Friday, September 21, 2007



Subaru and I drove up today around 1 pm. We also had another passenger in Focus. She didn't mind. Actually it helped because a new V6 Kia SUV passed us on the uphill coming up here. It passed us on the way up because they had the two extra cylinders and the extra burned gas. I even downshifted into 4th and they still blew by us. But once we hit the top my radar detector blew up and Subaru pointed out a NC state trooper in the oncoming traffic. I spotted him as he whipped into the median and slid slideways hitting the brakes and pulling a U-turn. He pulls into our left hand lane (I'm behind another SUV in the right hand lane) and lights them up. He turns on that V8 Charger powah and quickly catches up to the V6 Kia SUV that incindentally still has dealer plates on it and pulls them over. Sorry Kia, but better you than me.

We arrive right on time and go through rehearsal. The ceremony and reception will take place at the Inn on Biltmore Estate and the vista is to die for. It overlooks the entire valley with various mountains in the background and is really awe-inspiring.

The rehearsal dinner was at Carmel's Restaurant in downtown Asheville. I had the spinach salad which was delicious but what really made it pop was the candied pecans and the blue stilton. Wow. My filet mignon was a bit overdone but it's possible I received the wrong filet. With a party of 30, it can get a bit hectic. J was not impressed with her crab cakes. I tried a bite and definitely tasted the salty sea. J tasted urea and ammonia and didn't touch them after that. For dessert we both had the "ring-dings" which was a chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse center covered in a Belgian chocolate. Oh yeah. I inhaled it and wanted more even though my stomach was begging for an end.

We bailed on the post rehearsal dinner activities and went to our friend's house who used to be our neighbors in Clemson. We've been hanging out and having fun and drinking beer. They are yet another couple with a flat screen TV and HDTV who we're jealous of. But it's ok. They're still cool. Their cats Leela and Deta are very chill and personable. In fact, Leela is currently asleep on the footrest of our friend's LaZBoy.

OK, it's an early morning tomorrow with an 8:15 am tee time and I might be able toget back on later but if not, I'll see you Mon. morning with a full recap!

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