Monday, February 27, 2006



One of my friends has a sign on her wall by her desk that says "Every once in a while I like to yell Eureka! to boost lab morale."

That lost post came back. I was changing Tercel's spark plugs yesterday and her wipers. Easy job and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing job on the car. It was relaxing and straightforward except for the peanut gallery sitting on the balcony above me. His name is Chris and presumably he is somehow connected to the lady who moved in above us a couple months ago.

His name is Chris but people at work call him "Crazy". He's a weaver. Not a dream weaver but an actual weaver with looms, wool, the works. Pleasant fellow. Laid back, liked to talk too much for my taste, but I'm a good listener so I guess it works out. Well I'm good at LOOKING like I'm listening. I'm actually good at looking right at you and not listening to a bleeding word you're saying. But luckily I had to focus on the car so I didn't have to use my skills.

Apparently they call him Crazy because they use air hoses to blow all the excess wool from underneath the looms and he had a pile of wool that was as high as me when I was kneeling. That's it. That's why they call him crazy. Is that alot of excess wool? Is it just a little? I have no idea. The army of beer cans around him suggested that he was not in 100% control of his facilities. Or maybe that's why they call him crazy cuz he doesn't explain stories.

He also said that he's cooped up inside for 6 days a week and that seventh day, he's going to spend them outside. And he did. He sat on the balcony/porch thing and drank some beer and sat. And it was a gorgeous day 'round these parts yesterday.

He also said that no man is designed to work as a weaver. It's too "mentally taxing". He offered to switch jobs with me at least 3 times.

After I finished up I went inside and finally realized that he is the American that is losing his job to overseas workers. He said he wove quilts, blankets, jeans, shirts, "you name it, I wove it". I didn't check my jeans but odds are no American hands touched them except for the retail employee taking them out of the box and putting them on the shelf.

Once I realized that, maybe I felt sorry for him. I don't know. But at least he still has a job. There are lots of folks who did the exact same thing as him and now don't have anywhere to work.

Watch out Crazy, the Global Economy's comin'.


The Apple Dumpling gang won't ride again

Don Knotts, the actor who portrayed Deputy Barney Fife in "The Andy Griffith Show" and also starred in The Apple Dumpling Gang movies and was also the landlord in the show "Three's Company", has passed away.

He passed on Feb. 24th because of complications related to lung cancer. He was 81.

Wikipedia entry on Don Knotts
And for his full career spanning 6 decades from

Also Darren McGavin passed away on Feb. 25th. He is known to this generation as the father of "Billy Madison" and the father in "A Christmas Story" but also had a career spanning 7 decades. According to the Washington Post, Darren McGavin died of natural causes at the age of 83.

We lost two greats who raised several generations of people with their delightful characters. We'll miss you guys.


Like buttah

Coffee Talk with Linda Richman is one of my favorite Mike Myers skits from SNL. We bought the Best Of Mike Myers a few months ago, and this skit is on there. Anyone who has ever seen this particular character knows that one of the best is when Madonna, Roseanne and Babs herself make an appearance.

Hysterical. I'm sure it's on the internet somewhere but we picked up the DVD at Best Buy for $7 or $5. Can't beat that.

I think I had some other post in my head somewhere but it got lost. Maybe it'll surface later.

Mini-post day?

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Armour hot dogs!

I enjoy hot dogs. Topped with cheese and chili or just with mustard. If you're ever in Birmingham, you have to go by Chicago Mike's. A review can be found here

But it's delicious. They're open from 10-3 give or take a half hour from Monday to Friday. Mike has been there as long as I can remember. His helper lady/cashier changes every once in a while, but Mike is a constant. And so is his friend/brother who works the grill. All of Mike's meat is grilled. He does burgers and chicken breasts, of which the chicken is delicious and I've never tried a burger but hear they're equally delicious. What sets him apart is his meat (hehehe). They're Best's Kosher All Beef Franks.

They sell them at Sam's actually. And I think I read that each frank has 29 grams of fat. So don't eat here everyday, but reward yourself occasionally.

