Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Road to Nowhere

One of the few times I've mentioned my time in Costa Rica was here. It's just after the birds and bees stuff. But I mentioned taking the train to Puntarenas.

Dad and I set off from the house very early on Sat. morning. I think it was Saturday, maybe I skipped school on Friday. No clue, maybe Dad remembers. He's actually in country this week helping my brother get ready for his continent switch. My father is a Level 99 Master Packer. If you have a bunch of stuff that you can't get to fit into your suitcase, my dad can do it in 20 minutes flat with room to spare. I wonder if he's any good at Tetris?

So we're up before sunrise and make our way down to the bus station. We have to take a bus to get to the train. We are standing there holding our bags when a bus needs to park where another bus is unloading its baggage. So people start grabbing bags and making room. Next thing you know some lady is yelling that she can't find her bag. Sorry lady, it happens just that fast. Good luck and hope your passport was on you and not in that bag. So we hop on the bus and head off towards the train station.

We arrive at the train station and sit down. The train is not the nicest but there aren't any holes so I think we're okay. It was a long train ride, 6 hours I believe, which doesn't seem long but look how far we actually travelled(click on the word "Alajuela" and that'll bring up a map with Puntarenas and San Jose). My favorite part of the trip was the half hour wait somewhere for some reason and also going over rivers. The bridges didn't have any rails so if you looked down (most of the windows were wide open) it looked like the train was floating.

Finally arriving at our destination we hop in a taxi. My dad knew the hotel we were staying at as it was near Iguana Rock, which is a rock where iguanas hang out. We get to the hotel and grab some dinner. Since I was 10, we played some cards and hung out at the hotel. Early next morning we walked across the street and played in the ocean for a bit. We also took some fruit with us so we could feed the iguanas. I need to ask Dad if he has any photos from that trip.

It was alot of fun and I really miss being Dad's "adventure buddy". I think my brother was too young and Mom had no desire to be adventurous in a foreign country so it was just Dad and I. Hopefully we'll be able to take a family adventure in the near future. Albeit with a slightly larger family this time.


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