Friday, November 21, 2008


My brain goo is comin' out all artistical thanks to you!

-Moe when Lisa arranges his post-it note snippets into a poem from the Moe 'N'a-Lisa episode of the Simpsons

The 3rd Triple Threat Challenge happened again today. For the past two occurrences please go here and here. The Fernow cheerleader is plying all those standing in line to try the Triple Threat; a small tower of a burger at 3 patties and 3 bun pieces. I went simple although the guy in front of me upped the ante with bacon, but I knew to enter drawing for the $50 gift card, you only had to finish the basic burger, no bonus points for getting fancy. Meat, cheese, buns, ketchup and mustard. Before I tucked in for the eating, I got a couple extra ketchups and a BBQ sauce. The condiments really help it go down and cover the forcefed saturated fat laden beef I would be eating. Yet again, splitting it up into a open-faced single patty and a full double burger worked like a charm. I checked out about the same time as another competitor and was done by the time he was halfway through because I wasn't stretching my jaw with every bite. My friends estimated about 6 minutes. Sounds about right; it didn't stand a chance.

The Triple Threat is a big burger if you hadn't ever heard of a 20x20 at In'n'Out burger or the other massive burgers out there (like Denny's Beer Barrel Pub SIX pound burger).

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