All the way entails, onion, mustard, kraut, and a BBQish sauce that is great. No onions on mine please. And if you're feeling adventurous, get it topped with cole slaw. You will not be disappointed. He doesn't have the best chili, so stay away from that.

What sent me on this hot dog recommending bender? MTV's True Life. I don't care if you are super ultra right wing and Rush Limbaugh is your god, or you're super ultra left wing liberal, you need to watch this week's True Life episode. Why? It's True Life: I'm a competitive eater. Yup, they follow around 3 competitive eaters. Tim "Eater X" Janus, some "cute in an Abercrombie catalog kinda way" guy from KY, and the human stomach himself Takeru Kobayashi. He is the reigning world champion of competitive eaters. The unofficial or maybe it is official world championship of overeaters is the Nathan's Hot Dog challenge in Coney Island on July 4th. Just for a frame of reference, Takeru ate 53.5 hot dogs in 2004. His closest competitor ate 38. WTF? So how does he do it? How does he outeat even the largest of competitors? For starters he weighs 131 pounds and stand 5'7" tall. So how is that his secret weapon? His stomach can stretch more. He doesn't have a layer of fat constraining his stomach so it can stretch further than any human should have it stretch.

It's also a cultural thing. It's all Takeru does. He shops, eats, works out, and goes on game shows to eat competitively. And let me tell you, he's cut. Completely torn up. His six pack has a six pack. He explained, through the help of his translator, that his stomach is lower than most peoples. And he has worked it even lower through stretching and other techniques. This man is an eating machine. In the Japanese culture, it is common for world champs to accept challenges. Takeru entered a restaurant and the owner/chef challenged him to eat all he served. He ate 3 HUGE bowls of pasta and a giant chili pepper flavored snow cone thing. 22 pounds of food. In one sitting and kept it all down. It was astonishing. I've never seen anything like it.

I've always liked Japan and picked up on a few things that he said during the show. He doesn't go shopping everyday to avoid people thinking he's a housewife. (Machismo in the Latin culture) He moved out of the house so his parents didn't question why he was eating so much. (100% understandable) And the challenge between the chef and the eater. Very interesting.

And the other 2 guys were interesting too, but obviously not quite as interesting as the world champ. So check it out or Tivo it, you won't be disappointed. And MTV doesn't throw any subliminal political messages in there, so you should be safe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Ninja or Pirate?

I've always wanted the ability to sneak up on anyone at anytime. To move through the night without a sound. I would of course only use my powers for good. Or at least nothing super bad.

Hey! Where did my peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwich go? Damn Ninjas!

Why did the channel suddenly change from ice dancing to Monster Trucks? Ninjas.

Where did the ice and snow on my car go? Thanks Ninjas!

And I would get to wear those black pijamas and have a sword and throwing stars. And they're solitary. Ninjas mostly work alone and when they do work with other Ninjas, they only work with trusted ones.

Pirates have to constantly watch their crew. But they aren't as concerned with silence. They come in, canons blazing and keel haul the lot. (Whatever that means) And they get to have parrots and ultra cool nicknames, most involving facial features, facial hair being the most common. Maybe you wouldn't have to deal with mutiny. After you savagely beat the captain of the other ship and then threw him to the sharks, that would put the fear of you into the hearts of your crew.

Samurai are cool but they have body armor, which slows them down, and they answer to their lord, which I hear can get tiresome.

Bigfoot and the Yeti would be cool, but very lonely. Unless they have sasquatch communities in which case it would be really cool. Yeti parties until all hours of the morning. Then going out and playing in the fresh powder, scaring Boy Scouts and hikers, getting your blurry picture taken.

I'm trying to stay away from deity. Because being a Greek god would obviously be the best. Living on Olympus, eating ambrosia all day and when you feel frisky BAM! you're a human and can go hook up with some sexy Greek broad. And then your kid has mythical powers and then he has stories written about him.

