Friday, November 24, 2006


Happy Black Friday!

If you work in retail, stay strong and be patient. Remember that the psychotic mother who stabbed that other lady for the last Tickle Me Elmo doll is only doing so out of love. And if you can't buy your kids' love, then how are they supposed to know who to love?

I did say I would be around during Turkey Day, but I didn't post too much. J and I still need to do our Thank You notes. Technically we're waiting on the family return address labels that J ordered. I hope they get here before next weekend. I know my grandmother is a bit obsessive when it comes to Thank Yous, so they need to go out very soon. Maybe I'll trick J into doing those tonight.

If you didn't recognize the sarcasm in the last sentence, please seek professional help for you or your spoiled spawn. You should not have to buy your child's love. They should give it to you unconditionally and you should likewise love them unconditionally.

I really wanted to say hellspawn up there but didn't think that would be very Thanksgivingy.

Tucker got bumped to his rightful chronological place. He's down here on Nov. 15th. Tucker the border collie's harrowing saga.

Bleh. I need to find a good pic for the 3 Day Walk link. Maybe a picture of Ruthie in front of a 3 Day banner that is hosted online? Or one that she can send me so I can host it and link it?

J said she was going to blog last night. Let's all check and see if she did. She did! And I'm mentioned! Don't bother clicking on the map of the course link. It doesn't work. We'll look at that later. And I do need some redemption after my last 5K.

Traning starts on Monday!


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