever watch tennis, might go to a tournament if I'm in town and tickets are free, and only know tennis players because of the news and product endorsements. And Maxim, but they're still obsessed with Anna Kournikova, and rightly so. But who really wants sloppy seconds from a Russian hockey player? No offense to those who think Sergei Federov is one fine piece of ass.

Just a few comments on things I've been noticing recently. Like The Sloth, I try and keep my eyes and ears open and look at things objectively.

A) Why do people censor their blogs? I'm not 100% happy with that paragraph up there, but that's what came out of my head and I'm keeping it. I believe in freedom of speech with all my heart except for when it dangers other people. Like shouting Fire or Riot or Fuck the Police in a large crowd of people. That's just wrong and deserve a beatdown from jack and Trash. So I don't censor and neither should you. Unless you reveal lots of personal details and that isn't safe in this identity theft time of ours.

B) Why don't people answer their cell phone if it's a number they don't recognize? I think I've gotten 1 telemarketing call since I've had my cell phone(s) in my 5 or 6 years of having one. Maybe it's a friend with a calling card. Maybe it's Publisher's Clearinghouse calling to say you have just won $20 million. Maybe it's the IRS calling to say that you don't have to pay taxes anymore (Oooooooh, that's a good one). Or maybe it's something bad that you need to know about. I had one the other night, it was my roommate from a coupla years back who graduated in May and I haven't talked to in 4 months. He's been a waste of space and got kicked out of his parent's house for not having a job, yup he's got potential, but I still love him. And would've missed his call if I didn't answer. What horrible awful thing will happen if you answer an unrecognizable cell phone call? Please tell me. I really want to know.

C) I bought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas yesterday. Heck yeah. Every 12-40 yr old male you know is now jealous of me. And I was looking at my PS2, that's playstation 2 and where have you been?, game selection, I realized that I only had 3 games. Timesplitters, old and not good, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. To which I added GTA:San Andreas and for only $5 Joan added The Sims: Bustin' Out. Wow, I'm a GTA junkie. I also have a Xbox and yes I'm a video game addict but you knew that already.

The only people I have encountered that do not like the GTA series of games are 2 people. Yuppie, who I think have mentioned before, the dude's house where we watched Flight of the Navigator, and Cornelius, my policeman friend.

Now, from here on out is pure speculation, conjecture, hear say and other lawyer buzz words. But I venture a guess that these 2 individuals have no desire to break the law. Not even a little, okay maybe a little, but not in a big way. Like is portrayed in these GTA games. Murder, extortion, drug running, prostituion, corruption. All parts of the GTA society and activities at which you must excel to advance in the game. This game is DEFINITELY not for kids or anyone under 18 maybe, but I think some 15 yr olds could play this. The trick is to truly distinguish reality from fantasy. In GTA, it is completely okay to pull someone out of a car and take off. In reality, that's really really bad and will have jack Q. Law all over your ass. Now I'm not saying I really want to carjack someone, but when I saw that brand new Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo, pic following, in downtown Greenville last Fri. night, the thought crossed my mind. But I didn't do it cuz I'm a healthy member of society. Yay. But it was so pretty.

Basically C) is summed up as, IMHO, to really enjoy GTA, you need a little part of you that really wants complete anarchy and a total breakdown of society. Thank you.

All yours for a MSRP of only $165,000!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Enough of that nonsense

Okay, no more drugs, sickness, or other stories.

Today I'm giving all my readers an intro into the world of Homestarrunner.

Homestar is a cartoon guy who is weird and naive. Strong Bad is a mean guy who is cynical and has a sidekick named the Cheat who squeaks to talk. And he has two brothers named Strong Mad and Strong Sad. There's a whole other cast of characters, but that's enough for today.

Strong Bad listens to Techno

Strong Bad draws Trogdor the Dragon and awesome theme song. Very 80's hair metal.

Strong Bad talks about Strong Mad's Cartoon be sure to click on Homestar's star on his shirt. He's the white guy with the blue hat.

Teen Girl Squad, Episode #1

That's enough time wasting goodness for now. Please enjoy. And I might have a real post later. And if you like the Teen Girl Squad short, then I suggest watching the other 6 episodes. They're pretty short. Enjoy.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Why oh why didn't I pick the blue pill?

I feel awful. I completely wasted my entire Sunday lying in bed. I finally moved alot around 7 pm. Joan and I went to Panera Bread for breakfast/lunch/dinner or our only meal of the day. I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I puked about 12 times during the day, and about 6 times the night before on the drive home.

What kind of hardcore illegal drug was I on? Why was my body rejecting the toxins I had put in it so violently?

Because alcohol is bad and extremely dangerous. I have never felt even remotely this bad from our sticky green friend. EVER. I think a case of moderate paranoia is the worst I've ever been. Well, minus the first time I smoked, but that is a freakin hilarious story for another time.

And yet I continue to imbibe this legal and regulated drug whose apparent only contribution to society is aiding digestion from a glass of wine after dinner. Other than that it has no socially redeeming qualities. But that's not why people drink is it.

They drink to relax, they drink because others are doing it, they drink to get drunk, or they like the taste.

Don't know why I drink, okay I do, but it isn't a good reason. I enjoy being drunk. It's fun, but I have a tendency to overdo it. I lose track of how much I'm drinking, and I'm slowly or maybe quickly, killing myself. I'm a binge drinker. I think I started this at Clemson because I had such a different undergrad experience from the majority of state school students. The whole dry campus southern baptist college thing. So I guess I'm sort of trying to make up for it, but my body isn't as resilient as it used to be. And I shouldn't have binge drank then either.

