Thursday, August 10, 2006


It'll only feel like an eternity

We're the Devils!
Then it's easy; you're both going to hell.

All quotes from an episode of an off-the-air heavily syndicated sitcom. Still don't have it? You stole my Jesus fish!

So one of the biggest regrets in my life is as follows. We were at a friends house playing in the backyard. I honestly can't remember what period of time this was. I think I was between 7 and 11. Narrows it down a bit. I certainly hope I wasn't older but it's possible. I was in my "sarcastic mean for no reason" phase of my adolescence.

We're at a friend's house and there are quite a few kids in the backyard. I think there were 3 families there, with a total of 8 kids. The backyard is on a slope and Charlie and I are at the top away from everyone else. I think someone sees a big bug or snake but the kids at the bottom start screaming and shrieking. So an adult comes out to see what's up. They ask why they're yelling. So I pipe up with "they saw Leigh Ann's face" (that is Charlie's older sister) who is in her early teens. At this point she starts crying and runs into the house. Crap. The adult asks why I said that. I don't know and I'm sorry. I generally feel like dirt the rest of the day. I do apologize before we leave but that moment is seared into my subconscious. She had never done anything to me, so I then decided to only make snide comments to people who I know can take them and find them amusing.

I'd like to think I have matured past that point, or at least think before I speak a little more than I used to.

Now a few links stolen from my usual place, Cynical-C:

What flying was like in the 1960s - Very interesting and a stark contrast between flying in the 90's and 00's.

High Speed Photography by Andrew Davidhazy - Awesome shots of bullets going through things, water droplets, etc...

This one is for J. She didn't know that shotgun shells spread out after they're shot, which is what makes shotguns (especially sawed-off) excellent close range weapons.


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