Friday, March 10, 2006


It's on!

First a few housekeeping notes:
I added a link to Witness, a non-profit organization started by Peter Gabriel among others in 1992. They provide video cameras to impoverished people being ravaged by human rights violations. They generally don't catch the act itself but cover the aftermath of the atrocities. Their thinking is it's easier to convince the rest of the world that these places need help if they are able to show video evidence.

I also added a link to Waiter Rant. Sloth pointed him out and I think he has now made it up to SuperBlog. And he even has a store where you can buy clothes and other items. This is a really great post I found the other day dealing with abortion. Please everyone read it, no matter what stance you take on abortion.

One other thing. See that word that precedes in the url up there? That is my username for lots of stuff. I made it up as a possible senior class name. It doesn't mean anything, just thought it sounded cool. But I didn't really share it with anyone as a possibility for a class name (we went with Euphoria) so I kept it as my internet persona. BUT I did a google search of it the other day and guess what I found? I'm the first entry and my dad's is the 2nd entry! He stole my name! My posts are published under my real name and his are published under "his" username. So what this really means is that it's only a matter of time before this blog gets discovered by my folks. Which isn't a bad thing, but there are some things on here that they don't know about. But I still plan on never censoring myself no matter who reads this.

Now for the post you've all been waiting for, the answer to the Princess of Power's question
What does ricey mean in the context of a vehicle??

And here is your answer.

Here is wikipedia's definition, but basically it started in the early 80's with the advent of the Honda Civic. American car enthusiasts claimed these cars ran on rice alcohol hence the term "Rice Burner", "Ricer", etc... But it essentially involves adding items to your car commonly found on race cars and supercars but that in actuality do nothing for the performance of the car. "All show, no go" is a common phrase that is heard with this crowd. The adding of huge rear wings or spoilers, changing taillights from stock to something different, usually ugly, changing the wheels or rims of the car, generally to extremely heavy chrome or going to a much larger diameter wheel. Honda Civics came with 13, 14 and 15 inch wheels. You can buy wheels that are much larger, 18, 19 and 20 inches are, unfortunately, commonly seen.

Ricers are also not confined to only cars of Japanese decent. VWs, BMWs, Ford Focus, Pontiac Sunfires, Cavaliers, and many other car manufacturers products are subjected to the rice phenomenon.

And now for specific examples.
The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a commonly riced out car. Here is perfect example of the oversized wing or spoiler. Also notice the changed rear lights and the different wheels.

Ouch. And here is another example of the hideous spoiler and also please notice the very different wheels. That poor Focus. Also notice the sticker on the gas tank cover. Stickers are very important to the ricer world. Why spend tens of dollars on an annoying loud muffler if no one knows what brand it is? So they plaster stickers to provide free advertising to the companies that pander to these types of people.

Here we have another common phenomena. Adding different body pieces, or kits, to the car of your choice, and then driving around without painting them. Oh sure, it'll get painted some day, but I gotta save up a little more money. I don't even like Mustangs and I feel sorry for it.

Another example of a body kit. Note that this one is painted. Also notice the chicken wire type insert behind the kit to simulate a nice fitted grill.

This one pains me. Very common to ricers is a complete lack of funds. Therefore they will put parts onto cars that they already own. Also notice the gigantic tailpipe denoting another loud and annoying exhaust note.

Here is an example of expensive rice. Pink. Pink fuzz lined trunk. Body kit. TV out the rear window. All pricey and all ricey.

Some exhausts do make a car faster. Some wings are necessary for downforce. Body kits also provide downforce. But not on these cars. They are only for show.

How much rice you like depends on the person. I like a little rice. I don't mind some stickers or some crazy colored paintjobs. Some body kits are really nice. I still want a carbon fiber hood. (Carbon fiber is valued by all racers because it is light and very strong. Also expensive, so the ricer companies just put carbon fiber stickers on things for the extra illusion.) I didn't even talk about neon lights under the car (uber-ricey) or extra fog lights.

So keep your eyes open. Ricers are everywhere. And for added enjoyment, next time you're at a stoplight and a sky blue Civic with chrome wheels and a ground scraping body kit rolls up next to you, race him. I guarantee even your minivan will beat him.


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