The point is I drank too much, puked, still hungover on Monday morning, completely lost a Sunday, and now have to take measures to make sure that never happens again. I wish safe old Mary Jane was legal. She never treats me wrong.

Update: I saw on Slothy's blog o'rama that she took down TJ's Place blog. Mine's still up under the dead blogs link. I'm also stealing a link from her for which is Pro-Choice America. I think abortion is an awful and horrible choice to have to make, but it should be a choice. I can't tell a low-income woman, or a raped woman, that "Sorry, you have to keep that baby. Even if you can't afford it and the taxpayers have to help you out. Or if that baby will remind you everyday of an terrible life-altering experience."

And I pressure no one into linking me, I like my tiny little blog, but I am more than happy to return the favor if you have me linked. I'll links ya up real nice.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Another scary dream

*Warning: Super long "I got busted" post*

So I watched the History Channel's Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way last night. Very interesting facts and so stupid. Basically marijuana was outlawed in the west and southwest as a way to keep Mexicans out and kick the ones here out during the Depression. But I'll get to that later.

So I had a dream that I was following Joan in my car and we were driving somewhere, through like Virginia. Then we're standing by the side of the road and Joan is being searched. They find a small bag of herb and our pipe. Then we're at my paternal grandmother's house. One cop is handcuffing Joan and waiting on another cop. So I'm walking around the house, thinking of something to do, then I see Grandma, she says "I'm so dissappointed in you, bringing that into my house." I say "Be quiet Grandma, not now." And then walk into the kitchen and go into my "Pot isn't bad speech" which of course he doesn't care about cuz he's doing his job and upholding the laws of the land. Then I wake up relieved that it's all a dream. Fuck, but it felt so good knowing that it wasn't real. But it's always nice to have a little paranoia around, just to keep you on your toes.

Because that's how I got busted. Yep, this is my "I spent a night in jail" story. I haven't told my parents or grandparents this because, I don't want to really. I think my parents will be okay with it, because it's taken care of and I don't have a record, but I'm sure the grandfolks would shit a brick. So me, Joan, friend and friend's girl are going to the movies. Friend says hey let's take some traveling weed. Sure, whatever. So we're smoking on the way. Watch the movie. Come back to Clemson and we see a cop with his lights on on the overpass. Joan says cop, slow down. It's a 35 mph zone and I'm doing about 51. But everyone speeds through here all the time. And I reason to myself that the cop is already up there, there probably isn't another one. Dead wrong. We round the turn and there he is. His lights go on and we're busted. And we'd been smoking with the windows up. I wasn't really high, just a light buzz, I was driving after all. And I kinda freeze. In perfect 20/20 hindsight, we should've rolled the windows down and stuffed the bag in between the rear seats which would've dropped the weed into the trunk. But we all froze. My friend stashes the piece in the seatback and the bag in his pants. The cop asks for my info, and then asks me to get out of the car. He asks if he can search the car. I say I'd rather you didn't, to which he says I understand that, but I can smell it so there is probable cause. Before he goes in, he asks if I have any on me. I say no, but my friend has the bag. Me hoping that honesty will help me out. Nope, he gets the bag, cuffs me and puts me in the back seat. Shit, I'm not worried, I know it'll be okay, but I'm not happy. So I sit stoically in the back seat and watch Cop 1 and his buddy Cop 2 take my friends out of the car, search them and the car. Then he starts talking to them. I can't hear but later find out that he is saying that I'm a stand up guy for taking the blame for the bag and that he could arrest them all. Whatever, let's just get this over with. So he gives my friends in the backseat both seatbelt tickets. Don't know if that's even legal. So he lets them go and Friend drives my car home.

So he sends me to booking with Cop 2 who trying his damndest to act like a badass. Ahem, scuse me Mr. skinny ass 23 yr. old Clemson cop, you're not a badass. Oh yeah, before I am even put in the back of the car, Cop 1 asks me that if I am willing to play ball and buy some bags from some dealers, that this will all go away. Fuck that, I'm not sending some poor kid up the river cuz I'm a dumbass. So Cop 2 tells me to look left and then proceeds to block my face with his arm and buckle me up, yaknow, for safety. Then we drive the 200 ft. to the police station. Blocks my face again and pulls me out and says if you cooperate then I'll give you your own cell. if not then i'll put you in with the other guy. The other guy I find out is a 50 yr. old black guy who is completely passed out and snoring. Oh no, anyone but him. So they take me in, read me my rights, ask where I got it. Charleston, 4 hrs. away, Atlanta, 2 hrs. away? I say Birmingham. He says wow, I'm impressed you made it back that far. Yeah me too. It's hard to transport an eigth of weed on a busy interstate. I'm so lucky. But I actually got it from a local friend, but they don't need to know that. They ask me again if I want to narc on someone. No thanks. They say that most people don't talk much while they're being booked and are kinda hostile. THAT'S CUZ YOU'RE A COP AND YOU'RE TAKING THEM TO JAIL! Seems obvious to me. So they let me call Joan. She's buggin out. I tell them it's ok. They told me about PreTrial Intervention that's like treatment and community service, and that it won't go on my record. So I spend the night in jail and wake up to a McDonalds sausage biscuit and some tea. That they brought to me about 6 am. I woke up about 8. So the tea was watered down and the biscuit was cold but I was kinda hungry and my tax dollars paid for it.

