Friday, June 15, 2007


What else is going on?

I just made my list of around the house projects that I would like to get done this week and into the weekend. I won't get into it. One is finish painting my helmet for the autocross this Saturday. It's south of ATL at their NASCAR track, the Atlanta Motor Speedway. They have some nice huge lots and the first car isn't off until 7 pm, so we'll be racing under the lights. Should be lots of fun.

But what else is going on in Blogland? We'll start with the good news first:
Our dear Waiter over at Waiterrant turned in his manuscript for his book. Congrats!

Even bigger news is that Rob the Bouncer's book is out! Hooray! Way to go Rob! Standing on the Box was one of the first blogs I got hooked on and he transformed his pseudo success into a real book that you can buy at your local bookery! I will definitely have to pick up a copy. I wish I could buy it directly from him and make him a little more money but that isn't how it works these days with agents and publishing companies. So next time I'm in Barnes & Noble, I'll pick up a copy. They better stock it or they'll be hell to pay.

Okay, ready for the bad news? Varla, our favorite vixen, suffered a horrible loss recently. Kyu-Jin has passed away. He leaves behind a loving sister, Anoki, and a loving mother in Varla. We'll miss you.

I'll keep this post up for a bit too, just for Kyu-Jin.

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