So next time you're about to enjoy a cupcake and it magically disappears, don't get mad. Ninjas have to eat too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



So this Wednesday the College Republicans are having Congressman Barrett, our district's congressman who ran unopposed in '04, speak at 8 pm.

There is also a grad student senate meeting where we will be discussing a health fee increase and since I'm still chairman of the health insurance dealy, I guess I should be there. And of course this meeting is on Wed. at 8 pm.

Bleh. And I'm really getting frustrated with this supposed "committee". We had a meeting with our health center's higher-ups yesterday and I was the only person to show up. Nice. And so far no emails even explaining why no one showed up. Whatever, I only have to do this until April/May and I still like it and it isn't taking up super huge chunks of time. But I wish I had some support.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Ah rally

I love rally. Cars driving through the woods at speeds that most would deem insane. I can't get enough of it. And I can't wait to do it myself. It's expensive (about $900 just to enter the race) but will be completely worth it. One day.

We got back from Cheraw, SC on Sunday about 2:30 pm. Great weekend. Only rained a little on Saturday, and was a little chilly but we were mostly prepared so we stayed warm.

Then we got home and J wanted to go ski clothes shopping. Several Benjamins later, we're decked out in goggles, masks, jackets, ski pants and are ready for anything that snow can throw at us. I guess the next step is getting our own skis, but since I've only snowboarded twice and J has never seen more than 3 inches of snow, we're not quite there yet. But we may be hooked after this weekend. Either way we now have some nice snow/winter clothing.

I feel like a failure. I plan meetings for the Health Insurance Committee and I am the only one who shows up. But someone has to keep working for us grad students. And surprisingly it isn't super time consuming. But I can't wait to be done with this responsibility. Since I've been chairman the entire committee has never been together. There is always someone missing. But it's ok. We're still getting things done so I'm not worried.

I have some weird red bumps on my stomach and right arm. They itch. I'm giving them until Thurs. before I schedule a doctor's appointment. I hope it isn't bed bugs. I saw in The Week that they're on the rise. I also hope it isn't leprosy.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Thank you Lin!

Yesterday I received an email from Paypal. I had received funds from someone.

That someone was Lin and they donated through my Paypal button.

So two big Yays! in Lin's honor!

Thank you once again Lin and you're welcome in SethLand any time!


Evan Lysachek is dreamy

Our student org is planning a ski trip. I reserved the rooms, 2 4-bdroom cabins, today and reserved our group rate for the lift tickets.

I don't know what people want to rent, skis, snowboard or skiboards, but those are cheaper than the lift tickets. AND I found a place that rents jackets and "bibs" which are like waterproof overall things, for any non-snow type people like myself. J said she is going to look for that stuff this weekend. She needs a nice snow jacket and I found a bib on Amazon for $25, and the rental rate is $8/day so it's safe to say I will be buying a pair and not sharing crotch space with countless other faceless skiers.

A kid that is going on the trip came in and asked if his 4 friends could go on the trip. The limit is 20 and when he asked, there were 17 people going. So that's a big negative. But our org is picking up the tab for lodging and transportation, so it's a great deal for everyone. I'm actually going to have to turn people away, instead of begging people to show up. A welcome change.

I need to plan something romantic to do with J the first night we are there. I think a moonlit walk in the snow is definitely on the list but I have to come up with something else. So please help me out with ideas. J also has never seen more than 3 inches of snow, so this should be a bit of a shock. I'm looking forward to either skiing or skiboarding, making a snowball and making a snowman. Damn, better go find a carrot and some coal. And also I'd like some opinions on skiboarding if anyone has ever done it. I've been snowboarding twice and want to try something else.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentine's Day Massacre

I'm a fairly selfish person. I can't start a sentence on this thing without the pronoun, I. I'm also a fairly simple person. All I want for Valentine's Day is the responsibility to roll over on the fateful 2-14 and say "Happy Valentine's Day, I love you". I'm happy with that. No fanfare, nothing else. I'm sure most guys would agree with me.