So I go see the judge about 8:30 am. Holy shit, he is an intimidating man. He's about 60 and he's an actual badass. They tell me before I go in, it's yes sir, no sir. Understood. He lets me out on my own recognizance and gives me my court date and lets me go. I take a PTI, pretrial intervention, pamphlet and find out what I have to do. I take care of that shit before lunchtime. So I have to go to a meeting where I find out that I have to take a test at Clemson's health center to determine my level of addiction. I get a B, so that means I have to do the level A info class, which is mostly about alcohol and how it's hereditary and they give the source for none of their information. And I also have to do 6 sessions of group therapy. Sure. Also mostly about alcohol, but I ask the counselor if it's always about alcohol, she's says mostly, what are you here for, pot, oh okay we'll have some drug stuff next week. Good, at least I can learn some things. I really like the group sessions actually, very insightful and helpful and informational. I also had to attend 2 Narcotics Anonymous meetings and do 45 hours of community service. Damn, if you ever wanted to do "hard" drugs, you won't after a NA meeting. That's some shit. But it's an excellent program and would highly recommend it to anyone with a substance abuse problem. And I did my community service. And took one drug test. PTI costs about $350 and with the other fees, drug test, and all came to about $450. Small price to pay for a clean record.

And this whole experience made me realize that I wasn't being a responsible pot smoker. The list for responsible pot smoking comes from NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws:

I. Adults Only - Cannabis consumption is for adults only. It is irresponsible to provide cannabis to children.
II. No Driving - The responsible cannabis consumer does not operate a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery while impaired by cannabis, nor (like other responsible citizens) while impaired by any other substance or condition, including some medicines and fatigue.
III. Set and Setting - The responsible cannabis user will carefully consider his/her set and setting, regulating use accordingly.
IV. Resist Abuse - Use of cannabis, to the extent that it impairs health, personal development or achievement, is abuse, to be resisted by responsible cannabis users.
V. Respect Rights of Others - The responsible cannabis user does not violate the rights of others, observes accepted standards of courtesy and public propriety, and respects the preferences of those who wish to avoid cannabis entirely.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you learned something. I'll talk about the History channel special later today.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Wow, that really worked. Thanks Catt!

Yay, now I can move things around by changing the posted date. And make people think I can see the future as well.

Super awesome.

Yesterday we, the entire group, had to all prepare a ten minute presentation for the seminar speaker. We were clued into the fact that we had to do this about 10 am. Our presentations were to start around 2:30 pm, same day. Not our advisor by the way, but another in our field. It was his speaker and I suppose wanted to show off the work we're doing. FYI, if you want to impress someone, don't give students 4.5 hours to work on a presentation. Freak. And I don't work for you! But he is on my PhD committee so I did it with a smile on my face. Ah office politics, what a bitch.

The thing is, he, the other advisor, was in the previous day asking for people to go to lunch with the seminar speaker. He could of told us then, but I think it was a last minute time killer for us to present. Oh yeah, and the actual presentations took almost 3 hours. So that's almost an 8 hour work day completely wasted for no apparent reason. I did get a few tips on my research but definitely not worth an entire Wed. Blah, but today is a new day.

Joan doesn't have to work on Friday so we're going on a date. Hmmm, I'll need some flowers and then we're going to Greenville and we're gonna eat at Thaicoon. I know, I shuddered the first time I said it, but I hear the food is actually good. Despite the one of the stupidest names in recent history. Even those crazy Chinese buffet place names are better than Thaicoon. And Super Chinese Empire Buffet 4 just rolls off the tongue too.

We're also gonna go shop at the organic grocery store like Whole Foods Market. Awesome food, really healthy and Earth friendly, wickedly expensive. And super trendy as is obvious by the abnormal amounts of SUVs in the parking lot. And not the cute little fuel efficient ones. BMW X5s and X3s, Mercedes M-classes, Suburbans, Expeditions, Yukons, and of course Hummers. But it's called Earth Fare and there's another one called Garner's. But their produce is a million times better than the supermarket. But what I would give for a local farmer's market.

That was definitely one of my fave things about living in Costa Rica. The ferias, or markets. Everything edible was for sale there. And the only thing that was safe to drink were the green coconuts. This was before bottled water was everywhere. Dad would sometimes buy a meat and bring it home and cook it. Then we would either guess what it was or he would tell us. This is how I tried squid, shark, swordfish and various other meats. Squid was chewy, shark was kinda tough, swordfish was really good.

Okay, I have a UV-Vis that is about done. I'll explain later.

Am currently addicted to this game.

BMX Backflips

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I wish I could move posts around easier

But I can't so my blog tribute to the remembrance of Jack's father has been moved down. I wish I could keep it up top.

So I just got my friends "pics" from the autocross. I need to hire a full time photographer and not a spectator. He pretty much just stood in the shade and took 3 pics of the Acura NSX and lots of short little movies of me and Racer starting the race down to the first real turn. And you can't really see the middle of the track well from where we were sitting. I'll get the clips up on my Clemson page tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up, they're not very exciting.

