Saturday, December 05, 2009


Semester's over! Seriously.

First semester is basically under my belt. Exams are given, just need to grade them, input grades, go to a Christmas party and that's about it.

Things on my To Do list for the um, Winter Break, we'll call it:
Professional development: 1)work on "active learning" classroom activities, studies keep showing that traditional lecture is not the best way to learn for most people
2)keep fingers crossed that I get the full time gig at CCD
3)look around for grants and research ideas for non-traditional undergrads
4)write grants and work on my professional writing
5)put together a blog for my classes which will contain assignments, downloadable assignments, syllabus, class info, interesting links to Youtube videos, lectures, etc.
6)update resume and apply for traditional and non-traditional chemistry jobs
7)increase my online professional presence-google page, Linkedin profile, hmmm, any others that I'm missing?

Personal development: 1)finally update this blog-best of, template change, etc.
2)READ! Also I'll be keeping a list of books I've read and some reviewish ideas and impressions
3)get used to exercising in the snow or do more indoors-get into skiing shape which mainly involves developing stamina in my quads and core
4)use my free time efficiently
5)keep developing the budding friendships we've made in Denver so far
6)keep nurturing friendships with friends who I don't live near anymore
7)begin each day with a something physically stimulating, even if that's taking a walk outside

Other fun stuff:
1)watch gobs of college football bowl games, predominately online: thanks Justin.TV and CBS sports!
2)probably watch some movies
3)probably play some video games
4)fix the problems that Focus is having (freakin' suspension rattle) and change Tercel's blown lightbulbs
5)work on my winter driving
6)go back to Alabama for visiting family!

That's enough for now. My December 2009 resolution is to take a huge chunk out of this list.

I'm watching the Clemson Tigers hopefully win the ACC championship right now! Go Tigers!

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