However, most heterosexual men are in relationships with heterosexual women who REALLY SUPER ULTRA care about Valentine's Day and you better not forget it or she'll be keeping your nuts in a jar.

We've already established that I'm selfish. A symptom of selfishness is the complete lack of thoughtfulness. I'm the worst gift giver ever. Well, maybe my brother is worse, but it's a close one. I actually don't mind spending the money, but I'll be damned if I can come up with an idea. I need an ideabot that can just sit at my desk and would be happy to come up with 20-30 special occasion ideas. He would also remind me to not plan things around important days, and now we get to the heart of the matter.

I absent-mindedly planned for our student org. to work a concessions stand tonight. On Valentine's Day. Oh crap. And our engagement anniversary is also next Wed. but J has class and so we want to take a day trip to hike and go to the GA aquarium, but I scheduled another concessions game for that Sat. Double crap.

So Joan freaked out and since it was early, I said some stuff that was mean and didn't really make any sense. But it's ok. It's all worked out. We're gonna go out to eat at a nicer restaurant in G'ville that we haven't been to yet and we'll do the ATL journey next month.

Relationships are hard work.

Monday, February 13, 2006



Not much today. Work to do.

The autocross on Sun. was chilly but at least we didn't have record snowfall. That would've made for an interesting autocross though. I wore lots of layers and was fine.

Well, I felt that I raced well. But I was 18th overall. I knew I was going to lose to a Honda eventually and yesterday was that day. A stock '03 Civic with a Honda performance package and some sticky Toyo RA-1s beat me by 1.7 seconds, which is alot. Results are there. I got 3rd in class against a good car and great driver and a great car and good driver. I still need lots of practice and a driving school couldn't hurt either. But I'm not giving up, I just need to get faster.

So the Honda engineers really know their stuff. They have produced a car that handles impeccably. Ford has not. So I have a few things to make better.

J actually took a run around the course as well. She really enjoyed it. She said it wasn't as scary as she had thought it was going to be. So we'll see how hooked she really is at the next race.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Shattered Dreams

J and I went out to eat Tues. Miyabi Kyoto in Greenville. It's one of those Shogun type places with the big griddle in the middle of the table and we all sit around and enjoy the (most likely) Hispanic chef putting on a great show. Fire, juggling, jokes, very enjoyable. The reason we went in the first place is J wanted some sushi. Mmmmm, that sounds good, I think I'll have that.

So we hop in Focus and drive the 40 minutes to the restaurant. It's surprisingly busy on a random Tues. night, so we have to wait about 7-10 minutes. No biggie, they have a table top Ms. Pacman/Galaga video game, so I plop in two quarters and try to press the 2 player button but the button isn't there. J can play the next quarter. I'm not super good at Ms. Pacman so I lose fairly quickly. Go to press the 1 player button again and it says we have 0 credits. Aaargh! You stole my quarter!

But around this time we're called for dinner. Go in, wait for a waitress, order, order some sushi, guy shows up, makes a lollipop and Jack from Jack in the Box out of rice, clap clap clap, but let's flashback to the ordering.

I see that extra rice is only $1.99. I like rice and I would like some extra rice, so I order it. After the rice sculpture, he's splitting up the rice around the table. Everyone gets a slab of rice. I'm sitting there thinking about how much rice that is when he plops down another slab of rice. Whoa. I'm literally sitting behind a wall of rice. I lean over to J and whisper "I didn't know it was a double order of rice." So I'm mentally already asking for a ToGo box.

I got the steak, shrimp and chicken. The shrimp was a little salty but overall a very delicious meal and I get to take home another 2-3 meals worth of "Japanese" food. Awesome. I'm full but thankfully I stopped trying to finish my mountain of food and therefore am not stupid take-me-to-the-hospital full.

So the next morning I pull out some tupperware and take about half of my leftovers to school for lunch. Extra super delicious especially after 3 straight days of turkey sandwiches. The shrimp even tastes good out of the microwave and that hardly ever happens.

