Monday, February 12, 2007


I suck. Alot.

Since J went to sleep at 10 pm on Friday, I hung out and watched TV until about midnight. So with a fresh 8 hours of slumber under my belt (or under my head as it were), I hopped up around 8-8:30 on Sat. Early yes, but I did it with no alarm so it's like I slept in. Decided to help out the cause and do some laundry. I didn't check the pockets since there weren't any jeans or pants in the load. BIG MISTAKE! As the load finishes, I get the urge to make a phone call. So I pick up J's phone and give mine a call. No ring. Is it on vibrate? Is it here? Maybe I left it at Fike when we worked out last night? Give them a call and no dice. No silver phone turned in. Shit, then where is it? Did I leave it in some pants pockets? The laundry finishes and I go to throw it in the dryer. Motherfucker. There staring back at me is my very water logged now useless excuse for a cellphone. Like an idiot I try and immediately turn it on, like it's some super phone that can be used underwater. I hear some popping and sizzling. Oh, maybe I should've dried it out before doing that.

Great. So now I'm at the mercy of Cingular (AT&T) for a new replacement cellphone. When J replaced hers, they hit her up for $150. Not me. I've been suckered too much in my life to take this one with my pockets open. I'm going to ask how much it would be to replace my Motorola L2. If it is anywhere over $75, I will then ask how much it would be to reactivate my old cell phone, which even still has some phone numbers on it and is now fully charged. If I can't be responsible for new fancy technology, I don't deserve to have the fancy new technology. I'm just glad it wasn't the ipod. Although, according to the Simpsons, all the ipod will one day rise up and enslave humanity, whipping us with those cute white ear buds. So maybe I should've washed the ipod. I like the plural of ipod being ipod.

Other than that, good weekend. Installed a new oil dipstick and accessory belt on Focus and threw on some camber plates. Now I need an alignment. I'll let you know the final alignment specs once I get them.

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