Tuesday, August 31, 2004


It's blog, it's blog, it's better than bad, it's good!

That is the Log song from The Ren & Stimpy Show for those not in the know, slightly modified of course.

I like blogging before I read everyone else's blog because then my mind isn't tainted, in a good way, with the ideas from your posts and it's all me. Or mostly me.

I realized this morning that this is becoming more of a social commentary/random 'Seth' thought (hehehehe, thanks team for those) than a diary of occurrences in my life; basically because nothing really exciting happens in my everyday life. Or at least stuff that no one would want to read about, even me.

Bad news, Henry has fleas! More info on Henry can be found here Best Hamster EVER!
But apparently all the freakin dirty dogs in the neighborhood have fleas and they migrated into our house and landed on Henry! Arrrrrrrgh!

He has flea poo all on his back, so we're giving him a bath tonight and putting some flea powder in his bedding, and we also might have to fog our apartment, which is probably a good idea anyway considering all the spiders, scorpions, and gigantic ants we've had in our apartment. Aren't ground floor apartments next to the woods great? Damn bugs, keep out of our house and off our hamster!

Monday, August 30, 2004


So sleepy

Another "I'm tired/sleepy" post cuz I am. For some reason last week, the weekend blended into what I thought was Wed., so I thought last Tues. was Thurs. so I was happy. But then I kept reminding myself that it was Tues. and not Thurs. and that I'm a freak.

Why are we able to delude ourselves into thinking days are not the days they actually are? It's just so weird. It's like self-preservation. Your mind thinks "Man, if Seth really knew that it was only Tues. he'd go postal. Hey, someone go flip the "I'm so relieved it's Thurs." switch." And then it's like that recent Jim Carrey movie, which was awesome and I can't remember the name of, where you get blips of relief that it's Thurs. but realize it's Tues. and your heart sinks. Stupid mind. Why do you torture me so?

(Also just realized that keyboards don't have single quotation marks for quotes within a quote. Don't know why I'm so weird about proper grammar and spelling cuz I'm a chemist and we don't care about normal english, just scientific english. I guess it makes me feel smarter, like I paid attention in 7th grade. And yes I know it's not right all the time, but I try.)

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Very interesting

Go here to see the world vote on who should be our president.


Obviously not scientific, but still interesting. And apparently Niger really wants Bush to be president. Who knew? And the Vatican too. Wonder who the Pope voted for?

Check it out.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Ahhhhhhh, scorpion!!!!!!

Ok, I went to the US Drift National event today in Charlotte. Drifting is basically stylish sliding your car around a track. I'll put up some pics tomorrow. Very cool.

So I get back home, and I'm gross. Dirt. Burnt rubber. Fumes. All that good race track stuff, so I get naked, really naked (movie quote) and go into the bathroom, and there is a scorpion on the floor. This is about #5 for our apartment. They're always babies, but it's still a freakin scorpion, so I killed it. Sometimes I scoop them up and take them outside, but I was naked and cared only about survival, and not wanting to flash the neighborhood. Although I would flash you guys, it's just common courtesy. So I'm okay, got some great pictures, am dirty and going to take a shower.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Circus Freaks?

Saw a kid (undergrad) riding a unicycle to class today. For attention? can only afford half a bike (hehehehe)? is a bona fide circus freak? just for practice?

Unicycle on Circus Freak.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


My religious background

My parents are missionaries. They are Southern Baptist missionaries. We mostly try to create churches where people want to go to church but don't have access to any. They work with the deaf also, actually only with the deaf. No I don't know much sign language, but my lip reading is surprisingly good.

They have been foreign missionaries since 1989. We spent a year in Costa Rica learning spanish, and taking awesome trips, remind me to blog about these later. Then we went to the Dominican Republic and that's where I went to a small english-speaking private christian school, except for 9th grade when we were on "home assignment" for a year in Alabama.

So I gradamated and went to undergrad at Samford University, a small liberal arts school, again christian, I think loosely southern baptist, which had about 3,500 undergrads. Then I went to Clemson, and I'm here now.

But I was raised Southern Baptist, dad is a preacher, seminary, the whole nine yards. It was about 8th-10th grade where I started to realize that I could think for myself, and there were other options out there. I think my 8th grade Bible class on world religions gave me a good basis on that topic. We discussed Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and compared them all to Christianity, meaning Protestants and Roman Catholics.

