Tuesday, April 07, 2009


New cars!

Hooray! It's that time of year again when all the new cars start popping up in your local dealerships.

So far my short list of new cars to look at are:
Honda Insight
Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Nissan Cube
Kia Soul

Now, as you know, I'm still in grad school and will not be purchasing any new anything for a good bit, but these will be slightly used cars by the time I'm in the market, so here we go.
2010 Honda Insight: Honda's new hybrid to compete with the popular Prius made by Toyota. It's cheaper, handles like a Honda (not that most Honda drivers know what that means) and basically looks like a Prius except has a big "H" on the front. BUT it looks like Honda is still not gay friendly, so they just lost their direct link. Ouch.

Actually it turns out that only Nissan is a gay friendly company, so only they will get photos and a direct link, which will make writing this post easier.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe: SuperBowl ad with the fabulous Rhys "Mad Skills" Millen, who is a Kiwi and comes from some amazing rally heritage courtesy of his dad Rod, and it's basically almost my dream car. Rear wheel drive, turbo charged 4 cylinder (with an available V6), and kinda lightweight (at around 3000 pounds, 1360 kgs) and it doesn't look half bad. But the very gay friendly Subaru and Toyota should have their version of that coming out soon and I can't freaking wait!

Kia Soul: Funky looking mini SUV thing that has a really neat red on black interior. And it's a Korean company which J supports for "country of her birth" reasons.

And finally, some pictures and a link to the amazing new Nissan Cube! It's one of those "lifestyle" vehicles that come in a box. 122 hp 1.8 liters of 4 cylinder fury, 6 speed manual, power windows and locks, ABS, 6 air bags, 60/40 fold down seats, and traction control (although I can't imagine why). All standard (peep the trim levels on this pdf) and starting at $14,000. Not too shabby, plus it's so cool looking. If you're looking for a car with tons of cargo space, great interior, and easy driving due to the huge greenhouse, I would highly recommend a Nissan Cube. And look at all the colors!

I seriously have no idea what car I want next. Obviously I want my WRX wagon, my Lotus Elise and a couple motorcycles and bicycles, but in reality I have no clue. I think it depends on where we end up once I get a job.

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