Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello from FoCoCO!

No one really calls Fort Collins, Colorado "FoCoCO" but they totally could. Some already call it "FoCo". For TBTL purposes we will call it Fort ColTENS, because listeners of the show are called Tens and Tenver is just down the road.

You don't know what TBTL is? It's only one of the greatest pop culture/news/music/life podcasts/radio shows on ye olde interwebs! Hosted by Luke Burbank, Jen "Flash" Andrews and "Japan's #1 Mixer" Sean DeTorre! It's great and pretty much the only podcast J and I listen to on a regular basis.

So J and I moved to Ft. Collins. I quit my full-time teaching job in Denver and am trying to break into the renewable energy industry up here. No, I don't know what I was thinking quitting a full time job with benefits in this economy. Seriously. I had shed a few tears over that decision but we're trying to make the best of it. My back-up plan is an evening chem course at another college. My back-up back-up plan is a server position with this restaurant chain. So there is money coming in and our rent is cheaper but it's still tight.

I'm networking and trying to get my name out there, so people know my skills and what I'm looking for and what I would be good at. It's scary in this country right now and I read in the week that salaries are at their lowest levels since the 1950s and all the record profits are due to the companies not paying their employees much and still raking in the cash. Go capitalism!

Another reason I'm bummed is I had to abandon my beautiful garden in Denver, I mean Tenver. Six tomato plants, one out of control cucumber plant, some dead pea plants and seven foot tall sunflowers. All gone. I had one lousy tomato before I moved out. Colorado and their short growing season. Nothing goes in the ground before mid-May and sometimes early June. Seriously June! This Southern boy cannot handle that. I'm used to late March and April plantings with 'maters poppin' by May or June.

I always toy with whether or not to keep this blog "professional" since it's indirectly findable via my twitter name. That's too much work though, so no super taboo subjects but not stuffy and uptight either. I still can't say y'all. I might have to skin it at the restaurant if I'm sat an especially redneck table, but otherwise I'll keep my Southernisms to myself, although I've always been against y'all for some reason. Don't worry; I still love biscuits, okra and grits, just not "y'all".

Hmmm, Ruthie wanted to know what else has been going on besides biking. Currently it's networking, applying for positions, toying with a grilled cheese cart idea, getting ready for class next week, hanging with J and the cats, light gardening, unpacking, moving furniture, and getting to know our new town of Fort Collins.

Y'all come back now; y'hear! (See, I should not say y'all cuz it only leads to phrases like that one)

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