Just a quick tally, there is still half of my leftovers in the fridge. After school I warm up a little more as a snack but make sure to leave enough for another lunch. I don't think much more about it after that. J and I are pretty good about not eating each other's leftovers. We can ask and usually the other will consent and let us eat the other's leftovers. Unless it's pasta leftovers. J has first dibs on all of that no matter whose it is. She's a junkie, has a problem and can't stop. It's something that we're learning to live with.

Last night I'm thinking about what I want for lunch and remember "Oooooh, I still have my leftover stir fry. Yum. I'm definitely going to eat that." And drift off into SlumberLand.

I wake up this morning. Shower, dress, play with the cats and go into the kitchen to make my lunch. I sort through our tupperware cabinet and find a suitable size. Take it over to the stove and then open up the fridge. Where's the white styrofoam box? Why isn't it in here? I turn and there it is. Empty. Nothing more than a shell. A drained vessel that once housed my nourishment.

I then notice a bowl sitting in the sink with definite leftover rice particles. J ate my rice! Without asking!

Dejected I make a turkey sandwich. Hope you're happy J.

Additional thoughts added later: The season finale (and hopefully not series finale) of Arrested Devolpment is on Fox tonight. Guess what it's up against in its time slot. The freakin' Opening Ceremonies. Didn't even give them a chance. Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Ron Howard.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


And I ran; I ran so far away

Damn right it's Flock of Seagulls.

Fairly busy today, heading out to the research park (the newest Clemson building that is 15 minutes away) for a little shooting X-rays at crystals and then looking at the resulting x-rays emitted by the sample. EDX or Elemental Dispersive X-ray Analysis, very very cool. If your sample is small and stable under vacuum, you too can fire x-rays at it and get a rough elemental composition of it. It's great!

I know you're all jealous, but I'm sure you do cool things of which I would be jealous.

I read in The Week that according to the AP (Associated Press) who interviewed 1,000 college students, the most likely to cheat (27%) were journalism majors, followed by business majors (26%) and the lowest? SCIENCE MAJORS with a not really that much lower 19%.

Shit, I forgot to tell you guys that 1 in 5 Americans, 20%, think that the best way to get $200,000 in the bank was to win the lottery. I just googled the US population and the CIA told me it was 295,734,134 or 300 million to make math easier. So to the 240 million Americans who recognize that the lottery is a scam (albeit a nice fantasy) congratulations, you pass the test.

Now to the other 60 million Americans, next time you go to play Lotto, Powerball, MegaMillions, please please please, ask to see the odds. They are astronomical, but don't take my word for it.

According to Powerball's website, the odds of winning the whole shebang are:
1 in 146,107,962

Ok, so that's a really small number next to a really big number, so what are the odds of other life occurrences Mr. Smarty Pants? So glad you asked.
First a few that are less likely than winning the Powerball.
Chance of dying from a shark attack: 1 in 300,000,000
Odds of a meteor landing on your house: 182,138,880,000,000 to 1
Odds of being killed on a 5-mile bus trip: 500,000,000 to 1

So there you go, 3 things that are less likely to happen than winning the lottery. Feel pretty good yeah? Gonna run out and buy some lottery tickets?
Here is a brief sampling of events that are MORE likely to happen than you winning the Powerball.
Odds of injury from mowing the lawn: 3,623 to 1
Odds of drowning in a bathtub: 685,000 to 1
Odds of being murdered: 18,000 to 1
Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1
Odds of becoming president: 10,000,000 to 1
Chance of dying from a car accident: 1 in 18,585
Chance of dying from being bitten by a dog: 1 in 700,000

And you don't want to know the odds for getting cancer. You just don't. But for the curios, the complete list of what I just quoted can be found right over here.

And I don't know where this guy got those odds from, but you get the general idea. And if you're wondering how they calculate the odds for Powerball, check this out.

One of this author's, Durango Bill, closing remarks, which I will let stand on its own. Tomorrow I'll tell you about my one sighting of a UFO. Seriously. No I was not anally probed, jerks.

