Monday, December 04, 2006


Washing machine

Ours started leaking water yesterday. I gave our slumlord a call and he should be out today and will probably just replace the washer. The water looks like it is leaking from the inside, so I have no idea if that is an easy fix or not.

But I opted to leave the cats loose in the house. Normally when someone comes to work on the apt. I like to be there or put the cats in their bathroom. I don't think they like being in there too much, so I try and not keep them in there all day. I called at 8:30 or so and waited until about 10 but I had to get to work. Leon actually ran out of the house while I was putting the recycling in the car. They don't run that far once they're outside. And they will come up to you if you call their name, so it's fairly easy to get them back in once they've escaped. That is, if you can find them and they're not hiding in a crawl space.

We'll see. Hopefully they behave and stay inside. I guess we should break down and get them collars. Maybe for Christmas.

Nope, didn't finish the Thank You notes, but they are going to go out tomorrow. Mark my word.

The autocross was lots of fun on Saturday. Technically I didn't beat Subaru in his car; his fastest was a 36.8 sec. and mine was a 36.6 plus a 2 second penalty for hitting a cone. He might've been faster on his last run but tried to push it too hard at the finish and hit the timing lights (very very bad) but they were okay so no one formed a lynch mob.

I really, really like driving his car. A little turbo lag, but nothing bad, great Suby sound, big sticky 245/40/16 Hoosiers. The car actually understeers like Focus if you go into a turn too fast but if you slow down like you're supposed to, you can get back on the throttle so much sooner and let the AWD and diffs sort it out. If you get on the throttle too soon in Focus, she starts spinning her inside tire. I need a diff. I'll get one one day. Maybe I'll get one. Hopefully I'll get one.

Off to writing various papers.


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