What I really need is an in car camera mount. And a video camera. Not sure how long a video I could take with my 64 MB compactflash card. I just need to break down and get a 512 MB or a 1 GB compactflash card. Not too expensive but I'm limiting myself to electronic devices that use compactflash, which is okay cuz Canon uses them and I like Canon. I really like that digi SLR they have, ooooooooh soooo fancy. But that's for when I have a real job in the real world.

I have my first seminar, of 3, coming up on Nov. 5 and I just realized that I have LOTS of work to do for it. But it's a little over 2 weeks away so I'm okay, but I can't dick around, I have to work constantly for the next 2 weeks. So my blogging time will be greatly diminished. I say that but what I really mean is my blog reading time will be greatly diminished. So if I don't comment much in the next few weeks, it's not that I don't love you guys, but I gots no time.

If I had one wish, it would be for mind control. Damn right. I could do whatever I wanted all the time. Hello Mr. Hotel Manager/Owner, I'm going to live here for the next 6 months Okay? Sounds good. Hey there bitchy ticket counter worker, I'd like two first class tickets to whereever I want Okay? Here ya go. You don't want to arrest me Officer. What was I thinking.

Basically I want to be a Jedi. But without my powers being diminished by "disturbances in the Force" and all that nonsense.

But plain old mind control will work just fine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Moment of silence

Jack's father passed away. He had cancer and they thought they caught it, but it survived in his lung and spread. He had just turned 83 on Friday.

Please keep Jack and his family in your thoughts.

Jack's blog

I'm so sorry for your loss Uncle Jack.

Edit: I moved this back to 2004, but I'm gonna keep it up.


Free Tommy Chong!

Just kidding. He's been out of jail now for about a month. But he shouldn't have been there in the first place.

I watched the Choose or Lose: Drug Wars special on MTV last night. Not bad, didn't really clear up anything. Actually gave a pretty fair view of what Bush/Kerry would do. They both support changing the HEA, Higher Education Act, that says if you have been convicted on a drug charge, any drug charge, then you are not eligible for federal aid.

Bush wants to change it to "if you're busted while in college, then you get no money". Kerry wants to change it to "if you're busted selling drugs, then you get no money". I think combining the two would be a pretty decent solution, but I of course want it gone in the first place. Rapists, murderers, arsonists and the lot get federal aid, but fuck you if you do drugs.

They (MTV) also brought up the point of mandatory minimum senteces. They showed one guy, 23, who got caught with 50 grams of crack, and the MMS is 10 years. He's got 2 kids and is engaged. I guess he didn't do crack, but he just sold it. Dude, you're selling crack. Yes it's where the money is, but it's crack. Crack is wack and highly addictive and destroys the lives of people who use it. Yes it was your first offense, and the sentence is a tad high but you definitely deserve some jail time. Or assloads of community service.

Another kid was dealing cocaine. He said that his clients were mostly wealthy white kids from the local colleges and he says he usually sold it a gram at a time. Sure, I bet you sold an 8-ball or two. But two kids he sold to got busted and ratted him out. They said they wanted to buy 70 grams of coke. He took it, got busted and the MMS for that is 15 to life. Holy shit, that's fucking extreme. But he plead down to a lesser charge and got 7-21 years. The kid was 19. Again, he deserves to be punished but filling up the jails is not the answer. Okay, I just did some research and this doesn't make sense at all, under MMS you need 500 grams of coke for 5 years and 5 kilos of it for 10. WTF? Either I wasn't paying attention or their info is wrong. Beats me, but please disregard the previous paragraph.

The next girl was a smackhead. She got busted multiple times and finally went to "drug court" where she has to attend counseling everyday and is drug tested 3 times a week, and if she fails the test, she goes to jail that day. But she's on the outside and is clean and is taking care of her kid.

Basically MTV's position is that MMS, mandatory minimum sentencing is wrong, it ties the hands of the judge so they cannot use their judgement, and drug court or some form of counseling/treatment program is the answer. And Bush wants to keep MMS and favors "faith-based" counseling programs and Kerry doesn't want to limit a judge's power and so he doesn't like MMS.

And a big sponsor of the show was Case Western University in Cleveland. I was impressed that a college would get behind such a controversial show.

MTV's MMS article and why it isn't a Campaign Issue

FAMM-Families Against Mandatory Minimums

The Anti-Drug website, They really don't want kids doing drugs, but who does?

All drugs should be used responsibly by adults, either 18 or 21. Or 19 for tobacco in Utah and Alabama. Don't know why though.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Nice fast Sunday

So we woke up too early for a Sunday to be at the autocross for which registration ended at 9:45 am and it was about 45 minutes away.

It was at the BMW plant which is always awesome because of the massive amounts of BMWs everywhere. It looks like every BMW imported here is kept in the back lot of the plant. There were that many bimmers behind the factory.

So the day started out a little nippy but warmed up some once the sun came out. 135 drivers at the driver's meeting and everyone was making 4 runs. Wow, that's alot of racing around cones. We brought 5 people out there, me, Joan, 1 racing friend and 2 non-racers. Racer, was in his Mazda Protege, and did pretty well. We were both understeering like it was our job but I didn't expect anything different to happen. So I raced in the 2nd group and everyone watched, but I was able to take a helmeted non-competitor passenger along with me. So Joan rode twice, and then the 2 non-racers rode once each. I shaved 1.8 seconds off my first time, then about .5 seconds off my second time, and then about .3 seconds off my third time. So I got better with each run. Very cool. Usually I try too hard on my last run and do poorly.

