Friday, July 14, 2006


Garage bands for $400, Alex

For a while I was convinced that Alex Trebek's name was Alec. J and Alex corrected me. Canada rules!

J and I watch Jeopardy every day. If you take out the outro to commercials, the commercials, and the contestant intros, it makes a full Jeopardy episode about 20 minutes long. For example, do you know the name of Beethoven's only opera? Yeah, I didn't either, but now if it ever comes up, I know the answer to be Fidelio.

Smoove D sent me an email yesterday so it looks like I'll get to meet my first real life blogger. I'm holding my expectations low so that I'm either satisfied or pleasantly surprised. That's generally how I go into situations, expect the worst and it can only get better. It's worked out ok so far and does seem too simple but I digress.

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog! It was on July 10th and I missed it, but no better time than the present to make up for that. Well according to my first post ever my blog's actual birthday is July 13th, so I only missed by a day. That should be easy to remember because it is exactly one month before J's birthday, Aug. 13th.

My high school garage band has gotten some blog time before, but not nearly enough. But before we get into that, I'm starting to have mixed feelings about people finding this blog. I do like the idea of an old classmate or bandmate searching for something from their past and happening upon this site, then they email me and we catch up on old times. I do NOT like the idea of a potential employer finding this site and not hiring me, or an evil-doer finding this site and somehow blackmailing me, or an internet stalker stalking me. But those are the risks we take right? And I guess I could always take this site down. But until that day comes...

DoorKnob Bob, or Door Knob Bob, was the name of my(our) band. It has been mentioned before but never in depth. Read the other post for band member names. Our "single" that would've been released and rocketed us to super-stardom was "Sputnik". Yes, the Russian satellite. But Derek and I were just screwing around at Zach's house while he was downstairs or something and we came up with it. D was playing some power chords and I just started singing. Don't know where Sputnik came from but that's what my muse wanted to hear a song about, so I obliged her. And now for the first time ever, the lyrics to Sputnik:

He's Sputnik! He flies through the air!
He's Sputnik! He's got yellow hair!
He's Sputnik! He's mighty and green!
He's Sputnik! He ruptured my spleen!

He's Sputnik! He lives in a box.
He's Sputnik! He likes to throw rocks.
He's Sputnik! He flies through the air!
He's Sputnik! He crashed over there!

Thank you! Thank you! I know nothing about music but it's roughly 12 beats with 2 beats inbetween Sputnik and He. I think Zach could actually read music, for the rest of us, tabs were our friends. That's a bass tab and this is how to read a guitar tab.

Some other songs performed by DoorKnob Bob:
Portable Rage - written by me
Glycerine - written by Bush and Gavin Rossdale
Zombie - written by the Cranberries
Popular - written by Nada Surf

I really can't remember any of the others. We also threw in a couple of the better grungy Christian songs, and that is why J makes fun of me by saying I was in a Christian rock band, but don't believe her.

One of my favorite stories from my "band days" is one Sat. morning/afternoon (around noon) we were practicing at my house on our back room/porch. The works, bass amps, guitar amps (that go up to 11, of course), drums, mics and we're "rockin' out" and having a good time when we hear someone at the gate. So my mom goes to see who it is and it's a neighbor. The neighbor directly next to us whose bathroom window actually faces where we're practicing. D'oh! But my mom, being so cool, just says "Oh I'm sorry, it's past noon and we're going to let them practice." Neighborlady protests and says that her husband was up late for "work". Right. My mom then brings up the point that their dog barks constantly at all hours of the night and she feels no sympathy. They had a cute boxer puppy that they kept outside and didn't train at all. I think my dad gave it more attention than anyone in their family. And it did bark until 2 or 3 am on weekdays, so we weren't going to stop playing at noon on a Saturday. Neighborlady goes back inside and that was about the only issue we had while practicing. Which I think means we weren't loud enough.


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