Wednesday, March 15, 2006


RIP Tiger

I installed a larger rear sway bar on my car last night. Went from 19 mm to 22 mm, so that should help with some of the understeer and help me fending off those pesky Hondas. The back feels much more solid and I haven't really tested it yet, but it feels pretty good.

But as we were working on it, one of the apartment cats was hanging around, Tiger. He is an orange cat much like our orange cat Julio, and he's lived here for at least 1.5 years. He's very friendly and likes to be pet(ted). This morning as J was leaving for school, she comes back in and says that Tiger is dead. WTF? So I throw on some pants and my sandals and go outside to take a look. He's laying in front of Tercel with a small pool of blood in front of his face and blood on his nose. Fuck. Poor Tiger and Anna, his owner. But he really was an apartment cat. Anna works crazy hours so some of our other neighbors also fed him. He would even come into people's apartments, hang out for a few minutes and then leave.

So before I left this morning, I went to our other neighbor, the PreVet major. She's grown up on a farm and regularly has all sorts of animals recovering at her house. So I see her mom taking out the trash and ask if PV is still here. She is but she's in the shower so I give the story to PV's mom and head off to school. I'm not sure if she knows anything about animal pathology, but figure she's our best shot to figure out what happened to dear old Tiger.

Julio and Leon were friends with Tiger. He would always follow them around while we were walking them. No fights, some posturing and light bats, but nothing fierce, just testing the waters.

There is a new cat in the 'hood. Our new upstairs neighbor has a black cat with white patches. Crazy told me that his name was Mr. Whiskers and that he's a bully. So I have no idea if that has anything to do with Tiger's untimely passing, but it's a possibility.


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