So overall, very pleased with the performance of Focus and me. Protege Racer did pretty well too, but he was having trouble reducing his understeer.

I forgot my freaking camera again! What the devil is wrong with me? Why can't I remember to grab that bag hanging in my bedroom? But fortunately one of the non-racers brought his camera so there are a few pics. I'll get 'em to you ASAP.

Good day, some great racing, good people, great weather, and then to top it off we ate at Steak & Shake, which is a 24 hr. eatery popular in the Midwest and other parts of the country. Excellent, puts the food at Waffle House to shame, but not the atmosphere of course.

I had Chili 3-ways which is spaghetti topped with chili beef and chili beans. I think that's a Midwest thing. I've seen places in Cincinasty and St. Louis that do the same thing. And the proper way to eat it is cut the noodles with your fork and not swirl it around the fork. And onion rings. And a 2-sided shake. Chocolate Mint and Coffe Mocha. Devine, but it mixed towards the bottom and was an interesting coffee mint flavor.

Went home, watched TV, relaxed, cleaned the house, showered, and then made sweet sweet love.

Excellent Sunday.

Friday, October 15, 2004


More racing

Went to trivia at Rockhopper's last night. Joan is hereby ordered to skip class and play trivia.

Two questions that 8 people were stumped on that she got without even hesitating:
1)Name the two kids in Mary Poppins, full names.
2)Who wrote the Monkees song "I'm a believer"?

Joan is the official Disney question answerer. And she knows tons of other weird stuff that I can't even guess on. The whole "we're opposites" thing I suppose.

The question that I got before she even finished reading the entire question, thank you, was "What arcade game did the Nintendo's main character make his debut in?" Lots of loser points for getting that one.

But it was fun. I think we're gonna take it easy tonight, i.e. stay at home and rent a movie or go see a movie. We haven't gone to see one in a while. No particular reason, just nothing has come out that we are dying to see. And Joan doesn't like to go see things on opening weekend. Too crowded I suppose, and you have to deal with the people in costume and speaking in elvish and all that, which I enjoy. Who better to go see a movie with than someone dressed as a Storm Trooper who slept in front of the theater for tickets? It's not like he's gonna talk during the movie. Assuming the Storm Trooper is a "he" of course. It could be Vader under there. But she would probably go as her namesake.

Participating in an autocross this weekend. It's by the South Carolina regional Sports Car Club of America, SCCA. Should be fun. There's about 5 other cars in my class and about 96 cars total. It's at the BMW plant in Spartanburg/Greer which is awesome in it's own right.

Autocross Entry List

Hopefully this works, just lemme know if you want a pic of a particular car cuz it'll probably be all Focus shots, maybe one or two of the NSX or Cooper S's.

Happy Freakin' Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Almost lunchtime

I eat lunch at around 2 pm cuz that's when Joan gets off work and eats before she goes to school. We're pretty dependent on one another, but that's okay cuz we know it and are happy with it. Just thought I'd share.

*Attention* if "science" scares you and you have bibilical reasons for frowning on homosexuality DO NOT read this article. It's not earth shattering but it shows they (geneticist and other scientists) are getting closer to showing that homosexuality is genetic.

Uh oh Spaghettio!

And I'll use Clemson's awesome library resources to try and find the entire article where this is published.

*Attention* if you love toast CLICK ON THIS LINK and if you think toast is of the Devil, please stay away and please share on why toast is pure evil.

Toast Recipes!

And I just have to show you this, not sure if it's a joke or not, but man is it freakin strange.

God hates Puppets apparently


That wasn't fun

Just got done with my test. Mother that was hard. I'll post some of the questions just so you can feel some of my pain. But at least it was hard for everyone. Bleh, no shower this morning. Worked on it from 6-7 pm then 9:30 to 12:30 am, then from 6:45 till 10 am, so about 7 hours? Yuck, fucking take home tests.

Thanks for the good thoughts. Hope they helped.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


No time, take home test tonight

I haven't mentioned it before but I'm on the Health Insurance Commitee here at Clemson Univ. Basically we're trying to collect info and whatnot to convince the administration that if we want to be a "Top 20 Public University" like they so desperately want, that they need to improve the grad student package, i.e. pay more, lower tuition, provide free health insurance, or at least cheaper health insurance. So we have a meeting today with some guy. I know his name but not what he does. So gotta look nice for that. Then I pick up a take home test at 5 pm. Then have a Student Senate meeting (I'm also a grad student senator) at 7:30 pm. Then I get to go finish my test, I'm assuming it'll take about 4 hours, but I have no idea.

So busy day, hope you all (that's the non contracted y'all) or you, if you prefer, enjoyed the dog pics. It's really easy to do.

Go to and then click on images. Or click here Google Images
And type in whatever you want a picture of. Anything at all. Maybe oompa loompa, maybe cake, maybe ice sculpture, whatever your heart and fingers desire. Then click on the link. Then click on the image at the top. Then copy the url and paste it in place of "whatever the url is"
Then hit the edit html button on your "create post" page of your blog. Then type in (img src="http://whatever the url is" /img) but with <> instead of parenthases and if the pic is not too big, up it pops and doesn't screw up anything.

And that's all I know about html.

