Sunday, June 07, 2009


Halfway there!

4 out of 8 chapters are written and need to be reviewed.

We're at Beef 'O' Brady's, which is a wi-fi hotspot for free!, in Clemson and I'm surrounded by TVs. J is at the bar for a better view and I'm in a booth working, and honestly I'm ashamed to move because I'm working on J's pink Dell laptop. There I said it. It's yet another personal motivator. Plus I want her to be able to be the primary user instead of me.

The job search has been unfruitful so far. It will kicked in to hyper-drive once writing is done though.

Congrats to Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel on 2nd and 3rd for Team Red Bull in Istanbul, Turkey this morning. Nicely done! Huge congrats to Jenson Button and Brawn GP on their 6th win out of 7 races!

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