Monday, April 16, 2007


I really don't need this now

First things first: Remember last year that Julio ran away? And then I found him a day later? J and I used to walk the cats on leashes, to guarantee that they come home safe and sound. But then we got lazy and just started letting them out on their own recognizance. They usually came back that night, but sometimes Leon would stay out till the next morning and then come dashing in from the woods.

I woke up around 9 Sat. morning and studied some. If you've never owned cats, they're not very conducive to studying. Constantly walking across the desk, jumping in your lap, generally wanting some attention after a night being locked out of the master bedroom. Leon once even plopped down in the middle of an open 3-ring binder that was in my lap. Yeah, they're hardcore nappers. I went in to talk to Sleepy J who was still asleep and asked her if she wanted me to let the cats out. A sleepy grunt/sigh emitted somewhere beneath the warm folds of the covers and I let the cats out. I told them to come back around lunch time. They both came back but just to check in and then run off for more furry adventures.

That was the last time we saw Julio. He's been out since Sat. morning without food or water (both of which he could probably find easy enough) and it was 48 hours this morning. So I made up a LOST! flier and J and I will canvas the surrounding neighborhoods this evening. I'm fairly certain he's still in the area somewhere but don't know why he won't come home. Maybe he can't. Your mind always goes to the worst case scenarios in these instances and this one is no different. I won't go into it, but please send out some more good thoughts that Julio is safe and sound and will come home in once piece.

I don't want to work; I just want to traipse through the woods looking for my lost cat. JULIO!

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