I still find myself having Christian beliefs, notice I said Christian and NOT Southern Baptist. I try and keep it basic. I'm fairly certain that you know the basics but if not, email and I'll give you a quick rundown. I think the world was created by an all-powerful and all-knowing entity. I just feel that the universe is too ordered and perfect to not be. I'm not saying that evolution isn't possible cuz I don't know how God works. I REALLY don't believe that God created the entire freakin universe in 7, sorry, 6 24 hour periods. Not that He/She couldn't, but all of science points toward that it didn't happen like that.

I also think God is above gender, and find He/She discussions very amusing. But I believe that the earth was created somehow, probably by evolution, but I don't know. No one does really, it's been debated for ages, and will continue to be debated. And chimps are cute, and who doesn't want to be like a chimp. (Jane Goodall spoke at Clemson last year? But she's one of the coolest people on the earth. I was so touched by her being there. And afterwards she sat there and signed stuff and talked to everyone until we were all gone. Damn, she's awesome. Can you imagine her as your grandma?)

As far as world religions go, I don't know. It doesn't seem fair that ONLY Christians get into heaven. If there is a heaven. But it comes down to Christianity works for me, and it keeps me happy and content, and makes me feel better on this big blue ball of ours. I know FOR DAMN SURE that I have no place to judge or deride others for their beliefs and/or customs. I hate judgemental people more than anything in this entire world. You know as much as I do about the world, and God, and religions, and we both know JACK SQUAT.

Ah, I feel better.

MORNING UPDATE:(After thinking in the shower. I get some really good thinking done in there) Basically if I died today, I wouldn't feel bad about my choices with religion. I've lived my life how I feel I should, and have no regrets, so if or when it turns out I chose poorly and get reincarnated as a squirrel, I won't feel bad at all. Or if it turns out that this one life is all you get, and that's it, you just cease to be, no afterlife, no nothing, then I'm okay with that too. But I don't want to die yet. I've got shit to do and see and experience.


NY Times Opinion

Holding the Pentagon Accountable: For Religious Bigotry
Published: August 26, 2004

The first reports sounded like an over-the-top satire of the Bush Pentagon: the deputy secretary of defense for intelligence - the ranking general charged with the hunt for Osama bin Laden - was parading in uniform to Christian pulpits, preaching that God had put George Bush in the White House and that Islamic terrorists will only be defeated "if we come at them in the name of Jesus." But now a Pentagon inquiry has concluded that Lt. Gen. William Boykin did indeed preach his grossly offensive gospel at 23 churches, pronouncing Satan the mastermind of the terrorists because "he wants to destroy us as a Christian army."
It was stunning last fall, after the general's lapse into brimstone bigotry became public, when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, far from disturbed, praised General Boykin for an "outstanding record" and kept him at the highly sensitive intelligence post during the inquiry. Now it is simply mind-boggling that Pentagon reports suggest the general may survive with only a reprimand for having failed to clear his remarks in advance.

General Boykin has to be removed from his current job. He has become a national embarrassment, not to mention a walking contradiction of President Bush's own policy statement that the fight against terror is bias-free and not a crusade against Islam. (General Boykin preached of a 1993 fight against a Muslim warlord in Somalia: "I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol.")

The sense of offense among Islamic Americans is already deep. Removal of the preacher-general should be a no-brainer, however much the president's campaign generals might fear offending the Christian right voting bloc.

I'll be back later for a real blog entry.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004



The link over there <---- is a link to Kate, The Corporate Peon's dad's new political t-shirt web site. They're pretty good shirts. And they only support the Democrats, which is good.

I like the Billionaires for Bu$h t-shirt.


Real Quick

Okay, Joan and I are chronic speeders. It's just something we do. Over than that we're relatively safe drivers. Anyway, Joan cannot see cops. Until they are directly behind her, with their lights ablaze. I can usually see cops and if I'm in doubt, I slow down anyway. Joan received 3 speeding tickets within 6 months of being in South Carolina (before I met her) and had her license suspended. Crazy, and she's gonna be on my insurance, Oh Happy Day!

So yep, those expired, but she got another one about a month ago. 50 in a 35. $128, and 4 points. Apparently Ms. Suspended License, is concerned about the points cuz it'll make her insurance go up. How true. But she has to work today so I am going to the courthouse as her proxy to see what kind of legal magic I can work.

On a related note, I was following a policeman in his car to work. He took a turn and his hubcap came off. Me being the responsible citizen, and knowing that we would have to buy him a new one, I stopped and picked it up. I followed him to the precinct and gave it back. He said that if I ever got a ticket or something, he would try and help me out. So I called him about 2 weeks ago for a little "help" with Joan's ticket. Still haven't heard back. So I'm off to the courthouse to see what I can do. Ugh, I hate courthouses.

