Tuesday, February 15, 2005


She's my brown eyed girl

Joan actually has black eyes, so I guess she can be my black-eyed pea. I like black eyed peas. They're good.

Last night I made some fried zucchini and tostones for dinner. For those not privy to latin culture, tostones are small rounds of fried plantains. But they have to be green plantains, otherwise they're sweet and need to be prepared differently, namely strips and sauteed in butter, delicious.

Basically, you peel the plantain, which isn't as easy as peeling a normal banana. Then cut it into sections and fry them. Take them out, use one of these:

to smash them into the round shape and fry again. Salt and enjoy. I like mine with ketchup. But I didn't have one of those nice smashers so I used saran wrap and a skillet. Worked okay but they definitely weren't pretty. Joan was not impressed. Whatever, they were good and plan to make them again.

I like bad movies. Not Bio-Dome bad, but kinda bad. A few are Hudson Hawk, Johnny Mnemonic and Point Break. They aren't good movies, but I could watch them alot. Although I haven't watched Point Break in a while or the other Keanu Reeves film. Encino Man is also on this list.

Don't judge me. I'm sure you have some movies that you're not proud that you like. It isn't like I said Spice World.

But I did try and watch that once. Couldn't do it, even with their accents and hot pants.

That's what happens when you have movie channels. You watch the movies on them. Good, bad, awful, you watch because you're paying a fraction of a cent for that movie and you wanna get your moneys worth.

I've always wanted to rid myself of electronic distractions, maybe I can convince Joan to try it for a few months. No internet, no cable, um, I guess that's it, and no home phone service. Wow, that would be something. One day.

I would read so many books.


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