Thursday, August 17, 2006


Film school

I have previously confessed to my love of some bad movies. See post here from Feb. 15, 2005.

But I would never claim one of those movies as my "favorite movie". For the longest time I wasn't able to pick one favorite, so a few years ago I made a conscious decision to pick Braveheart as my favorite movie. I've stuck with it and it is still a movie I really like. It's got action, drama, romance, blood and of course guts. And who doesn't love Scottish accents? And it has Crazy Ass Mel Gibson too, before he was anti-Semitic, or at least wasn't as up front about it as he is now.

Surprisingly I don't own it on DVD. It's kind of like the Fugitive situation. I have seen The Fugitive so many times that I essentially can recite the entire movie. Not quite but I have friends who can or could. But both of those are on the "purchase at some time in the future" list. Maybe after this blu-ray controversy calms down.

Stick with me; there is a point and humorous story somewhere.

I got a call from my ex-roommate. He works for the DA's office in da ATL. Really nice guy if not the cleanest of individuals. He was set up on a blind date by a friend's mother-in-law. Right. So the MIL showed a pic of (we'll call him) Vestavia to the potential date. It was from the friend's wedding and he was in a tux so needless to say he looked very debonair and dashing. She liked. Then MIL showed Vestavia a pic of the girl. One with a group of friends and another of her in a bikini. Vestavia couldn't help but wonder if it was appropriate to show that much skin to a potential suitor. (He's a bit old-fashioned but that's what makes him classy) And apparently she likes NASCAR. Alot. Even brought it up on the date. Vestavia commented to me on how out of all of his many friends, relatives and fraternity brothers, not one of those people like NASCAR. None. I respect the driver's abilities and talents but I don't like it. I would go to a race if it wasn't in the summer or the tickets were for a skybox. And they were free.

So they get on the date and it's obvious that they don't have that much in common. So just shooting in the dark and trying to spark some conversation, Vestavia reverts to the middle/high school standard question of "What's your favorite movie?"

He said I would never guess in a 100 tries. He was right too. There really isn't any reason to guess either because you would never get it right. 2 Fast 2 Furious. The humanity! Don't get me wrong. The first and even the third of the F&F series are mildly watchable, but I would never claim either one as even on my top 100 of favorite movies. And yet this woman picked that as her all-time favorite. Wow. I really couldn't believe it. Maybe she has a thing for Paul Walker or Tyrese.

The other story is from my friend Subaru. He posed the question to me and I came back with Braveheart. He had an odd look on his face like he couldn't believe it, but maybe I misinterpreted. So taken aback I asked what his was. Bio-Dome. Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. That's right. I honestly have never sat through all of this movie. I've tried once or twice but either fell asleep or decided some other venture would be more beneficial to my life.

And in an ode to J from Friends, this topic was covered when Chandler and Joey were playing a quiz show game to win Monica and Rachel's apartment. (Paraphrased from memory)
Ross: What does Rachel say is her favorite movie?
Chandler: Dangerous Liaisons!
Ross: What is her actual favorite movie?
Joey: Weekend at Bernie's!

Good times.


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