A lottery is a "Zero-sum game". What one group of participants gains in cash, the other group of participants must lose. If we made a list of all the participants in a lottery, it might include:

1) Federal Government (Lottery winnings are taxable)
2) State Governments (Again lottery winnings are taxable)
3) State Governments (Direct share of lottery ticket sales)
4) Merchants that sell tickets (Paid by the lottery organizers)
5) Lottery companies (Hint: They are not doing all this for free)
6) Advertisers and promoters (Paid by the lottery companies)
7) Lottery ticket buyers (Buy lottery tickets and receive payouts)

The winners in the above list are:
1) Federal Government
2) State Government (Taxes)
3) State Government (Direct share)
4) Merchants that sell tickets
5) Lottery companies
6) Advertisers and promoters

And the losers are:
(Mathematically challenged and proud of it)

Monday, February 06, 2006


This little piggy went under the knife

Throughout my life I have been medically fortunate. No major operations, no serious accidents, not even stitches. Sure by flaunting this I'm dancing with the devil, but since I actually have health insurance, Murphy and his law should take care of me. But don't let him fool you, if you forget to pay that premium and they yank your coverage, WHAM! Bus.

Not even braces. Two teeth are symmetrically slightly twisted (bottom teeth) and I have a slight overbite, but the whole "living in a 3rd world country" and the fact that braces need to be checked regularly by an expert, we forewent (past tense of forego?) the procedure. Hopefully I'll be okay.

I did have my molars removed, which sucked, but my folks were good about keeping an ice pack on my chipmunk cheeks to reduce swelling, and I mostly slept for the 2 days after surgery, so it wasn't too bad. Using that syringe squirt gun to clean out your sockets where your teeth used to be was kinda gross and got old, but they healed nicely.

And now on to the grand finale; my one non-teeth related surgical operation. I'm not blessed with the best feet/toe/toenail genes. I've mentioned before that my mom's toenails aren't the prettiest (but we still love you Mom!) so I'm having to work against nature. But the nail on my right bigtoe was ingrown. And it hurt. And this was during high school when I played lots of soccer and I'm sure that didn't help anything. So my toenail is ingrown and we head off to the podiatrist. He tells me to clean it with this antibacterial stuff and pull the nail out occasionally with a paper clip. Thanks Doc. 10 years of med school and rub this on it and poke at it with a pointy metal rod. Great. So we did this religiously and OMG! it didn't work.

Back to Dr. FootGuy. He says, okay we'll do some surgery. How about next Thurs. after school. No problem. So we show back up and we go back into the little surgical room. I'm up on the big elevated reclining table of sorts. Both shoes off, socks too. Pick out the toejam, wipe everything off with some solution and my lovely toes are ready for anything.

He first squirts my bigtoe with a chemical that has a very low boiling point (I think it was ethyl chloride but I can't remember) but the point is it is cold. Damn cold. But not liquid nitrogen cold so it doesn't burn, but just numbs. Then he pulls out the needle. Couple quick shots of Novocaine (I suppose) and then we wait a few minutes. Then he takes out a pointy stick and pokes my toe. Can you feel that? Yes, but it doesn't hurt. He then pokes my other bigtoe to compare. OW! You bastard! Oh, okay, yes that toe is definitely super numb. He then proceeds to pull out some scissor looking things and some tweezers. He cuts just inside of the outer edge of the nail all the way to the cuticle. I'm mostly watching, it's my toe and I want to see what's going on. He then rips that little piece of nail out. Seriously just rips it out. He cuts the other side too just for safe measure and the toe is numb so why the hell not? Then he carefully injects something into that part of the toe that will not allow the nail to grow back. And that's it. My dad alters a shoe to give me some more room around the toe for the bandages and the like and I go on with my life. No soccer for a few weeks, but the prospect of soccer without intense pain is worth it.

And so far that is the only toe that has become that bad. I think it scared the other nails into growing properly. If I remember, I'll take a picture of it. So be on the lookout for a toe around here.

