Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm scared

As J was leaving for work this morning around 10:30 am, Julio shot out the door as she opened it up. It was her first day and she didn't want to be late. Both Julio and Leon have gotten out before and we usually can catch them within a few minutes. Leon is the only one that has gotten out for an extended period of time. He bolted once when I was going to work, so I came home around lunchtime and he was sitting in front of our door yelling.

I came home after lunch to see if Julio had turned up. Nope. J got home about 5 pm. Nope. I got home after soccer at 7:30 pm. Nope, no Julio. Still no sign of him.

Please please please send "Go home Julio" thoughts out tonight and tomorrow. I had my heart set on a solid 10-13 years with these guys, I don't want to start shedding tears now.

Here is a picture of him, just so your thoughts can have a good idea of what he looks like.


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