Monday, October 30, 2006


Less than a week!

Pseudo Halloween was fun. I say pseudo because it was Oct. 28th, but since it was the closest Sat. night to Halloween, it got the nod. A friend of a friend rented out the top floor of a local apt. complex's clubhouse, so that is where we went. Interesting mix of people and once again confirmation that I really struggle to meet new people.

Sometimes it comes naturally, you immediately find a common interest and it's easy. Other times, you draw a blank and wonder why you initiated contact in the first place and just start talking about random nonsense like those people you despise who won't shut up.

Maybe I wasn't drunk enough.

We picked most of the music this weekend. Mostly Vivaldi pieces, with some Handel and Strauss thrown in for a good mix. It should create the proper mood for our ceremony. All major keys (minor always sound so dark and oppressive, at least to my uber-novice ear) and a good mix of instruments, even some classical guitar. For "our" song we went with Chicago's "Inspiration", you know, the one from Karate Kid. I don't listen to slow music and didn't really want country, so this was a compromise and a good one in my book.

Stupid daylight savings time is back and messing with your circadian rythyms. It's 7 and it's dark! WTF mate? It's 6 am and it's light? Why government? WHY!?!?! Previous DST rant found here.

I'll try and keep you posted on this week's goings-on, but no promises. It could get a bit hectic.


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