Sunday, October 14, 2012


Dr. Seth's Mustache Wax

Hello 2012! Lots has happened since we last met. So I quit my full time job at the Community College of Denver during one of the worst economies of my short 33 years on this Earth. This was a decision that was, clearly, not fully formed and I'm trying to learn all I can and turn it into a good decision. I'm still teaching chemistry to college students albeit part-time. The teaching environment is so much better at Front Range Community College. Erroneously I thought that all colleges within the Colorado Community College System would have the same cultures, but there is a large difference within the two for which I have taught. The team of administrators is where these ideas are fostered and disseminated throughout the staff. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my co-workers at both science departments, miss many friends from CCD and am making new friends at FRCC.

Dr. Seth's Mustache Wax is a product and business I founded on Sept. 1, 2012. It is handmade in Colorado of all natural ingredients which keep your mustache healthy and in place. The local Fort Collins beeswax is combined with 100% organic unrefined coconut oil, tea tree, eucalyptus and mint oil to make the pleasantly scented wax to hold your handlebar mustache in place. It also can be used to other mustaches or beards to keep unruly hairs out of your mouth. I'll have a post on how to apply the wax soon posted at Dr. Seth's Mustache Wax. So how have you been?


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