Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Fort Collins Bound!

Hello everyone! J and I have decided to move up to Fort Collins to be closer to her school (Colorado State University, go Rams!). She had an apartment up there and would commute home on the weekends last semester. It was brutal. I missed her so much that we decided to move to Fort Collins so that we can live together!

Renewing the job search has been tough and frustrating but also promising. There are lots of great companies in Fort Collins that have open positions and I'm trying everything in my repertoire to snag an interview. Networking, social media, job fairs, industry organizations and even driving around! All are being tried and I have not lost hope! Sure I'll lose hope for a few minutes and have a micro-pity party, but then I'll find a new source of energy from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or even a book and feel much better and more positive!

Recently I've been enjoying racking up points on Foursquare. Sure it's a bit creepy people knowing where you are, but only your friends can see it in real time. I need more local friends too. It's sad having to zoom out to see my friends in DC and what they're up to.

Thanks for sticking around! Back to resumes and cover letters! Good thoughts!

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