Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Squirrel Fight!

I haven't seen a good one in a while, but I did catch a bird/squirrel fight on the way to my car last week. It was great. I hope your local university campus has as much interesting "wildlife" as mine have had. I could've done without Samford's cockroach problem.

Which reminds me. HOLY SHIT! So I'm naked and sleepy getting ready to hop in the shower. No contacts or glasses so I can see outlines and colors. I close the curtain and turn the water on so it can warm up. Weigh myself with a little eye squishing I can make out the numbers. Step in the shower and my right heel steps on something. Weird, was it my razor? Nope there it is. Hairball? Beats me so I look down and see a brown spot crawl under the curtain. Ew, was that a roach? He's a dead man. So I pull back the curtain and then see two fuzzy claw things protruding out the front of the thorax. Oh shit, I just stepped on a scorpion. Well there is no searing pain so I suppose he didn't sting me, which is surprising maybe the water soothed or stunned him. So I jump out of the shower, dry off the bottom of my legs (with J's towel, it was just lying there and it will probably be dry when she takes a shower), go get my glasses and begin the extraction. He isn't moving much so I scoop him out and plop him in the toilet and double flush him, just to make sure.

Not a pleasant way to start the day but we all made it out alive. And I still think small insects can either breathe underwater or can survive for very long times without O2 so I'm sure he is okay.

Then watched the rest of the England/Sweden game, which was great and can't wait for the Germany/Sweden game on Sat. But today is going to be one of the better games of the tournament so far. Argentina/Netherlands. Two power house soccer dynasties facing off to see who will get first in their group. It's going to be an amazing game, I can feel it.

So a friend found my blog yesterday. I should've told him about it, but I'm not telling anyone and seeing how long it takes for people to find out about it. An internet experiment if you will. Another reason I don't tell people is because he felt left out of my posting. Example: From this post
Then went to the Purple Onion for some late night munchies and then home to our other friend's house.

He is the "other" friend. For one thing we got home at 3 am and not much happened after that. But we did have a great time with them earlier in the day. I just left out the story about the styrofoam story from lunch and the walking around Academy story. Sorry but I can't post everything. And I didn't post about Pony because, like you, he may find this site and be offended that I would publicly air my grievances instead of coming to him with them. It isn't like it's hard to find this site, so I choose silence over offense. Not the most entertaining choice but I stand by my decision.

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