UPDATE: I'm back. Joan sucks. She can take care of her own legal crap from now on. I thought the judge was gonna kill me. He said that the summons was presented to her and that she needed to be here. He said work and school are very important, but that if you are supposed to be in court, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN COURT. But thankfully Joan's officer talked with me beforehand and said that he would reduce it from a major 4 pt. violation and $128 to a 2 pt., $76.75 fine. So I was okay, but I still felt like I was 6 yrs. old. But everything is okay now. No bench warrants for Joan. No harboring a convicted felon for me.

We seriously need a radar detector.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Da Ali G Show

HBO has a show by Sascha Baron Cohen who is a british comedian who does different characters. Bhorat from Kazakstan, Bruno the German homosexual, and his "normal" character of Ali G, who's kind of like a british rapper sort of.

Anyway, Bruno was in Daytona for Spring Break. He was talking with a group of college wrestlers. He was asking some standard questions. Then he got them to scream and act crazy, you know, the typical "Spring Break WooHoo" stuff, but he had them do it 4 times and each time he asked for "more energy" Very amusing, but at the end he was doing a station promo for the fake TV station that he was a reporter for, so he is telling the kid what to say,"This is Bruno and John coming to you from Daytona Beach. This has been a presentation for Gay TV." Not a quote but the general idea. The kid is like "gay? gay? I'm not gay" and kind of walks away.

Why are the people who are around sweaty guys touching each other all day (college wrestlers) the most homophobic? I realize this is a harsh generalization but more often than not, it's accurate. Just a thought. Now I return to my regularly scheduled work day.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


This is Henry, our hamster. I went over to a friend's house one day and thought their dog was playing with a white tennis ball, so I went to see what it was, and it was Henry. They didn't want it, so I adopted him. He's not fat, he's fluffy. Currently his back legs don't work, he kinda drags them around when he walks. Personally I think that he's immortal and is evolving because he doesn't really need his back legs. He slides around just fine. We actually let him run around the apartment at night. Yes he does poo a little, but it's mostly in his house. And yes he has scared the SHIT out of me when he crawls up on the bed and you wake up with him on your leg.Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 21, 2004


How bout them Iraqis!

Personal note first: Vader, we're here for you and you're in our thoughts. Tough times suck, but they make you the awesome strong person you are.

I watched the Iraq/Australia quarterfinal soccer game today. It was pretty good. Not as good as the Argentina/Costa Rica game, but still pretty good.

I'm glad the Iraqis are doing well, they need something to be proud of. It's been a tough past couple of decades for the Iraqi people. And it will give our soldiers something else to talk about with the people they are fighting to liberate.

I really like soccer, but I think it's mostly because I played it in from about 3rd grade to college. I don't think that it will catch on in this country until more people start playing it.

Joan says that I'm addicted to the Olympics. I would agree with that statement. I really enjoy watching them and am definitely fortunate to have DirecTV so I get all the NBC channels but the HD channel (which is just swimming and gymnastics anyway) and Telemundo, which is mostly replays of soccer games.

Some of my favorites have been the weightlifting. Those GIGANTIC Russians and Asians lifting crazy amounts of weight. The Chinese lifter today set a world record of 402.5 lbs. Yep she was a beast. Watched Great Britain and China fight for the mixed badminton doubles gold. Lots of soccer, and yes I watched the swimming and gymnastics, and yes I agree that judged events are WAY too subjective and really need to be revamped, or disbarred and just be exhibitional or something. Because Paul Hamm did not deserve the gold medal. Sorry bud, but you didn't. And Brett McClure got hosed. Worthless judges.

The volleyball has been really good too, both indoor and beach. I'm rambling here, but I like the Olympics and I really like that it brings entire countries together and the entire world together. Very cool and always restores my hopes in humanity. Until I read about the 2 camp counselors who got shot sleeping on the beach 75 miles north of San Fran.

Go USA! and Go Iraq!

Friday, August 20, 2004


Oh yeah

The other stupid story that Joan told me involved an individual from South Carolina. Feel free to laugh at this one all you want cuz he's an idiot.

So Greenville Tech officially started class on Aug. 18th, Wed. So Joan is sitting in class, minding her own business, when this kids walks in and asks if this is Bio 101 sect. 154. No, he is informed, this is sect. 151, and is asked when his class is. He said it's a Tues./Thurs. class, but he saw that classes started on the 18th, Wed. so he was CONFUSED. I'd say he's a little bit more than confused.

Joan told me that the kid actually sat in the class for 30 minutes, and then finally saw the wrong section number on the syllabus. What a freak, and not in the good way.

Both these stories shocked me as to how absent-minded (nice way to say completely stupid) people can be. I know people are stupid, but you never quite know how stupid until you hear stories like these.

