Saturday, September 16, 2006


I know you're watching

According to my handy dandy stat tracker,, I know that 91 people visited this site on Friday, Sept. 15.

It's fine that you are just lurkers. Here is a link if you are unfamiliar with that term. But the occasional comment would be nice, but no pressure; I'd rather you read and not comment than not read at all.

Just wanted to help out some recent searches that have found this site, and make a few comments.
what happened to the "no-fly" boxer briefs (Google) - I am not a fan of them, but the few pair that I had were GAP brand boxer briefs. Also try and take one out of the packaging just to check and make sure.

hot babies sluts (MSN) - You are a sick individual who needs professional help. If you ever get the urge to touch little children, go to the nearest police station; they'll know what to do.

human stomach "22 pounds" (Google) - Uh, sure. That's alot of food though. Maybe it was Takeru Kobayashi.

2005 Denali exhaust popping sound (Google) - It's still under warranty. Take it back to the dealership and have them take a look. Good luck.

vwr lawsuit (Google) - The chemistry department has a state contract with VWR. They give us a discount and I have no opinion beyond that.

sabrina 8th and ocean pimple (Google) - That thing was huge! I feel her pain.

lawsuit crazy (Google) - Yes America is lawsuit crazy. It affects nearly every facet of society.

johnny cupcakes lawsuit (Google) - I linked his store and I like his clothing.

expired horseradish cause food poisoning (Google) - How expired? / ruthie (Google) - Don't know a Ruthie on facebook. I know Ruthie the blogger and a friend's sister named Ruthie (more on her later, tragic story)

rei scratch and dent items (Google) - AMAZING sale! Go as much as possible and get there as early as you can. Incredible items of all varieties. Use your head though, some stuff is crap.

how much does it cost to ride the rides at the gwinnet county fair grounds (Google) - Um, dollar per ticket? Rides from 1-4 tickets?

eddy spaghetti in clemson, sc (Google) - It's great! Eat there as much as possible.

And finally, here is a real quick nationality break down. Don't know what the numbers really mean.

United States 163 Hey!

Canada 30 How ya doin'?

France 24 Bienvenue!

Australia 14 G'day!

United Kingdom 13 'Ello there!

Italy 12 Bona sera!

Portugal 11 (don't know any Portuguese)

Germany 11 Wilkommen! Wo ist die hauptbanhoff?

Spain 7 Bienvenidos! Cuando regresa a Europa, me voy a Espana. Y voy a practicar mi espanol antes.

Netherlands 5 (don't know any Dutch)

Thank you and good night!


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