Thursday, February 15, 2007


She wore a raspberry beret

The Super Bowl halftime show inspired me to download some Prince songs. They remind me of the "middle aged" club, Bell Bottoms, in Birmingham. They loved playing some Prince. That and they're pretty good songs.

J is flying down to Orlando today so I'll either relay her review of Allegiant Air or get her to do a guest post on here. I'll miss you!

In honor of VD yesterday, we went out to eat at Acropolis, a very good Greek/Italian place downtown. J had the spaghetti and I had a combo platter which was some fries, gyro meat, souvlaki, and some chicken that was all very good. I still hate VD and know that it is a fake holiday. I try and make J feeled loved and appreciated year-round. I don't need some stupid holiday to guilt me into doing it. I will be nearly completing her Friends collection by adding seasons 1 & 2.

I'm not a trend-setter. I don't think I'm a trend-killer but I'm close. I bought some Steve Madden shoes the other day. They're surprisingly comfortable and they look good too. But hipsters have been sporting his shoes for years now. If anything I'm above trends. I've been wearing my weird and "hip" t-shirts for years now. I even had a hat that had mesh on it. But I no longer wear hats. Just don't like them. Or more acurately, I don't like the majority of hats that are out there. No Clemson hats, too trendy (around here at least) and most I don't like, no major sports hats, they don't need any more money from me. My last purchased hat was a USA rugby hat that was on clearance for $10. Simple and understated. Supported a relatively unknown sport and one of my favorite countries. Win/win. So maybe I need a curling hat? Or a luge hat?

The hat I had and should've taken was my Red Bull hat. You can't buy Red Bull clothing anywhere. There is some stuff now but it is always affiliated with a specific team. Like Red Bull Racing or their MLS team, the NY Red Bulls (which always reminds me of Dave Chappelle's "Red Balls" skit with Tyrone Biggums), no straight up Red Bull stuff. At least not for normal people. Their sponsored athletes get it out the wazoo. But for a time there I was in the warm loving embrace of corporation Red Bull. I've talked about it before here. But I really should've taken the Red Bull hat they provided me with. It's definitely on my list of regrets. Have I shared my list of regrets with you? Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Hehehe, I have talked about that before. D'oh!

Off to work, I have to leave about 11:30 to go pick J up from work and then take her to GSP.

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