I wish I had this blog up when I was teaching labs. It's so great being the first non-teacher instructor that the freshman get to interact with. I miss teaching labs, it's actually alot of fun, except for all the freakin grading. A full load of kids is about 60, 3 labs times 20 kids, so that is 60 4-5 page lab reports that must be graded in a timely fashion. And do research. And go to class. And do your own homework. And that is pretty much the first year of grad school at Clemson University, as well as many academic universities.

But now I'm starting my 4th year, and am getting paid by my advisor and not Clemson, so now my "job" is to do research and not teach. So I'm now a lab rat and I love it. Currently there is only 4 members of my advisor's group, a little on the small side, but I like the size of the group. And we have a post doc getting here on Monday. He's awesome. He's a fellow internet junkie, so I'll probably tell him about this blog. I think that will be okay.

Glad everyone and their families are doing good today. Big hugs all around!

Thursday, August 19, 2004


South Carolina Education

The South Carolina education system is down near the bottom. It has been there for a while. I'm just saying. I think it's 49, but it isn't higher than 48. That's out of 50 for anyone from South Carolina. Yes that's meant to offend people so maybe you'll do something about it.

Oh yeah, first I want to get some confessions out of the way. My name is Seth, i'm engaged to Joan (not fake name Ruth) and I go to Clemson University. Ah, I feel better.

Greenville Tech is a small technical college in Greenville, SC. Joan is taking her pharmacy school pre-reqs there. She needs Bio, Statistics, Physics, Anatomy, Econ, and Microbiology, I think.

But she had Bio 101 yesterday, and yes she has a B.S. in Chemistry (like me!), so she does have a better scientific background than say probably everyone in the class except the teacher who has a Masters in Biology.

In lab they were shown a box that could have one of four things in it, an Erlenmeyer flask, petri dish, cotton balls, and something else labby. They had one of each items and another box, and without opening the mystery box, they had to determine what was in it. Pretty straightforward, a good "intro to being in lab and thinking scientifically" lab.

Anyway, one student (not sure where she's from, but we're checking on it), said that the weight of the mystery box with a petri dish in it, and the weight of the other box, same size, and the other petri dish in it, were different because one box was closed AND HAD MORE AIR IN IT than the other box, so it weighed more. (Yes I know air has mass but not enough to be measurable on a lab scale, the weight discrepancy was most likely caused by variances in the petri dishes and boxes, since everything of one like item isn't exactly the same)

It always makes me sad when I hear something like this cuz I know that it's not all her fault. Somewhere a teacher dropped the ball. I am going to be a teacher someday, I just feel that I need to teach and give back. Don't know where I'm going to teach, but it's gonna be cool and I'm gonna have lots of fun. And hopefully my students will learn something.

My $.02, now of to work.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004




(CNN) -- Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist filed lawsuits Tuesday against two hotels he said engaged in price gouging and other unfair practices as people fled Hurricane Charley.

And sorry for all you out in the City of Angels


LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- "Silly string," a colorful aerosol foam that children spray on each other, is not so silly after all, at least not in Los Angeles.
The city council gave preliminary approval Tuesday to an ordinance that would ban the use of the string-like plastic derivative in Hollywood on Halloween because of environmental and security concerns.


Crap I'm tired

Every time I drink during the week, I wake up and remember why I don't. Not that I was really drunk but we had the chemistry department picnic yesterday, and there were 2 kegs, for like 100 people, the majority of which don't drink, which is surprising but I digress. So we had 2 tapped kegs and of course felt the responsibilty to finish them. I don't really understand this. We didn't pay for the beer, and it was freakin Michelob Light anyway, which barely counts as beer. And I didn't get real drunk, I was a little when I got there and hadn't eaten, but then I ate and I have a hard time redrunkening myself. But it went off pretty well.

I was in charge of games so we did the water balloon toss, where you take a step back after you throw it. We had a big tub of water balloons and they were gone in about 4 minutes. I didn't really get hit, but I assume some people did. Then we did egg on the spoon in your mouth relay. Fun, but not alot of people participated but it was still fun and entertaining for spectators. First we did team relays, then individual relays. During the individual relays I started lobbing eggs at competitors. I wasn't really trying to hit anyone, more just shake them up.

Innocent fun cuz there was a lot of kids there, not that I really would've brought the sex dice to this function anyway, or that I even own sex dice, but it was entertaining and fun, and free which is the most important point after all. But it was to welcome all the first year grad students.

