Monday, October 09, 2006


Too many secrets

First of all I would like to apologize to Tom for coming to The Ham and not stopping by his house to say hey. But the furthest south we got was 459. Also it was a whirlwind of a Birmingham trip. Here is what we did:
Arrived at Caveman and H2O's house that they are extended house-sitting.
Hung out, drank some beer, chatted
Went to Midnight Sushi at what used to be Sakura and is now Sensikei Pacific Rim (or something close to that)
Went back to the house
Wake up
Watch a little football
Work out at Dawson
Shower at grandparent's house
Go to Bluff Park Art Show (really cool, but no money to spend)
Went to Mom and Dad's house for the next 3 months
Went back to grandparent's house for dinner
Back to parent's house
Walked to Sam's Deli (used to be Moneer's for old school Homewood folks) and watched UGA shit the bed at home vs. Tennessee
Went back to parent's house
Say bye to parent's as they leave for church
Leave to come back home
Total time spent in Birmingham: 37 hours (from 9 pm Fri. to 10 am Sun.)

Additional notes:
Caveman has a Nintendo DS (like Tom does too) but his is the 1st gen and now we are very glad that we waited and got the Lite. But it still has wireless so we played Mario Kart, Tetris and NEW Super Mario Bros. against each other with only 1 game cartridge for each game. It transmits that data needed to the other DS via wifi. Incredibly cool.

Midnight sushi was good, but I had another fainting spell. I felt it coming and layed down on the bench before shattering glassware. It also sort of happened Thurs. at a friend's house. J thinks it's a toomah. I don't know what to think but promised I would get a MRI and CATscan. We'll see if she remembers me making that promise. But if you are even slightly medically trained, I'm open to suggestions of what it could be or if you think I should go get some rigorous testing done. I think it's the vapors.

I first went to the Bluff Park Art Show as a requirement for my "Art Appreciation" class at Samford. I wasn't dreading it. I actually enjoyed being forced to go to art shows and various small art galleries. But there is all types of art, folk art, abstract, photography, and my favorite metalsmithing. Mostly copper but there was some bronze and steel. And one guy had some handmade glass sculptures. Mark my word. I will get into metalsmithing and glass blowing before I expire. But my favorite was Sid Kamerman. He works in mixed media, mostly metals and stone but they're very organic pieces and speak to the chemist and naturalist within me.

Treble Cleft, marble and bronze, $2700
Here is a pic of the artist:

I can't find a personal website, so I guess he doesn't have one. I'll check his card once I get home.

Very quick weekend but very good to see Mom and Dad again. I'll share some more stories tomorrow. And as you as my witness, I will revisit my "T-shirt Collection" post with pictures.


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