And I guess someone hit the "next blog" button from this guy's blog. Check it out, he's an angry Canadian, apparently a proffesor, in Waterloo, Ontario, and he takes pictures of cars who are "reckless and uncourteous". Of course he's taking pictures of things while he drives, hmmmmm. Anyway it's pretty weird and funny and sad. And the truck at the top is doing 150 kph, that's about 93 mph. Hope he never drives in a big city down here. He would run out of camera memory real quick.

Angry Canadian in Waterloo, Ontario

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This one is kinda like Crackhead. But without the white patch.

These two are like my grandmother's dog, Jerry. But without the nipples in the bottom picture. But it's a bigger chihuahua than most of those little freak dogs.


Weekend O'rama

*Warning: Super Long Weekend Post*

So Joan and I went home last weekend. Good times. We spent the night with Grandma, paternal, on Fri. night. Watched TV, talked with her, Joan realized that she could talk forever, I knew this already. We met her new dog Jerry. I kept thinking of the rooster from Seinfeld, Little Jerry, but I kept this to myself cuz Joan doesn't like Seinfeld, I can't believe it either, and G'ma probably doesn't know it exists, maybe she does.

But Jerry is a chihuahua. My grandma's pastor, I think, moved to Maine and they didn't think poor little Jerry could take the cold. Whatever, but he's about 6 yrs old and has a hoarse bark. Don't know if he was sick or always sounds like that, but he would only bark at stuff that crossed in front of the house, so he was actually really quiet and calm for a chihuahua. He is cream colored and has a big thick body so he's like a big chihuahua. Playful but not hyper. So we go to sleep, separate beds of course, don't want to burn in hell, then get up and eat breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Not homemade but damn good. Then we ate at Shoney's roughly 3 hrs later. I was still freakin full from breakfast. Haven't eaten at Shoney's in a "minute" as the cool kids say now, or "hot minute". I've never understood slang.

So then we drive the 1.5 hrs to Birmingham. Try and get in touch with Cornelius, awesome fake name, my policeman friend. He doesn't answer the phone, cell or land, and doesn't answer the door. I later realize that he's with his woman and apparently they don't spend a whole lot of time together cuz he works the "vampire" shift, 11 pm to 7 am. But he likes it. I would too, but in a bigger city. He says after 3 am it gets pretty dull. So Cornelius and um, Jasmine, are in bed, maybe sleeping, maybe using handcuffs, who knows. So we abandon hopes of finding them and head to my mom's folks' house. We eat dinner, boring, pretty good food. Mostly home grown. Some really good spaghetti squash, turnips, black eyed peas, and green beans. And some pork tenderloin. It's just a quick visit though. Then we go over to my friend Yuppie's house. We'll call him that cuz he is. And they are dreadfully boring. Me and Yuppie have fun together, but the other people in his crew are the most exciting people ever. I like them, but some activity has to be involved. And they're all really good so you can't just inject some fun with our friend Jagrmeister. I know it has umlauts, but I'm not figuring out how to put them in.

We can't decide what to do, so we watch a movie. Flight of the Navigator. Haven't seen it since I was 10 maybe, so sure, blast from the past time. Joan does not look so enthused. Fortunately for her, Cornelius finally calls and says that we can get the key to his place if we get to his place by 9:45 and it's 9:10. No problem. Bye Yuppie and Friends. Joan is relieved to not sit through the rest of the movie. So we get to Cornelius' house and him and Jasmine are there and so is their new dog, Lola or Crackhead as Joan and I call her.

She's the greyhound/chihuahua mix, or possibly a miniature greyhound. Either way it's kind of grey and striped. Thin body, thin legs, pointed head, and WILL NOT SIT STILL. This isn't an exaggeration. It stopped moving for roughly 90 seconds while it was between us on the couch and we were petting her. But other than that it was jumping between couches like a mountain goat. Crazy cracked out dog. And it isn't house trained yet, so after C. tells me that he just took her out and is okay, she proceeds to poo on C's carpet. I clean it up and then put her in his room for a while. I take her out to walk before we go to sleep. Then C comes home at 8:30 am in full Cop garb including bulletproof vest. So Lola goes nuts and before she can get outside, pees a little bit on the carpet. So we go eat breakfast, C, J, S and J at IHOP. Good. Then have lunch with my mom's family, then we leave. Me in the Saturn and Joan in the Focus. My parents are in the country for a while and were using the Saturn, so I took it back cuz they leave on Wed.

Good trip home. Had some other cars going fast, so we made wicked time. No ATL traffic, amazing. Good trip. And sorry I forgot my camera, I told you I was a spaz.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Most important election of your lifetime?

I just took a little online survey thing over at It asked "Do you feel that this is the most important election of your lifetime?" Yes, No, Don't Know.

I chose No because I'm a realist. This one is important, but if this one is the most important of my whole life? Then I'm leaving this country now. If we can't recover from another 4 years of Bush, then I'm leaving this great country and am gonna live elsewhere. Not Mexico, too hot for Joan, maybe Canada, but I've never had a real winter. I like Europe. I'm sure if I said that I hate the USA and Bush that they would welcome me with open arms.

But I'm sure there will be elections that are just as important, if not more, than this one. That's the good thing about Presidents. They're only around for 4-8 years. Thank The Great Spirit.

But if this election is the turning point in America's history where the US finally returns to its "religious" roots and abortion, smoking, drinking, tattoos, salt, sex, and speeding are all made illegal, then it is the most important. And if the good guys lose and this comes to fruition, I told you so, but you're all welcome to come live with me in my "Safe House of Free Thought" in a country to be named later.