I watched the last half of the women's soccer match between USA and Australia. And it was live! Yay, I really enjoy live sporting events, just something about a tape and that I could go look up the results online to what I'm watching isn't the same. But I still enjoy watching the Olympics. I also got to watch some shooting events, in which the United Arab Emirates was nasty. And some C1 whitewater canoeing. The lone american from Atlanta, flipped his canoe and missed a gate which was a freakin huge penalty and I felt his pain, except mine was for a local rally event, and 1 billion people saw his mistake. I haven't caught any kayaking yet or table tennis, but I'm keeping my eyes open. Plus I don't have Telemundo or another NBC channel, but NBC, Bravo, MSNBC, CNBC and USA are doing a good job of covering all the events. But I feel sorry for people who only have rabbit ears or don't get those channels. So go to your favorite sports bar for lunch and support your country! And your troops! Go USA! (ah nationalism, such a nice ism)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004



I was reading Soldier Mike's blog yesterday and it was funny how much he is censored. I actually don't think that he's being censored too much by the government, but by people at home. One of his fellow soldier's parents read his blog, but the dad copies his blog entries and deletes or replaces the bad words. I was very amused by this.

I've always been struck by how random language really is. If I wanted the word staggle to mean fuck, then I can start saying that and to me, that's what it would mean. I realize that some words originate from other languages like Greek and the romantic languages. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I don't get why some people are so offended by certain words. Of course some words are understandable. I personally don't say the "N" word. My grandmother uses it quite frequently, as I believe that anyone raised in the South during the "dark ages" does. (I get the racist pun, but I'm leaving it)It is just an offensive word to me and is very degrading towards black people, in my opinion, no matter who uses it. But it is good to see the black community embracing such a negative word and turning it into their own, but there is some controversy on that topic also. So I don't use it, ever. Sometimes if it's in a rap song that I'm rapping along with I'll say it, but that's private.

Ok stagglers, I'm off to work, so staggle off. Doesn't have the nice ring though. Also in high school we would use people's names as cuss words, very entertaining. Blair was my favorite. Get the Blair outta there! Shut the Blair up!

I'm in a weird mood.

Monday, August 16, 2004


They're heeeeere

New students are rolling into town as I write/you read. I always enjoy the summer cuz lots of the students leave and campus is nice and mostly empty. There are lots of summer camps that happen, so there's always high school/middle school tennis, soccer, football players and cheerleaders running around. Yes they are cute young boys and girls, but we're talking hardcore jailbait, so everyone stays away from that hornet's nest.

But all the new kiddos and parents came down upon campus like a swarm of locusts. And now the swarm of students is back in full swing. Classes don't start until Wed. but everyone is running around paying tuition, which did increase again, big shock, and getting new parking passes.

Once again I'm going to try and scam my way into a green/faculty parking pass. It's the best parking and is somewhat for my laziness, but mostly for my convenience. There is plentiful faculty parking and commuter parking is cutthroat. One thing I hate in the world are space-waiters. The people that wait on you as you're backing out of your parking space, cuz yours is sooooooooooo good that they just have to have it. I think Christmas mall parking lots are the one exception I make with that, but you still shouldn't do it. But here at school, I swear we have professional space-waiters. They will actually bring coffee and some light reading material and wait for someone to come from class and walk past their car, then the evil space-waiter proceeds to FOLLOW you down the aisle of cars until you come to yours. So it's straight out of a kidnapping movie, where you're all alone and this strange car is following you. Creepy and highly lazy. I say this because there is another huge parking lot, that isn't full at all, roughly 50 ft. away from where this is taking place. They just want to park in the best parking lot I guess.

I have devised several ways to screw with these space-waiters, none of which I have actually tried, but I can imagine them working beautifully.

1)Walk down one aisle of cars, and then sprint through the cars to another aisle, and maybe hide, maybe fake unlock a car, maybe fake "Damn, I locked my keys in the car.", or you could just open your car, put something in it, and then walk away.

2)Negotiate for your parking space. Just like during football games, the university charges like a mother for prime parking, and this is no different. Don't know how well this would work, but it's worth a shot.

Basically these are just to antagonize the space-waiters, and no, to use these methods, you don't really need a car parked in said car park. Although #2, if money was involved, would prove slightly illegal if you didn't actually have a space to sell, but a fool and his money are soon parted, or so I hear.

Friday, August 13, 2004


Scary ass dream

Yep, had one of those last night. I was so relieved to wake up and find out it wasn't real. Personally I don't see any deeper meaning in dreams, unless they foretell the future. But I don't think future dreams always happen when you're asleep. Dreams come from the subconscious and mostly are just what you were thinking about earlier in the day, or they are for me anyway.

