Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ever feel like you have too much blood?

Sometimes I do. So I just get rid of it! There are organizations that will gladly remove your blood for you and in return, you get drinks, snacks and a free T-shirt! Usually the t-shirt design sucks but the fact that it is long sleeved and orange more than makes up for it.

Yes J and I donated blood yesterday. I think J does it to help people and I do it for free stuff. I just wish there was a plasma donation center closer, that and sperm are where the big bucks are. Ladies, selling your eggs brings in about $3000 a pop and it would take a lot of meat beating and blood-letting for us to catch up to that. Also I hear if you ever need a blood transfusion, they don't charge regular blood donors for the blood, so another bonus. They are still very prejudiced against gay men though; one of the questions is still "have you ever had sexual contact with a man, even once" and if you answer yes, bam no blood for you, although you might get a sympathy t-shirt.

This blood drive is the annual U of South Carolina/Clemson University blood drive which proceeds the intensely heated rivalry football game (which is actually next weekend but you know, Thanksgiving = no students). It seems that whenever we "lose" the blood drive, we win the football game, but we'll see what happens this year if the Clemson Tigers can whoop up on the South Carolina Gamecocks.

My bike ride into work this morning was brisk, upper 20s brisk, but with my trusty long johns, and winter coat, I was more than prepared. You never really notice elevation changes too much while driving but you get lots of time to ponder inclines while cycling. The one in front of our house is brutal. So far I've only had to walk up it the very first time but it isn't getting much easier. Also I've been pimping my bike (much like this guy) and have added rear baskets, a serious bike chain, and a rear light with a very wicked Knight Rider setting and I'm not talking the shitty new show on NBC. So far I have only ridden at night once but with my fancy LED rear light, my headlamp strapped to my helmet and a light colored shirt, I felt moderately safe. I've been looking for a reflective vest and tape to really make myself stand out for any future night riding. Oh, I also would like a rear view mirror thing on my helmet so I don't have to look over my shoulder; I seriously almost ate it the first time I did that.

Of course since I am me, I have been dreaming about moving much farther up the bicycle scale from my current $40 bike to a sweet carbon fiber bad boy similar to this one but I barely have one thousand dollars sitting around let alone the twelve of thousands that bikes costs. I figure lugging around all this non carbon fiber aluminum will help me get into shape faster.

I hadn't had too many encounters with cars yet, other than a few tires crossing the bike lane line ahead of me and making me super extra wary of most drivers, when this morning a silver Toyota 4Runner decides that it doesn't want to stop behind the white line but keep rolling, and rolling, never mind their light is red, but they were almost blocking the bike lane, so I moved over a bit and gave their hood a pat that really sounded like I threw a brick at her truck.

I of course do not condone vandalizing other people's cars. In fact, much like Vincent, John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction, I consider it to be one of the lowest acts you can do. The only thing I'm okay with is letting the air out of people's tires. They aren't out any money, just time and a major inconvenience. They don't have to get a new paintjob, or replace their tires, they just need some air; anything else is just wrong. Much like this douchebag.

Okay, off to keep writing!

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