Weekend traveling/crazy freak pet post coming soon. I promise.


Moment of Silence

The Man of Steel has passed. We'll miss you Christopher, and thank you for all your work for spinal cord research and excellent movies. He was 52.

And please keep this man's family in your thoughts:

Quadriplegic Serving 10-Day Sentence For First-Time Marijuana Charge Dies In DC Jail

October 7, 2004 - Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC: A 27-year-old quadriplegic man sentenced to serve ten days in a Washington, DC jail on charges that he possessed a minor amount of marijuana died while in custody last week due to inadequate health care, including prison officials' failure to provide him with a ventilator.

The victim, Jonathan Magbie, had been paralyzed from the neck down since the age of four, was unable to breath on his own, and required nursing care 20 hours a day.

Magbie was sentenced to spend ten days in jail on September 20, 2004 after pleading guilty to one charge of marijuana possession. Though prosecutors had recommended probation, the judge in the case ordered Magbie to serve jail time - noting that the defendant had told pre-sentence investigators that he would continue using marijuana because it made him feel better.

Jonathan Magbie, dead at 27

Friday, October 08, 2004


Mama, mama, I'm coming home

So Joan and I are going to Birmingham this weekend. That's The Ham, or B'ham to the cool lazy people. Or the Magic(Majic) City, which is my personal fave. But first we're gonna go visit my dad's mom in northern AL, then Sat. we're going down to B'ham. We're gonna stay with that cop friend of mine; he actually lives with one of my old college roommates now. He adopted a dog from the pound. Ready for what it is? Are ya sure, it's pretty weird, and yes I'm getting a picture of it, cuz it tops the great dane/lab mix, or whatever lives next door.

It's a chihuahua/greyhound mix. Yuh huh, some slut greyhound, apparently, somehow bumped uglies with a chihuahua. WTF? He said it has a small head and skinny legs. Poor crime against nature dog. But he said it is hyper like a chihuahua. So I'll get some pics.

And Joan's parents in FL, just adopted two chihuahuas also. They were abandoned or something, when the 4 hurricanes hit, so they took Gizmo, their 14 yr. old Shih Tzu, down to the pound to make sure she approved and then brought them home. I'll get pics of them and the current state of their saltwater tank. He, Joan's dad, said they lost some fish and coral in the first hurricane, but they got a generator for the last 3 so that wouldn't happen again. Poor fish.

So we're leaving today, and will be back on Sun. Then I get to study for a test I have on Wed. Then I get to work on my seminar which is on Nov. 5, but I've been working in that since last Wed. but I want it to be really good. Really really good. So I'm pretty much gonna focus on that at work for the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy your weekends! Be safe!

Thursday, October 07, 2004



Apparently there is a shortage of flu shots. Since I haven't gotten one in the past 4 years, I'm not too worried about it. And to the little kid or old person who got my shot, you're welcome and I hope it didn't hurt too much. And that it didn't give you the flu.

It still boggles my mind that to prevent you from getting a disease, i.e. flu, malaria, polio, etc. that they inject you with the virus in a small amount, so that your body recognizes it as a disease and attacks instantly. Of course you can still actually get sick from this "vaccination". In fact, I've heard that the malaria, or maybe cholera, vaccine is actually WORSE than the disease. Pretty sure it's malaria though.

Hopefully someone is working on something better than our current disease safeguards. Ever heard the conspiracy theory that they actually have cures for AIDS and cancer, but that it cures you, so the big money is in treating thoses diseases. I don't really believe it, but I wouldn't put it past them either.

Do you really need a flu shot?

So here's the article from, so you can see that I'm not creating a panic in the flu prone population of this country. But reassured you sickly folk, I'm doing my part by doing nothing.

Sickly People! Know Thine Enemy!

CDC's Influenza Page

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I get no respect......

Rodney Dangerfield passed away at the age of 82. You made some really bad funny movies, and I hope you get some respect now.

And on a gay note:

State Judge Rejects Gay Marriage Ban
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (published in the NY Times)

Published: October 6, 2004

BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 5 (AP) - A state judge on Tuesday threw out a Louisiana constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, less than three weeks after voters overwhelmingly approved it.

The judge, William A. Morvant of the 19th Judicial District Court, said the amendment was flawed because it had more than one purpose: banning not only gay marriage but also civil unions.

Groups that oppose same-sex marriage expressed outrage, and Michael Johnson, a lawyer for supporters of the amendment, said he would appeal.

"We have judges acting in arrogance to usurp the actions of the Legislature and deny the voters of Louisiana who voted overwhelmingly to support the protection of marriage," said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council in Washington.

A gay-rights group called Forum for Equality had challenged the amendment, arguing among other things that combining the issues of same-sex marriage and civil unions in one ballot question violated state law.

Be good on hump day oh bloggerly ones.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Personal convictions

I had an interesting encounter on Sun. Joan and I were in Bi-Lo (grocery store) and were checking out and the checkout girl and bag boy, both college kids, were discussing y'all and whether it was a word or not. He said it was a word and it was in the dictionary, to which I said bling bling is also in the dictionary. Webster is getting pretty liberal with his words, but it is a word used by a significant fraction of society and I guess people need to know what it means. But I think does that job perfectly fine in my humble opinion.