So I fall asleep and I'm having sex with someone. Ruth, my fiancee, fake name, and I had sex before we went to sleep, but it turns out it was one of her friends, K. She had been talking about K. some during the day. She saw K when she went home and hadn't seen her in a while. But Ruth actually has two friends named K. I know the K from here, so it was her. The sex happened really fast and I mostly just remember it happening and that's about it. But I do remember that I was unprotected. Then flash to about 2 months later. I'm talking with her and she tells me that she is pregnant. I mentally bug out like a champ. If anyone has seen the newest Chris Rock special he discusses this phenomena. So I used his the second of his two possible responses, 1) Oh that's so amazing, I'm so happy, I love you. Response 2) So what are ya gonna do?

In my dream I used response 2, she says that she's keeping it. About the same time Dream Seth realizes that she just had another baby with her just like 4 months earlier. So here Dream Seth is, engaged to Ruth, having knocked up a friend of hers not once but twice.

Then my brother shows up and I tell him that I'm screwed. I just got a girl pregnant. He asks if I used a condom, and I said no, and he said,"You moron", or something along those lines. Now I attempt to call Ruth and tell her the awful news, but for some reason speed dial "3" on my cell phone changed from her to Brian, also fake name, the cop in Birmingham, so I'm surprised to hear his voice, but I tell him the bad news. He also asks "What is she going to do?" I tell him and he really doesn't say anything else.

Then flash to me telling Ruth, and thankfully right after that I wake up. Usually I know when a dream is a dream but this time I didn't, so I was VERY relieved when I woke up. So I had crazy drama happen in my head last night, not cool, but definitely a good lesson to everyone out there.

I quote the STD/Sesame Street episode of the Chappelle Show, "If you're hitting the sheets, then wrap it up tight." Amen, amen. Ok, off to work and no drama, YAY!

Thursday, August 12, 2004



What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnNovember 14, 2021
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Self preservation

So I was think about my quiz results. Fine, maybe I shouldn't have answered that I would rather see 10,000 people die instead of me, but there's 6 BILLION people on earth. I'm sure an independent review board could find 10,000 people that I am more valuable than. And as gross as that sounds, you all know it's true. I'm cynical, but just a little.

But at the same time I would sacrifice myself for even 1 person if I truly believed that they would help the world out. Einstein, Newton, Edison, I would all take a bullet for. But you would have to make a pretty strong case. Scott Peterson, nope, I'll see you in hell. So basically he killed his pregnant girlfriend to be with some other chick, and was lying to everyone? Wow, he makes a pretty good case for the death penalty.

I agree with the death penalty, but the justice system is awful and definitely needs an overhaul. Don't know how to fix it, but I know it needs fixing. I'm going to try my best and stay out of the judicial system.


Huh, that's weird


Just took the little survey there. Apparently I suck. Never really knew that. I definitely am a dreamer though. Not too sure about the other stuff.

And I'm gentle, just not to everybody. Blah, I'm gonna do some work.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I make no excuses

I haven't blogged since Sunday. I've been busy, but I don't HAVE to blog. See, I'm not addicted, so there.

Picked up my fiancee (I think I spell it like this to emphasize that we don't have any accents in the english language, and fiance looks weird without the accented e, stupid knowledge of world languages with their umlauts and accents) from the airport. It was great. We shopped at Whole Foods Market. If I had money, and didn't have to drive 2 hours to get there, I would shop here all the time. Their $4 artichokes were gigantic. Anyway, bought some black bean salsa, a mesh tea ball thing, some Annie's Organic Shells and Cheese, two nectarines, and we bought lunch there too. Really good, but pricey, but worth it.

But it got me thinking that I don't recycle. I know, I should be beaten with aluminum cans and glass bottles, but I don't. Mostly because there is no recycle pick up at my apartment complex. But Whole Foods reminded me that we need to take care of our special little planet and try and keep it as clean as possible. And seeing Varla's Burningman post and that 25,000 people can "Leave No Trace", then I should do my part.

Leave No Trace is a program that basically emphasizes leaving no trace. Like if you're camping, don't make a fire ring, do your business in a hole far away and cover it up, strain water after washing dishes, etc.... Basically, if you camp somewhere, leave no trace that you were there. It enfuriates me when I go to my favorite campsite and see beer bottles and coke cans (yep that's the southerner, not saying soda or pop but the all-encompassing "coke"). It just sucks, but I try and make it as clean as possible, which is usually cleaner than I found it.

Basically, I'm sorry for not recycling up to this point, but I will from now on. Bloggers Honor.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Aw, poor little modem

Sorry dial-up people for the photo intensive posts recently, but hey, you should have DSL. It's getting cheaper everyday. Mine's only $25/month. But it's ok if you don't, I still like you.

