Monday, May 22, 2006


Temporary Sanity

The weekend jaunt to Birmingham was a rousing success. Got to spend some quality time with my mom who had flown in from their new foreign country to be there for her mom's 80th birthday throwdown. We ate at Little Savannah and it was delicious. I had the red snapper ceviche and the smoked duck breast. Both were very good. J had the polenta/shrimp appetizer and the lamb for entree. Also very good although I knew better than to get in between her and that lamb. It's her favorite meat by far and I knew she would enjoy it more than I so I didn't ask. But there were some chantrelle mushrooms on top of the polenta that were incredible. So flavorful and delicious.

Left there and back to the house for dessert and presents and then J and I made our big announcement that we're getting married in Orlando on Nov. 4th. Everyone seemed happy and Mom's mom even made a comment about us sleeping in the same bed next time we come down. A bit creepy but very sweet and I know a big relief for the conservative parents and grandparents.

After that we went out with our friends Caveman and H2O (and I really wish I knew how to do subscripts because that chemical formula for water just doesn't look right Update: I figured it out! Thanks internet!). They were married August of last year and she (H2O) just gradamated from law school and is one bar exam away from being a real life lawyer.

But we went to a restaurant behind their house, had some drinks, tried to get some onion dip (stupid closed kitchen), then went to The Garage

which is a cash only bar on B'ham's southside and it's incredible. Legend has it that it used to be a old folk's home (or raisin ranch as is J's slang for it) that was converted into an antique store. I guess someone bought that outright because all the antiques are still there. Their beer selection is no joke either. I had a MacKenson XXX Stout that was amazing. So dark and delicious. And I wanted to try the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout but he couldn't find any.

Then we went back to their apt. and hung out a little more, took a "brain age" quiz on their Nintendo DS, which had a hard time recognizing the spoken word "blue".

Then went to the Purple Onion for some late night munchies and then home to our other friend's house.

Then Sunday morning we were supposed to have breakfast with my law enforcing friend, but he called at 7:30 am and we had just gotten into bed at 3:30 am, so breakfast was not shared. It's tough for him to schedule anything because he works the graveyard shift and was recently married and his step-son is 7. So he went from single to married with a kid almost overnight. That's rough, so we try and be supportive of his hectic schedule.

Also found out that my brother, who missed the birthday party to go to a friend's graduation (I'll leave if he made the right decision to you the readers), got a job in Senegal.

Just looking over the info the CIA has collected, looks like a 40% literacy rate, life expectancy of 60, 94% Muslim, French is the official language, they import things from France, Nigeria and Thailand (a strange mix if you ask me, but I'm no African diplomat) and one TV station. But he'll be teaching French and Art at a MK (missionary kid, like me!) boarding school in the capital city of Dakar. Dakar eh? As in the Dakar Rally? That's right. So if I can come up with the $2400 for a plane ticket over there, I can go see the finishline for one of the most grueling races on the planet. Or maybe I'll just ask him to get me a t-shirt or two. He leaves on August 1st to go over there. I'm glad he found a job and hopefully he'll like it. And I think he'll enjoy living overseas again. Okay, I KNOW he'll enjoy living overseas. I just hope he can get the teaching down. Nothing worse than a crappy teacher.

My pre-oral is scheduled for this Thursday, so send out some "You're gonna do great and pass" vibes for me this week.


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