Monday, July 16, 2007



A games and activities parties went down Friday night at Protege and Acura's house. We mourned for Acura because Connecticut finally caught up with her and was going to make her pay a big fine for not having her car inspected since 2004, so she lost her CT plate and had to become one of us and get a SC license plate. If you're worried about passing inspection or if your car is street legal, bring it to SC, we'll put anything on the road!

I've finally resigned myself to referring to myself as a South Carolinian. I've lived here long enough and have the license that is about to expire to prove it. I was hoping that I would be gone before I had to renew it on my birthday this year but it wasn't in the cards.

I traded in my Xbox and accessories and picked up Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. So far I'm only being chased by angry townspeople and it's already scary. Not even one zombie or monster yet. I freed a wolf that was in a bear trap so helpfully he'll come back and help me out. You can't strafe (meaning walk sideways) in the game so you have to walk straight ahead into the room and then look around. Not the most reassuring way to enter a room.

The house and mini-yard are coming together. I cleared out some weeds and crappy plants from out front on Sunday and was rewarded with a large blister that immediately opened up and stings. I put some antibiotic cream on it so maybe it'll heal faster.

Now that Facebook is open to everyone, lots of people have tracked me down. A handful of bloggers, Doc in the Box, Princess of Power, Rally Girl Amy ,the Evilest Julie I know, a long lost high school friend and some high school classmates and teachers are on the list. The long lost high school friend I hadn't spoken for at least 7 years. His family moved from the DR to Mississippi and we visited them from Birmingham once while they were there and that was the last time. He actually works for a large clothing store that is near 4th Avenue and whose headquarters is in NYC but there main operations center is in Jackson, MS. I guess real estate is cheaper in MS than NY. Imagine that.

If you're on Facebook and would like to be my friend, you can email me for my last name or you can tell me yours or you can just find me, searching Seth and clemson would probably be a great start.

Errands to run today, group meetings to present in and lab notebooks to get up to date, so Seth away!

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