Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Happy Dance

Sorry about yesterday's melodrama. Gotta keep you on your toes.

I think the department is trying to get out of paying for the departmental picnic this year by having us pay for it. But that is just speculation. We'll see what happens.

For some reason, this story popped into my mind. It's on my list of top 5 regrets. I wronged and publicly shamed a classmate in high school. It was 10th or 11th grade art with Ms. Hickey. (very cool Ball State graduate who was 24-25 at the time of teaching our class and she showed us her hideous tattoo, sorry Laurie but it was) But we were sitting around talking about things that we wanted and Edwin Ortiz said that he wanted a Toyota Tacoma. For some reason I exploded, I lambasted him for wanting a fuel guzzling super truck and how could he do that to the environment. In my defense, I think my heart was in the right place, but I went about it all wrong. I thought it was a much bigger truck than it actually is. The MPG figures are 20/27 which is pretty good for a truck. I had no right to shout at him like that in front of 6 or 7 of our peers. I had little to no accurate information about that particular truck and just assumed all trucks got single digit MPG numbers. Nothing huge, but I had never had a confrontation with Edwin before, he did nothing to warrant my attack, and for that Edwin, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

J wanted me to explain a little more about Dream Seth. Occasionally J will wake up in a foul mood, fouler than normal, and sometimes hit me. Whenever this occurs I can assume that she had a dream about me and I did something awful. Usually it's cheating on her, I think once Dream Seth left her at a fair, so that's a little background info on Dream Seth.

A few other regrets:
Not saying anything to Morgan Fairchild in the elevator as she was going back to her room after speaking at the "Romance Writers of America" conference in Orlando
Not jumping in the hot tub with the 7-8 young women another night in Orlando
Not being more confrontational with a girl who invited me to her house over Christmas but broke up with me around Thanksgiving, this was in Texas, I still went, it wasn't as awkward as you would think but her fam was cool, and her dad almost called her a slut
Oooooh, this one is number one I think, there is a story and I'll get to it tomorrow but I insulted Leigh Ann.


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