Monday, September 10, 2007


Big things poppin'

My weekend went well. Friday we went downtown a bit, bar hopped, ran into some Chemistry folk and then ran into some Clemson Sports Car Club folk at Nick's, the official bar of the Clemson Sports Car Club. Nick's has a great selection of beer, both bottles and tap, and is never out of it, like Keith Street eternally is. But if you're low on cash, Nick's has the $1 can of Schlitz for the discerning broke college student pallet. Then back to Protege's for some hot Wii action. It was Protege's bachelor party.

Then I slept in, caught some college football, went to the store and got the ingredients for my BBQ chicken sandwiches for the bachelor pre-game party. Clemson beat LA-Monroe, GA Tech destroyed my dear ol' Samford Bulldogs by a score of 69-14 (Samford usually doesn't play ranked teams but the GA Tech coach, Chan Gailey, used to coach at Samford). I was disappointed that Wake Forest couldn't beat Nebraska but I'm sure USC will take care of that this weekend.

Sorry, got distracted by college american football. Marinated the chicken in BBQ sauce, made some cupcakes (I had planned on filled cupcakes but didn't have a pastry bag and my improvised zip-loc pastry bag had a major failure, so they turned into regular yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting), showered and then took a nap for the long night to come.

Made it to Protege's (Acura, Protege's fiance, was in Miami with J and others for her bachelorette party; they had a much better time; I'll share tomorrow), tossed the meat on the grill and some sliced onion, started drinking on the quarter keg (30 L) of Spaten Optimator:

It was a pretty good doppelbock. I like my beer just a tad darker and if I'm trying to float a keg, alot lighter, but it had a good note, good taste and a good, if slightly bitter, finish. Here's a couple other reviews that are fairly accurate.

After food, beer, football and Wii, we called in the designated driver (Subaru's wife who didn't go to Miami) and headed off to the strip club. Yay for boobies! We went to Platinum Plus who have a terrible website that I won't link. Not a huge amount of hot ladies, some nice, some not so nice, some busted (I think those are for the truckers), but most everyone got a lap dance and tipped some ladies and successfully got boobs rubbed in their faces. There was one drunken stripper who was being entirely inappropriate and we couldn't wait for her to get as far away from us as possible.

We left after a few hours to return and keep the party going. Most everyone left about 3 or 4 but I stayed with Protege and his two friends from TX until we couldn't take it anymore and finally the party stopped just as the sky was getting lighter signaling the coming of dawn about 6:30. Got home, fed the cats, relieved some strip club tension, and went to sleep.

Oh, also on Saturday I watched qualifying for the F1 Gran Prix of Monza. Then I woke up about 11 or 12 and watched the race! Sorry, it's the F1 Gran Premio d'Italia 2007. Quali was exciting. Kimi Raikonnen had a very big wreck in the last practice session but the mechanics were able to salvage his engine and put it in the spare chassis and got him running. Incredible. The amazing Lewis Hamilton timed it right and was one of the last few guys to finish their lap within the time limit but he was 0.037 seconds behind the defending world champ and teammate, Fernando Alonso. Congrats to "Quick" Nick Heidfeld for outqualifying Kimi and Ferrari.

The race went well. David Coulthard got brake-checked by Giancarlo "Not gonna have a job at Renault next year" Fisichella and damaged his front wing which sent DC flying off-course once he was in a high speed turn and needed his front wing to generate some downforce. Fernando and Lewis blasted out to a great start. It got a little hairy in Turn 2 with some wheel to wheel contact between Lewis and Felipe Massa's Ferrari, but everyone made it out okay. Felipe had a serious suspension issue and had to withdraw from the race which took all the pressure off the McLaren boys who had already run away with the race and that's how it ended. Fernando, Lewis (both Vodafone McLaren Mercedes) and Kimi for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. The top 8 was rounded out by the two BMW Saubers of Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg's Williams-Toyota in 6th, Heikki Kovaleinen in his ING Renault and with the last point of the day, Jenson Button got his Honda to behave like a Honda to come in 8th. Big congrats to Honda for scoring points and actually making out of the third and second qualifying sessions. Lewis Hamilton had an amazing pass of Kimi to retake 2nd place late in the race.

Another big congratulations on Fernando Alonso with his 100th career start in F1 and even making it a solid win!

Then I tried to watch the Indy Racing League race in Chicago. I couldn't do it. It's a bloody circle. I just like my racing to have left AND right turns, or be a much smaller oval so it's pure chaos. I fell asleep and awoke to Ashley Judd being interviewed which meant that her hubby Dario Franchitti won. I just saw that he wants to go to NASCAR in 2008. I also heard that former F1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve, is looking to get into NASCAR. I think he's gonna start in that truck series they have and then make the jump.

And that is one of my big problems with NASCAR. They have so much money that they're taking quality drivers from other racing series. But until they start stealing WRC drivers and F1 drivers, I won't mind too much. And I NEVER see that happening. Can you imagine going from racing through the woods and trees (World Rally Championship) or the best racetracks in the world (F1) to racing on an oval? The on-track action would be different (which is the only thing NASCAR has going for it) but the actual track would put them to sleep. I have to go around that thing how many times? Ugh, no thanks.

Oh, I also watched the Red Bull Air Race Series. Wow, it's like autocross with a damn plane! They set up these huge pylons in a large course and these guys fly their planes through and around them. Here's a pretty good intro video.

Happy Monday! And tune in tomorrow for the bachlorette party recap. There will be less racing talk, I promise.

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