Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Bobby Mnemonic

No pics from this weekend yet. I upload most pics to my gallery on the sports car club forums but it was recently overhauled and I can't seem to add any pics currently.

The restaurant we're going to eat at for my grandmother's birthday is Little Savannah not to be confused with Little Havana. I'm posting this for no other reason than it was the easiest way I could think of to give the link to J. She can't check her email at school. I guess I could've just told her the name and said google it, but this is just about the same.

No pics, so I'm not going to recap this weekend just yet, but I will leave you with a helpful tip/mnemonic device.

"Red on black is a friend of Jack, black on yellow can kill a fellow." No idea where that came from but my dad told it to me, so that's where it comes from in my world.

It references the differing stripe patterns on a King snake and a Coral snake. The Coral snake is venomous and deadly. The King snake uses this to its advantage and imitates the coral snakes deadly pattern, but just different enough so that we could come up with a clever way to remember the difference.

Can you tell which is which? It's pretty difficult and I just realized that my dad's saying is a bit confusing. Here is a website with lamer sayings but is more readily clear which will kill and which would only hurt.

Basically the moral of the coral (snake) is if black touches yellow, oh shit, if black touches red, you won't end up dead.

The best advice when encountering snakes in the wild is to leave them alone and walk well around them.


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