Okay, MAJOR disappointment. If you missed a gate, i.e. 2 cones about 6 feet apart that you have to drive in between, you received a "bogey" time of 90 seconds for your run, basically destroying all hopes of a good day.

For some reason, I always have my worst runs at the end of the day. I think I'm pushing too hard to try and end on a high note and mess up. I need to calm the poop down. But I missed a gate on the last run of the day. I had an experienced rally driver riding along, he was sick by the way, sliding and spraying sand EVERYWHERE, in his car, not mine however. So I get done with the run and he says, "You DNF'ed", did not finish. I am stunned; didn't even realize it. Up until that point I was kicking ass and takin names, but I shat the bed, and let myself and my car down. Basically, if I hadn't done that, I would've won my class by like 4 seconds. Instead got 6th. Moral of the story is "Consistency wins rallies." I learned this lesson the hard way. I hate doing that.


Heck yeah. Not even a rainfly on; it was that nice. Posted by Hello


We raced here. It's mostly sand. Crazy times. Posted by Hello


Awesome night before the race, nice and cool with a gentle breeze. Perfect. Posted by Hello


If you're ever in BFE, SC, then you can ENJOY Catawba Fish Camp too! This is the largest neon sign outside of Vegas I've ever seen. We thought it was a casino. Posted by Hello


My tire actually popped off of the rim right after this, but I still posted a good time. And luckily the tire popped back on and I kept racing! Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 07, 2004

No work, must blog. Wait, reverse that.

I'll have pics and whatnot from my rallycross this weekend. If anyone wants to come it's on Sunday morning, starting at 11 am in Rockingham, NC at the Rockingham Dragway.

I'll be in the black '04 Focus, and driving like a maniac!


Pretty trees. Posted by Hello


Raven's Cliff Falls in North Carolina, in Caesar's Head State Park. Awesome hike, not really hard, but nice. Posted by Hello

Friday, August 06, 2004


I wish I knew more about mushrooms. I see some crazy ones when I'm hiking. Posted by Hello


Moment of Silence

Rick James, Superfreak, is dead. We'll miss ya. But you will forever live in our hearts. Because after all, we are Rick James bitch! Pour some of that 40 on the ground for another fallen hero.


Neither do we!

This is an excerpt from Bob Herbert's Op-Ed column in the New York Times. It's linked here, but I think you might have to register. But it's worth it. They send you the headlines everyday in the morning. And it's free!!!!! If we're gonna be lied to by the media might as well be by a great newspaper.

The pressure may be getting to Mr. Bush. He came up with a gem of a Freudian slip yesterday. At a signing ceremony for a $417 billion military spending bill, the president said: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

The nation seems paralyzed, unsure of what to do about Iraq or terrorism. The failure of leadership that led to the bonehead decision to invade Iraq remains painfully evident today. Nobody seems to know where we go from here.

What Americans need more than anything else right now is some honest information about the critical situations we're facing.
What's the military mission in Iraq? Can it be clearly defined? Is it achievable? At what cost and over what time frame? How many troops will be needed? How many casualties are we willing to accept? And how much suffering are we willing to endure here at home in terms of the domestic needs that are unmet?

I hope someone knows the answers to these questions.

It's also the anniversary of us dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing an estimated 140,000. War sucks.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


So tired

Took my fiancee to the airport in Atlanta this morning. Her flight left at 8 am, so we left here at 4:30 am. Yep, early. Crazy early. I don't think she slept at all. She got home from work at 11:30 pm and hadn't packed or anything. Pretty sure she didn't sleep. So we left, and got to the airport at 6:30. We checked her in. The Airtran line was moving really well. It was amazing. Of course it helped they had like 85 ticket agents. But nowadays the long wait is always at the metal detectors. Since I couldn't go back there now, which sucks, I really like waiting at the gate for people. And it's such a joyous comfort getting off a plane feeling crappy and tired and seeing loving smiling faces. No, not even 100 crazy hot stewardess or stewards could replace the smiling face of one loving family member. Or the unlucky sap who has to tell all the connecting passengers which gate to go to. So we parted ways, hugs and kisses, she comes back next Tues, so it's a freewheelin single weekend. Oh wait, no it isn't. But I do have the house to myself. Which I really enjoy. Alot. I definitely enjoy Seth time. Probably more than I should. And yes there's a little of that going on, you pervs, but mostly I just enjoy being by myself. I'm so low maintenance.

