Thursday, October 04, 2007


Vile weed!

- Newman's comment about the steamed broccoli he just had to eat, from the Kenny Roger's Rosters episode of Seinfeld, one of my favorites because Mark Roberts plays a character named "Seth", and cuz it's hilarious.

Now for the exciting finish to the Protege/Acura Asheville Wedding Story:
(Need to catch up? Part I and Part II.

J left her dress at Subaru's hotel room on accident so I have to run her over there so she can get ready but it works out cuz I need to pick up Subaru anyway. We get there and everyone is ready to go when I get a call from the friends we're staying with. I forgot my tux shoes on his truck outside. shit. But he and his wife are going out for dinner anyway and can meet us at the entrance to the Biltmore. I was just wearing flip flops to try and stay comfortable but that plan definitely bit me in the ass. They arrive, say hey to Subaru (they met a few times down in Clemson) and then flit off to their sushi dinner. I slap on the shoes and hightail it to the Inn. We arrive just in time but I'm thirsty, crazy thirsty. We snap a few pics and notice that they brought some water and umbrellas down for the wedding guests. I wasn't sure if I wanted to drink that water since it was for the guests and I was an usher/groomsmen, so I ran back up to the Inn and asked the head guy in charge (who was killing me all night because his jacket was too small and the material was straining at the buttons, just waiting for an acceptable target at which to launch itself.) He was very cordial and whipped up a jug of ice water and several cups lickety-split. HUGE thanks to that man! I had a couple glasses of water and felt much much better. Chatted with Protege's mom and dad and sister who I would be recessing with since she was a bridesmaid.

The wedding guests started to arrive and we decided it was showtime. We walked down to the chairs on the Vista and waited to escort the wedding guests to their seats. Someone accidentally reserved 3 rows for family instead of 2 rows so we had to scare up some extra seats real quick but no big deal. The ceremony was gorgeous. Acura came down the aisle unescorted for various reasons and it was a lovely ceremony. They lit the unity candle, exchanged the rings and were officially part of the married couples club. We hung out and took a couple more pictures and then headed off to the reception. I got to see an old roommate whose wife is now pregnant and craving salad, cucumbers and soup. The open bar was wonderful and many drinks were had by all, too many drinks were had by some. Dinner (in order of arrival) was crab cakes, salad, petit filet of beef with herb chicken and mashed potatoes, and wedding cake. Then the DJ upped the volume and the dance floor was open. I wasn't dancing initially but finally got out there. It was fun with lots of people of many ages dancing and flailing about. I took off my tux jacket and eventually rolled up my sleeves because I was sweating up a storm. The funniest (grossest) part was when a certain chemistry faculty member and his wife were dancing near J and I. I caught a whiff of something and seriously thought someone had shit their pants. I wasn't sure what to do so I danced J away from that area. Then I see the faculty member's wife run away from him with a look of pure disgust on her face. Then the stench cleared out a full half of the dance floor. If it hadn't smelled like death, it would've been very funny.

We got shut down at 11 pm and everyone went their respective ways, some in cabs, some in cars and some were fortunate enough to be staying at the Inn and just had a short elevator ride to their hotel room.

J and I made it to our friend's home safely and after I showered, I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up about 9:30 and caught the tail end of the Brazil/Norway women's cup game in full HD. Ah. I can't wait to get one of these. Everyone else woke up and after some Burnout on the 360, we went to brunch at Mayfel's where I had some delicious bacon, biscuits and gravy, grits and some scrambled eggs, just what the doctor ordered. J got the muffuletta sandwich which had too many types of meat and the olive tapenade was not what my stomach wanted at that moment in time. But it was good. We wanted beignets for dessert but our waitress failed to mention that the kitchen was closing so we settled on the key lime tart and our friend's chocolate mousse cake was unbelievable. It was a good mousse on a brownie topped with chocolate. I would highly recommend it.

Then we went back to their house and I loaded up the car and left. We only forgot Protege and Acura's housekey and J's cell phone charger, but we received them in the mail on Tues.

I'll be back tomorrow for the recap of "Mexican Sunrise" and what J left in Birmingham.

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