But I digress, the bag boy asked me if I thought y'all was a word, it is, it's a contraction of you all, and then I said that I don't use it but that's just a personal thing. What I meant was that I feel that there are still people in this world who look down on those with a southern accent, or who use "questionable" words like ain't, y'all, fixin'ta, and the sort, so I don't use those words to set myself apart as a Southerner without a southern accent and who doesn't say y'all. But Joan does and she's from Orlando, so she's challenging sterotypes too.

Another one I have is that I do not eat at Krystal's, which is a tiny burger place on par with White Castle and the sort. The biggest reason that I don't eat there is my roommate in college would bring home a sack of Krystals and they smelt awful, really really bad. So that's why I don't eat there. I have been tempted a few times, but nothing that Taco Bell or Wendy's couldn't fix. I will eat at White Castle but just so that I can say I at least tried the small burger thing, but I'm in no rush.

So I leave you with a few pics of somewhere I will never eat.

I should also give props to Google Image, that's where I get most of the pics that I don't take myself, and if you wanna see some boobs, go to click on images and type in Krystal.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Another freakin Monday

So the test went okay. I figure I got a point or point and a half and I need 2.5 points to be done. And I have 3 tests left. I can't wait to be done.

Went to Frankie's Fun Park on Saturday with the chemistry folks. Lots of fun, laser tag and the fast go-karts all night long. Laser tag blew, way too many people, complete chaos, which was fun, but I would've rather been outside driving. The go karts kicked ass. They were so easy to drift! I felt sorry for the people who couldn't countersteer. I was the slowest on the course by far, but I definitely had the most ass-out sliding fun.

Some minor drama occurred, and I was just an observer so it was entertaining. So there has been some tension between Grumpy and um, Sleepy, and it culminated on the go-kart track. Grumpy had been spun out by a guy that was with us, and I was following Sleepy, oh both fake dwarves are women by the way, and she was watching me as we slid around the corner and didn't see Grumpy incapacitated on the side and SLAMMED into her. Hardcore full out. Awesome collision, but they're go karts so no bid deal right? Oh no my friend. Apparently Grumpy took offense to this impact, so when we got out of the go-karts, I was about to jokingly admonish Sleepy for the vicious hit on Grumpy, knowing full well it wasn't anyone's fault, except maybe the guy who spun Grumpy and Sleepy for not watching where she was going and Grumpy for not pushing the brakes and sliding into the way, but not me, I was an innocent by-stander, I swear. So Grumpy gets off and Sleepy turns and looks at her, and Grumpy screams, "Fucking Bitch!" fairly loudly. So they both storm off and made up after about 5 minutes. Very entertaining to say the least.

Then went downtown and got thoroughly wasted then was too sleepy to drive home but did anyway. Big mistake. I should not have done that. Nothing bad happened but it could have very easily. Bad Seth! *whap*

And I washed the Focus on Saturday so now she's all shiny and pretty.

Update:A few blogs got demoted to the "Blogs that are no more" section. This is cuz they haven't updated in a looooong time. They're all good though, they just don't update anymore. So enjoy their archives but don't hold your breath for anything new. And if you're going on vacation and not gonna update for a while, tell your readers, like Slothy McSlotherson, who cares about her readers. And Her Evilness Sidra, who didn't go on vacation but had internet problems, she cares too but in a evil, evil way.

Friday, October 01, 2004


It's 10 pm. Do you know where your blogger is?

He's at SCHOOL! Studying for a test tomorrow morning!


Thanks for the luck and positive thoughts.

I did see this while wasting time.

Fake Nobel prizes awarded by Nobel prize winners

My fave is:

The medicine prize went to Steven Stack of Wayne State University and James Gundlach of Auburn University, for their 1992 report, "The Effect of Country Music on Suicide." The research of 49 metropolitan areas concluded "that the greater the airtime devoted to country music, the greater the white suicide rate."

Finally some proof that country music makes you want to kill yourself. I KNEW IT!


What a Master Debater

So I was playing trivia at a local restaurant, Rockhoppers, named after the penguins, but they have trivia on Thursdays and it's fun, so I missed most of the debate, but calm down, I did tape it and will watch it Sat. afternoon most likely.

Of the last 15 minutes that I saw, Bush wasn't too quick with the words and kind of stumbled around some. And Kerry usually had a nice, well-worded comment or rebuttal, but he kept repeating himself. Yes Senator Kerry, we heard you say that not 2 minutes ago. Then I watched the Daily Show and got their impressions of it. They're a tad biased but who isn't? But they had on General Wesley Clark and then they had on Rudy Guliani, sorry Rudy for misspelling your last name, and he kept doing this weird thing with his eyes, creepy.

And of course the people in the background behind the interviewees were entertaining, not ESPN Gameday entertaining, but still amusing. My favorite was the guy on his cell who was obviously talking to his friends saying that they could see him on TV. Congrats buddy, that was your 7 seconds.

But I have that qualifier test thing to see if I can stay in the doctorate program tomorrow morning at 9 am EST. So wish me luck while you're eating breakfast, or mowing the lawn, or sitting on your ass watching TV (which is what I would be doing if I didn't have to take a test), or asleep in bed, especially for you West Coast folks.

And if you're in PA, try and make it to the Autumn Leaf Festival, I hear it's a wicked good time, and if you're in DC on Oct. 4th and 5th and think criminalizing a healing herb is wrong you can join these guys on the Lawn.


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