Thursday, September 13, 2007


All the news that's fit to print

J met at Acura's (her bachelorette party, engaged to my friend Protege, although I was friends with Acura first) around 10 am on Friday. The Clemson crew going met there and drove down to ATL. They flew Air Tran down to Miami and even got a really good fare. Hang out in Miami a bit, check into the hotel.

They were definitely big pimpin' all weekend and the Ritz Carlton South Beach is an excellent start. They were on the club level which meant access to the club lounge, cocktails, juices (beet, carrot, carrot-raspberry, etc...), they served breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktail hour, basically they never had to leave the hotel for any reason at all. But that's not why they're there is it?

Saturday night was the BIG night out, so Fri. night they just went to Wet Willies but it was just a loud bar and who likes to overpay for drinks and yell at your friends? So they bailed, went back to the hotel, hung out in the jacuzzi and pool then crashed.

The room they had was a corner ocean view room. The wrap around porch had gorgeous views of the beach and even some of the strip. Ceiling to floor glass did nothing to hide the view if you didn't feel like being outside. It was a suite with 2 bathrooms and I think they jammed 7 ladies in there.

One friend showed up Sat. and proceeded to announce that she was already on her 3rd beer, then tipped the valet one dollar and a sample of the drug she peddles. Oh yes, warning sirens are going off. She enjoys talking and does so with gusto. The last thing I'll say about her is she's 27 and proceeded to urinate on the carpet, hopefully, in a drunken stupor. Classy.

Sat. J slept in until 2 pm when she was roused awake. J's a sleeper, what can I say? They went to the pool and walked around a bit then got ready for the official bachelorette party. Dinner started at Touch where J had tuna tartar (she's a sushi fiend) and there was live entertainment: a fire dancer and juggler coupled with bongos and a DJ mixing. They were all stuffed and had lots of fun. J said the atmosphere of the restaurant was very cool, exciting and inviting. Then the party moved to Mansion where they had a VIP table and a bottle of Moet, Stoli Oranj and Malibu. The party poopers left at 2 am but all the cool kids shut the club down at 5 am. They met some people at the club and hung out with them until about 7 or so. The others went to sleep but J knew that it was stupid to go to sleep cuz they had to get up and get ready to leave at 8 am. So J stayed up all night and her text message to me at 8:15 am on Sun. let me in on the secret.

As soon as they were on the plane and seated, they were all out. Don't even remember the plane taking off. Next thing they know they're in ATL, getting in the car and heading back to Clemson. J gets back to our house about 3:15 and we hug and talk about our respective weekends. I already know hers is going to be better than mine. We both take a shower and then a nap. It takes until about Tues. afternoon for everyone to be back to 100%.

Hope you enjoyed. Yes I should've posted this when it was still fresh in my mind but that didn't quite happen.

Back to work! We're going to see DJ Tiesto north of ATL this Friday but I should be around some this weekend.

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