Sunday, August 13, 2006


Happy Birthday Almost Wife!

Yay! Happy Birthday to the one woman I love more than any other! I hope this day is a special one.

(She has to show up to school tomorrow so today is her last day of freedom, which is why she's still asleep.)

Nothing too crazy last night. Got the ingredients for her birthday cake, devil's food cake mix, mayonaisse (It's a chocolate mayo cake), and Rainbow Chip frosting, and some icing for writing and whatnot.

I've been wanting to open up a bakery recently. Mostly because there is a lady in Pendleton who has had a bakery running out of her house for 20 years. Her hours are 11-5:30 Wed., Thurs. and Friday, or J's kind of hours. But we would be open later to cater to the working crowd. And I watched 16 Blocks last night and Mos Def wants to open up a bakery in Seattle. (Wow, just looked at the director for that movie. Richard Donner directed The Goonies, The Toy and Superman, I'm impressed)

But my bakery, no name as of yet, would do cakes, cupcakes, muffins, breads, probably scones, cinnamon buns, basically all the home cooked goodies that I love. And maybe even some home made candy (but just a little). Sounds pretty cool. I hope it does well. And you will get free samples, I promise.

I started archiving yesterday. Theoretically one day I'll have all my favorite posts linked in the sidebar. But for right now I've only been through the first two months and so far have come up with:

Urine-a Minivan - Not for the faint of heart, perfectly illustrates my stupidity and not thinking things through

Henry the Hamster - The GREATEST HAMSTER IN ALL THE LAND! RIP big guy.

My religious background - what it sounds like

An Ode to Doc In The Box
- Thanking Dr. Sean for recommending a book, stay safe!

Weird Condiments
- what it sounds like

And those are my "best" posts from the first 3 months.


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