Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Google/Blogger (Gloggler?) just informed me that I have 672 posts so far. Which begs the question, which post was 666? Let's find out. It was this one that talked about my soccer rage. Coincidence? I think not. If I had known I would've at least posted up a pentagram. Or found the "How evil is your blog" quiz.

I was reading Rob's blog yesterday and was looking through his links. I found this one about an English teacher in Sometown, USA. It was interesting reading someone's blog who is a better writer but uses the same technique, not that I'm putting either one of us in a labeled box, but I saw a few similarities.

J and I will be peddling over-priced Aramark food tomorrow at the Duke/Clemson basketball game. Aramark was also the "sponsor" of the Triple Threat Challenge I was in last week.

In the shower (remember how I'm a shower thinker) I was thinking about my new water heater and I don't think the water is hot enough and I will need to fix that tonight. I was also thinking about corporations and how they're evil and the mantra of "if you can't beat them, join them". I don't like that. It's a very defeatist attitude and only encourages more people to do the same. But being an extreme person, I went the other way and figured if you can't beat them, move to an island and have nothing to do with them, or at least minimalize contact as much as possible.

So I was going down my checklist of things that I would need while living in my tropical paradise. Computer with internet access, lots and lots of books, maybe a TV but more so to watch DVDs than to watch TV, clothes, kitchen supplies, towels and sheets, pillows, and that's about it. Oh, and J of course, assuming I can convince her to come with me. That's what the TV and computer is for, sweetens the deal and I'll need at least a computer to keep you all posted on my journey.

Don't really know how I'll make a living. I know we won't need much money because we'll have a garden and maybe a small farm for eggs and goat milk. But we'll need to pay for our internet access, or maybe we'll steal wifi from a surrounding resort or internet cafe? I'm sure we would come up with something. Maybe rent some boogie boards or beach chairs. Maybe even run a small eco-friendly hotel, but that is going to require some significant start-up money.

We'll call that Plan Q, because I know we'll have to go through a few other plans before we finally take the plunge and give it all up.


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