Friday, December 01, 2006


Who needs order?

Thanks go out to the Princess of Power for getting me back on an Eminem kick.

As a child living right about here there was a creek two blocks up. This afforded my brother and I countless hours of entertainment and adventure. The magnolia tree in our front yard (which I think is still there last time I drove by that house) introduced us to the wonderful world of climbing trees. But the creek was nice and cool in the summer and peaceful and babbly during other times.

The creek though was not without peril. I wouldn't say rife with peril, but there were dangers.

Sorry, just saw this link in one of my other tabs. It is a "If I dug right here straight through the Earth, where would I end up?" site using Google Maps. Drat. Looks like I would be a few hundred miles off the coast of Australia if I dug from my backyard. Be careful kiddies and plan ahead with that hole!

I remember one day walking over the creek with my brother. The road by our house crossed over the creek and as we strolled we saw a plastic snake floating in the water. It looked to be a coral snake, which we discussed back in May, and was curled up all cute and snake-like placidly drifting down the creek. My brother and I bend over to get a closer look. We're a good 4 feet up from the creek. The snake then decides it's tired of floating, straightens up and takes off down the creek. AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Being the 6 year old I was, I shriek and run back towards the house. Why? Beats me. It isn't like the snake lunged out of the river and bit my neck. I just don't think my lil' brother and I were expecting it to be real.

Another mini story from that house:
Still can't remember if this beehive was at the house when we moved in, or it was near the house. I do remember it being outside our house but that just doesn't seem right. This beehive was big, 2 feet tall big (maybe 75 centimeters) and was alive. So we stayed well away from that area of the backyard (if it was at our house) and then once January rolled around and all the bees (or maybe wasps) were asleep and dormant, we took a trash bag, put it around the hive, taped it very well at the top and waited for all the bees to die off. Now we have an awesome beehive and I have a great show and tell piece. No idea what became of that beehive. I'll have to ask Dad.

So it looks like the high tomorrow is supposed to be 60. Not quite as cold as I thought.

I'll get to my promised posts eventually.


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