Friday, December 15, 2006


Black Belt Jones

My crew of friends (all Losers) in high school would occasionally find obscure movies and have viewing parties. Kind of like Random Movie Club but much less organized and no pizza.

On this certain occasion the flick was Black Belt Jones which, I just found out, was directed by the same guy that did Enter the Dragon. No wonder we liked it so much. It is a blaxploitation film (that term has always seemed derogatory to me) from 1974 and stars Jim Kelly

I enjoyed the movie and some of the lines are freakin' hysterical. Very quotable, a couple that spring to mind are:
Look at all that bread! (said in a scruffy mafia tone)
Wait nigga! Lemme get some clothes on! (said by a middle aged black woman who was being rushed out the door) (the "N" word is okay in my book if it is being quoted for historical reasons)

I would recommend it to the RMC if you can find it.

Ruthie called me on some bad grammar yesterday.
We also did played some soccer and wrestling.
Yes that is awful grammar and the -ed should be dropped, or the did, to make it correct. My brain and fingers got trapped mid verb and apparently got stuck and pooped them both out. My bad and no I will not fix it. That's not what we're about here. We're about the raw truth of human existence.

The Week runs excerpts from books and other thing near the back. It is slowly becoming one of my favorite features. An excerpt from a few weeks ago covered what would happen to the earth if humans instantly vanished. No, not the Rapture but everyone. [incidentally, please click on that link, it is to Rapture and is a group of atheists who have promised to deliver letters from believers (who are now in heaven post-Rapture) to their non-believer friends, very funny]

It went on to say that most domesticated animals would either become feral or die. Most engineered plants and animals (think cockapoo) will also die off. Apparently NYC had about 30 or 40 rivers and streams running through it before it became the concrete jungle that it is, so the subways will flood and slowly eat away at some of the asphalt and street supports, which will all collapse and give NYC back its streams and rivers. It also said that the next ice age would come along and take care of all the buildings. The ozone layer would recover and it would take roughly 100-200 years for most of humanity's traces to be destroyed.

It really made me feel better knowing that once we somehow manage to kill off all humans that Mother Earth would make it out just fine.

We also received our wedding pics and I realized the other day that none of you have seen any Long Haired Seth pics, so I will share those this weekend and I'll also get the reference for the above article.


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