Monday, February 27, 2006



One of my friends has a sign on her wall by her desk that says "Every once in a while I like to yell Eureka! to boost lab morale."

That lost post came back. I was changing Tercel's spark plugs yesterday and her wipers. Easy job and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing job on the car. It was relaxing and straightforward except for the peanut gallery sitting on the balcony above me. His name is Chris and presumably he is somehow connected to the lady who moved in above us a couple months ago.

His name is Chris but people at work call him "Crazy". He's a weaver. Not a dream weaver but an actual weaver with looms, wool, the works. Pleasant fellow. Laid back, liked to talk too much for my taste, but I'm a good listener so I guess it works out. Well I'm good at LOOKING like I'm listening. I'm actually good at looking right at you and not listening to a bleeding word you're saying. But luckily I had to focus on the car so I didn't have to use my skills.

Apparently they call him Crazy because they use air hoses to blow all the excess wool from underneath the looms and he had a pile of wool that was as high as me when I was kneeling. That's it. That's why they call him crazy. Is that alot of excess wool? Is it just a little? I have no idea. The army of beer cans around him suggested that he was not in 100% control of his facilities. Or maybe that's why they call him crazy cuz he doesn't explain stories.

He also said that he's cooped up inside for 6 days a week and that seventh day, he's going to spend them outside. And he did. He sat on the balcony/porch thing and drank some beer and sat. And it was a gorgeous day 'round these parts yesterday.

He also said that no man is designed to work as a weaver. It's too "mentally taxing". He offered to switch jobs with me at least 3 times.

After I finished up I went inside and finally realized that he is the American that is losing his job to overseas workers. He said he wove quilts, blankets, jeans, shirts, "you name it, I wove it". I didn't check my jeans but odds are no American hands touched them except for the retail employee taking them out of the box and putting them on the shelf.

Once I realized that, maybe I felt sorry for him. I don't know. But at least he still has a job. There are lots of folks who did the exact same thing as him and now don't have anywhere to work.

Watch out Crazy, the Global Economy's comin'.


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