Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Brown out

Last year I blacked out. Last Thurs. and Sat. I recognized it was coming and was able to lay down before actually passing out. Both times. It's so strange. I get dizzy and light-headed and if I don't lay down, I will pass out.

J did remember and I went to the Dr. today. Same guy as last time. He wants a full blood work-up just to make sure all my pieces parts are doing their jobs correctly. He also told me to lay off the intoxicants for a while. I'm mostly scared that it'll come back that I'm diabetic. I don't want diabetes, but the odds are stacked that I have them. I'm eating better and exercising to see if I can avoid them. And their accompanying medical bills.

I'll keep you posted on those results. Crap. Just remembered that I took all my T-shirt pics but left them on my computer at home. And no other weekend stories are jumping to mind, so I'll get to them later.

J is working at both her jobs this week. She leaves the house at 8:45 am, Job #1 from 9-1, drives to Job #2 where she works from 2-10 or 11 pm, so I rarely see her which sucks. So please keep your fingers crossed that she finds a better job with normal hours that pays well.

And also go check out Tom's blog, he has a couple posts about World of Warcraft and how he drug his recovering addict friend back into the fold. I would recommend skipping the first post and reading them chronologically. It'll make more sense. Also notice that my blog is linked as "Seth's Mostly Left Blog :)" which should tell you a bit about it's author.


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