Wednesday, December 19, 2007



I'm so glad that J and I picked up a Wii this summer. I literally can't go into a gaming store without overhearing someone ask for a Wii. I would sell mine right now for $400. Did you hear? Mario Kart Wii is coming out in sometime in Spring 2008 and it will be online! Finally I can battle to my hearts content! Nintendo is also claiming that first timers will be able to keep up with veterans. We shall see Nintendo. And it comes with a wheel too! Check the video from E3 here.

I'm also very excited about Wii Fitness. That one will be packaged with a board that can tell where your center of gravity is and will involve games that have you heading soccer balls away, yoga, and push-ups. They say it will have 4 genres of games for a total of 40 or so games. Sounds like a great way to exercise on those chilly Sat. mornings.

This was brought on by noting the 2 people standing in front of the local GameStop at 9 am when the store opens at 10 am. I hope they had a couple Wiis in stock. The other Wii was at the mall GameStop (which wouldn't let me play any of their demo games because there were "too many people" in the store during the holidays, there were 8 people in there including the 2 workers, whatever Bud) where a trio of friends waited in front of Target to get a Wii and they were 67th in line. Guess how many Wiis Target had? Right, 66. Doh! So they were giving their friend a hard time because he wanted to stop for a breakfast sandwich instead of going straight to Target (which sells food by the way). I hope he learned his lesson.

J and I opted to donate money in people's names for Christmas this year. We adopted a sea turtle, a sea otter, a snow leopard and an elephant for our family this year. We're not sure how this is going to go over, but I think it will be okay once or twice. Next year real tangible presents will be purchased. We adopted these animals through the non-profit Defenders of Wildlife.

What did you get for people?

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