Thursday, June 01, 2006


Raisin toast sittin' on 22s

So we've previously covered ricers and also breifly touched on what I'll call the "VIP" car scene, focusing on mostly the Acura TL just for our friend Smoove D. Essentially ricers that graduated from Civics and Cavaliers to Escalades, Mercedeses (Mercedi? how bout Benzes) and Rolls Royces.

So J and I were in CVS yesterday so J could print up some pictures of the cats for her scrapbook project du jour. My only complaint is that most of the pics she chose were from when they were kittens, but there will be other cat books, I guarantee. So to kill time I wandered over to the very thin magazine section. No Grassroots Motorsports. No Sport Compact Car. But they did have the big 3 for car reviews, Motor Trend, Car & Driver and Road & Track. They also had a spinoff publication of DUBS which is entitled RIDES. Essentially the same thing. SUVs, high dollar luxury and old school cars, all with ridiculous sound systems and huge chrome wheels. Some are also experimenting with different colored wheels and even different finishes (one in marble).

But then my eyes befell something that completely threw me off. I had heard rumors but never seen pictures. The 28 inch wheel/rim. It's freaking huge. It actually makes a Hummer H2 look small. The story goes that the H2 is the only vehicle that can accomodate 28s in its massive fenders. I believe it, although I'm sure some full-sized truck might be able to squeeze in a set. So since this post is worthless without pics, here we go:
The Maximum Green Hummer by Geigercars

Here is TIS's white Hummer on 28s. TIS stands for 20 inches strong. (20 inches used to be the standard, now they look amazingly tiny)

And finally the coup d'etat, an unnamed Texas sheriff commissioned his own Hummer on 28s for runnin' down poor folks in his unnamed county. And they supercharged it, upgraded the brakes and suspension and now this think makes 700 hp, has 8-pot brake calipers up front (my car has one-pot) and its electronically limited top speed is 155 mph. Damn. I can definitely see Jack cruising around in this bad boy.

I could also comment on the hip-hop cultures conspicuous consumption, but I won't. I wish I could find a picture of Mike Jones' Ice Age (His label is Ice Age Entertainment) chain. It was massive and cost roughly 350k. But it would go nicely with his Hummer on 28s.

Also I hear that 28s are the limit. Tires will barely fit on a 30 inch rim and I can't imagine the DOT would approve of them either. But they do look good in a display at a car show. They really are like a wagon wheel.


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