And a big WELCOME BACK! to PJ. I almost put him down in the dead blogs link section, but he finally got DSL and so now is back in the game. Him and his crew also bring the number of "real" people who know about this blog to about 8. He is also the guy who told me I should have a blog. So I'm sure you'll all want to personally thank him for bringing this into your lives.

And how 'bout those Steelers!

Friday, February 03, 2006


Long hard road out of hell

Marilyn Manson tune. Maybe a remake but a google search only produced links to his song, so it might be original.

Bad day for religion.

6 churches caught fire
in Alabama this morning. Some were discovered in time and some were not. In 1996, there was a bunch of race (guess which race) related church fire bombings but the article said these were both white and black churches, so it's probably religion related. And since it's Alabama, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, we can assume these are all Protestant churches.

And apparently those wacky Danes are pissing off Muslims worldwide. Muslims angry over a cartoon. Apparently you are not supposed to show an image of the prophet Mohammed, which this cartoon did. But since this is still the free world, we love our freedom of speech and so other papers have picked up the cartoon and ran it. So Muslims worldwide are rioting and burning Danish flags. Haven't they ever heard that there's no such thing as bad publicity? Look at Jesus. His image is everywhere. White Jesus, black Jesus, skateboarding Jesus; He's very high profile. And no one knows what he really looks like anyway. Which I assume is also the case with Mohammed. So theoretically any representation of Mohammed is forbidden?

OK, I found it. No offense intended to any Muslims, but this is how the world works. It's freedom of speech. And just so the Muslims don't feel singled out, I also present Jesus, Buddha and Vishnu cartoons or pictures.
Edit: I just wanted to say a little more on this topic. I don't find the cartoon below funny. In fact, it's quite offensive. Any civilized person should know that true Islam teaches peace and tolerance. It's when the message gets into the hands of power-hungry lunies (Osama Bin Laden, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, etc...) that the true message of religion gets distorted and abused. There is actual a passage in the Bible that roughly says "Be wary of false prophets who act in my name." But no one ever talks about that one. I'll try and find it tonight if I remember, it's in the NT somewhere.

BUT, the freedom to say what you want, no matter who it offends, is one of the most important rights that us humans have. And when you start telling people what they can and cannot say, that's just dangerous.

This is the Mohammed cartoon. Sure it's distasteful and insulting to show the prophet of an entire religion as a terrorist, but it's a protected right.

This is a Jesus cartoon by Gerhard Haderer. His book is actually banned from Greece for 20 years. Wow.

A Buddha cartoon from

An image of Vishnu, a Hindu goddess.

So this has been my daily expression of freedom of speech. Thank you. I'll get to those other posts later.

Thursday, February 02, 2006



I'll get to my mildly interesting post about surgery later, but wanted to remind myself of a few other topics. Yes I could save this as a draft but I don't want to. I enjoy watching and letting people watch the thought process.

Keeping my blog as secret as possible. So far only 3 "real" people know about this blog. I'm engaged to one and the other two friends have never read it, as far as I know. Well four. Emily my old lab partner from high school in the DR has read it a few times and I've read hers.

I am also now on I'm not really sure why it exists or the whole point of it but I gave into peer pressure and started a profile. No it isn't linked here and I believe you need to be a registered part of Facebook to see it so I won't link it. But if you have already been sucked into the Facebook craze, just search for Seth and Clemson. I'll be in there somewhere.

And Thursday is officially the day of suck. I have class from 8-9:30, 3 free hours to do research and eat lunch, then teach lab at 12:30 and 3:30. Yippie. And hopefully lab will take less than 2.5 hours like it did Tues.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Post coming

I'll get a post up later today or tomorrow.

But just as a teaser and to remind myself of what I'm going to post, I'll give you the topic: My surgical history

I'm a fairly fortunate individual in that I've never had any "real" surgery. Just my molars extracted and what I'm going to talk about involving my right foot. It won't be too uber-graphic, I promise. And no it wasn't amputated.

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