Monday, November 05, 2007


I am not allowed to have a nice cell phone.

Nope. Not kidding. Remember when I washed the first kinda cool cell phone I received? Well, J ordered a new one, in pink and that one lasted 4 days before I washed it. Note to everyone: check pants pockets before starting the washing machine.

Fortunately a friend had a couple old Cingular/AT&T phones laying around and donated them to us. Huge thanks to Subaru! Even though I am not allowed to have a nice phone yet, I always watch to see what the companies are coming out with. GPS, bluetooth, etc... I've previously stated that I like Helio's GPS phones and obviously I love Apple's iPhone. Hopefully the next gen iPhone will be right in my price range. I can handle iPods but not cell phones. Samsung has the Upstage for Sprint Services which is cool. It has screens on both sides of the phone. It's a "bar" style phone which I really like. Only problem is it's "only" $100 and that's only if you want to have Sprint service for the next 2 years.

Next up is the Juke by Samsung. This one is for Verizon's service. And it comes in various colors! Oooh! Wow. It's fairly thick. Yes it's a "thin" flip phone but is still very thick. Maybe a little larger than Pez dispenser sized. And it's supposed to be a sort of music player. Sure. Is it compatible with iTunes? And why does it take forever for the "Chat Live Now" people to respond back? Are they chatting with dozens of customers at once?

For reference, we are locked into AT&T until 2009 and when J gets my new cell phone in May, we'll be with Ma Bell until 2010. By then who knows if we'll still be using cell phones?



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