Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Temporary Manatee

That would be weird if someone spontaneously turned into a manatee.

I like t-shirts. They are by far my favorite item of clothing. I have a decent collection of random t-shirts; some purchased, some free, all special. No, not all. Some suck. They look okay but I have no emotional attachment to them, like the APO shirts that I got for donating blood last year. Those are first on the chopping block.

The shirts can be broken down into different categories. Only at home, working on the car, nice, everyday. The only at home and working on the car are almost one in the same. The exception that jumps to mind is my Henry the Hamster shirt that I made J for her. It is our wearable tribute to our first pet, the sweetest cage-escaping hamster ever named Henry. Once we were at Urban Outfitters and I saw they had t-shirt frames and I instantly knew that I had to have some. They take the shirts out of rotation but not out of our lives.

A few other notables: My laughing mushroom shirt that I bought on Choir Tour one year. No clue which city.

My Napster shirt, which J claims she threw away, but I might have left it at Caveman's house according to his better half. But as long as someone I know has it, wears it and cares for it, it's in a safer place than J's House of Destruction.

My Charlie Brown shirt, which is a replica of the shirt worn by Charlie Brown and drawn by Charles Schultz. I have been offered sex for this shirt, that's how powerful it is. J of course hates it because I love it.

My Louie the Lightning Bug shirt, free from a friend's screen printing place.

And I have recently picked up a Mario Kart "I beat your mom at Mario Kart" t-shirt and a Kids in the Hall "I'm crushing your head" shirt.

This really should've been a photo post, and perhaps it will be one day.


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