Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ha! Funny joke

I finished some of my improvements from my list. Not as many as I'd hoped, but nonetheless.

I'm full time now at CCD. I thought this would mean health coverage and more pay. I was wrong. The cheapest for just me was $50/month and J and I would have been $300/month. So we still don't have health insurance (although life ins. was free) and I was making more being part-time at 2 institutions, but I still teach 1 course at the other place, so it isn't super dire, but it'll be tight.

Of course J feels compelled to renew her active job search. We both got a little burned out after only a few interviews and hearing nothing back, so I think it's time to open her options a bit. She did have a nightmare about serving, so that probably isn't a good sign. We'll see. We're not living on the street yet.

Gorgeous day in Denver today. High in the mid 50s. Too bad we didn't leave the house until 3:30. That won't happen tomorrow.

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