Monday, October 08, 2007


Beer: the cause of and solution to, all of life's problems.

- Homer Simpson, from the episode where Mayor Quimby tries out prohibition in Springfield. I know I've used it before but dammit, it's one of my favorites.

Not the greatest weekend in college football. The Clemson Tigers offense let the Virginia Tech score waaay too many points off turnovers and we had some trouble tackling people on special teams. And we lost. Again. To a conference opponent.

The unbeatable Trojans of Southern California lost to the Stanford Trees, which means the SEC's own LSU Tigers inherit the #1 spot in the nation. That should make Shaq and my uncle very happy. I'm sure there are other famous LSU fans, just let me know.

Whilst Clemson was getting their ass handed to them, we went to the newlyweds' house and played Mario Party 8! It's so nice that in this day and age you can put video games and other fun activities on your wedding registry. It has tons of mini-games and you can just pick which ones you want to play. There are also a couple different modes to play these mini-games. Some are set up like a giant board game. One is even set up like Monopoly where you put coins you've won into property and develop it from a 1 star hotel to a 4 star hotel. Very cool. My favorite might have been the 1 vs. 3 games. The previous night we only had 3 players so the computer had to step up and play but on Sat. J (who skipped tailgating to sleep all day) was up for playing and the 4 player mode was amazing! Only have 2 players? Don't fret, they have tons of games for just 2 players. For playing games you get cards which you can trade in for other games. We bought a moped game for 50 cards and it was amazing! You hold the Wiimote sideways with the 1 button being the gas and 2 was the brakes. I completely dominated this game. It wasn't too difficult, almost like driving a car. If you are going wide, hit the brakes a bit until you start coming back to the middle of the road. If you're in too tight and turning into the inside of the turn, you're not going fast enough.

The Formula 1 race was fairly exciting. First off, great job Red Bull! Red Bull Renault had David Coulthard coming in at 8th in the last points position. Scuderia Toro Rosso - Ferrari (Italian Red Bull with Ferrari engines) had Sebastian Vettel (who replaced Scott Speed who I'll get to in a second) coming in at 4th! His teammate Vitantonio Liuzzi came in 6th! Toro Rosso leapt from dead last in constructor's points to 7th out of 12 in one race!

Lewis Hamilton finally showed that he's human after all and went wide as he turned into the pits and got stuck in the kitty litter. He was leading the race but that one mistake ended his race. Maybe his team should've mentioned that pit lane was wet and to be extra super careful, but he's still in the driver's points lead. He's 22 and leading the driver's championship in his rookie year. He has 107, teammate Fernando Alonso has 103 and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen at 100, with one race to go in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It's going to be a great finish to the season. That race is in two weeks and would be a good one to watch.

In other F1 driver news, Jacques Villeneuve made his debut in NASCAR's Nextel Cup series, he finished on the lead lap and in 21st. He has been getting used to only turning left in the Craftsman Truck series and I saw that he crashed in that race on Fri. or Sat.

Scott Speed is getting used to the "turn left and then straight" strategy in the ARCA series, one of NASCAR's many training series as everyone tries to make it into the Winston, sorry, Nextel Cup. Speed finished 7th. Great job guys. Keep turning left and hoping they add some more road courses to the mix, and I might even watch a whole race.

Just for a refresher on why I don't like NASCAR: they're benefiting at the expense of other forms of racing (rally, sports car), they turn left entirely too much while ignoring other directions, and a new one I just added this weekend they were interviewing a winner of a lower level oval race. He said his winning strategy was "to stay at the bottom of the race track on the inside". That's it. I suppose that is harder than it sounds especially if you don't start in front but that does not make for exciting racing. Oh yeah, another aspect I hate is that wrecks are just part of the action. Wrecks in other series are horrible and kill people but it's all part of the show in NASCAR. I think Dale Earnhardt would agree with me. Sure it's part of racing but it should not be a highlight. Rubbin' is racin' but not slamming into the wall at 130+ mph.

Brian Marquis is a whiner. He's a "returning student" at UMass and was upset when his TA curved his "A minus" to a C. I obviously completely agree with the TA. Since he's a paralegal, he feels that a C on his transcript will destroy his career and his life and so he has decided to take it to court. Insert "some lawyers are stupid and useless" joke here.

This was brought to my attention by Common Good, who is trying to bring common sense back to America. Sounds like a great idea to me.

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