Monday, February 18, 2008


Don't fear the reaper

No post since last Tuesday?!?!?!? For shame! Sorry blog and its readers. My bad.

My mother-in-law arrived yesterday morning. She'll be here for a week. We're gonna fire up the grill and make some salmon and BBQ chicken tonight. It's gonna be good.

Still working and I need to continue writing. Writing will always be on my to do list and I need to work on it more than I have been.

Please keep the victims of the most recent campus shooting at Northern Illinois University in mind and help the administrators and campus police all over the country come up with a rational way to make our schools safer. We might even want to talk about gun control some too, since it turns out that this guy and the Virginia Tech shooter bought guns from the same place. I don't have a huge problem with most gun owners and most guns but I've always wondered about the gun show loophole when buying guns. Normally you have to wait at least 3 days so they can check your background and make sure you're not a criminal. But if there is a "gun show", then you can get your gun on the spot. The NIU guy didn't have a criminal record, so it probably wouldn't have stopped him but it would've caught the VT guy. Also please note that all grad students do not want to shoot people. I've been a grad student for years now and have never wanted to bust into a classroom, guns blazing. Even with the old west moustache I'm currently sporting. That's what video games are for. Release some anger against society in an electronic and safe way.

I'll post more this week, just for you blog.



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