One day, I plan on becoming a hermit. Not the unabomber kind, but the lazy, modern amenity kind. I will definitely need electricity. I'm not that hardcore. But I would have DirecTV and their DSL satellite, cuz I gotta have my internet. Hmmmmm, so there's TV and internet. According to the movie "Cold Mountain", goats are great companions. Meat, milk, cheese and friendship. Thanks crazy mountain lady. And I would have a garden for veggies. And fruits. Does fruit grow in the mountains? Oh well. Oh yeah, and I would have bees for honey. Do I like honey that much? I do, but I'm gonna need alot of honey for the mead I plan on making. Anyone who has ever had mead, the favorite drink of Vikings and all rapers and pillagers, is 100% addicted. It tastes like really sweet champagne that's light and airy and beery. It's amazing. I seriously would pick it as my only drink for the rest of my life. Wild Cherry Pepsi is up there, but mead gets ya wasted too. OK, so I need goats, bees, dirt, and DirecTV. And electricity. And I guess running water. No phone. Phones suck. And they have internet phone anyway. I think that's it. Who's comin with me?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Hey, there's me! Posted by Hello


We camped over there somewhere Posted by Hello


Cute little Saturn Posted by Hello


Dirty dirty girl Posted by Hello



Woohoo, we got pictures. And like Vader I'm coming out, but not in such a political and socially redeeming way, but in a self serving way. To post my results for the weekend and my pictures.


And this page has other of the cars on it and a link to the results page.


Oh yeah, they misspelled my last name too. But I leave that cliffhanger till next weekend when I do it again. YAY!

And the asterisk by the guy in first says that I really won, but it wasn't for points or anything. So I won! My first ever and I had so much damn fun. The dirt and comaraderie were all awesome. I totally recommend it to anyone who likes cars and dirt.

And the only damage suffered by the Unstoppable Saturn was I took a turn too tight and hit a barrel with my sideview mirror and the glass popped off. Seeing as it could have been much worse, like me stranding my dumb ass in Tennessee, I'm very happy. And so is Clio.


Still no pictures

I'm still working on posting some pics from this weekend. I didn't have much luck last night, so I'm gonna try again. I think I'm gonna have to burn a CD and bring the pics to school cuz my internet at home is slow. It's DSL, but it's the slowest one Bellsouth offers. I'll figure something out.

Just so all my readers are kept interested here's a little story about stupid college kids.

There's a kid I know, we'll call him, Not Me. So Not Me and some friends are freshman and sitting in the dorm, bored cuz it's not like we're gonna do homework. Then we, I mean they, realize that Not Me's kick ass minivan has a windsheild spray nozzle that points sideways. It's the one on the right so it's in perfect position to spray on cars next to the van. Then they get the bright idea to start spraying people at stop lights. Hijinks ensue and it's fun for all, except for the poor suckers with their windows down, hehehehehe. Then they think, "What could make this better? How bout if we spray pee on the cars? That would be awesome." So a bottle is obtained and urine is deposited into said bottle. Then it's poured into the windshield washer bottle of Not Me's minivan. So we then go find our first victim. They didn't pick anyone with a window down cuz that would be pure evil, and they're not really that evil, just bored and stupid. I say stupid cuz karma indicates that they must be balanced in respect with the universe after all the spraying and pee spraying. Karma kicks in like a mofo cuz these dumbasses forgot that the OTHER spray nozzle is still pointed at their own windshield, so therefore for every person sprayed, they and their minivan of piss is sprayed simultaneously.

So yep, we stopped that right away, but not before urine had soaked into the engine bay and cooked the piss onto everything. My van smelled just like every awful disgusting bathroom, be it gas station, baseball game, subway, that anyone has ever been in. But I can't escape the pee. It follows me everywhere. This lasts about 24 hours and then I take it to my friend's house and THOUROUGHLY wash my pee stained minivan.

Yep, I'm stupid, but that's what mistakes are for. Making you feel retarded and being able to share this story with others for their enjoyment. Ahhhhh, college.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Yep, it rained....alot

So camping was fun, except that it was completely wet. We found about 4 pieces of dry wood, made hot dogs, and then the fire went out. And then it rained for 5 hours straight on Sat. But we sat in the tent and played cards. Good times.

Then on Sunday, we rallycrossed, or I did, and my friends watched. I'll try posting some pics later today, but I haven't had much success yet. I'll figure something out. But I won my class! WOOHOO! It was awesome, and I'm definitely hooked on rallying, as a driver now and not just a spectator. I'll post some stories later. The only damage my Saturn took was I took one turn too sharp and hit a barrel with my side mirror and the mirror popped off. But that's easily fixed.

I think I'm gonna write Saturn and see if I can get some corporate backing. That would be so freakin awesome. If that happens, free T-shirts for everyone!

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